Mayor Stanton: More botched financial disclosures

Greg Stanton’s ongoing pattern of questionable filings

The daily reports that for the second time in a month Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has had to amend his financial disclosure reports. The first case involved his lack of disclosure relating to campaign fundraising. The second involves his personal financial disclosure forms. 

According to the newspaper, in both instances the errors have persisted through several years’ worth of filings. Stanton’s statement falsely claimed he and his wife, Nicole, have no personal investments or retirement accounts. He made the same claim in at least five separate disclosure forms going back to his 2011 campaign for mayor.

This is not Stanton’s first rodeo. During his first mayoral race, we reported he had serious problems with campaign funds, his thieving campaign treasurer and her union boss father. Stanton, not wanting to alienate his powerful friend Billy Shields, desperately wanted to get the embezzling charges dropped against his former campaign treasurer, Mindy Shields. His efforts were in vain. She pled guilty to a felony.  Papa Shields’ firefighter’s union endorsed Stanton’s opponent.

In another stunning recent example, a report Stanton’s campaign filed earlier this summer incorrectly listed the amount of money he had raised and spent. The report said he had raised $528,000 total through the May 31 deadline. His campaign later said his correct fundraising total was $985,900. A campaign spokesman said an amended report would be filed in early July, although the corrected report had not been filed by the time the newspaper’s report was printed this week.

The newspaper account states Stanton’s spokesman Robbie Sherwood called the ongoing inaccuracies “unintentional oversights,” and said Stanton didn’t realize what he was required to report in the section related to personal investments and retirement accounts. “The mayor filled the form on his own without an attorney’s review and will update all of his incorrect forms,” Sherwood said.

Since both Greg Stanton and his wife Nicole are lawyers, that explanation falls just a tad short of the mark.


5 Responses to Mayor Stanton: More botched financial disclosures

  1. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    The Republic’s report says “the discrepancy comes after Stanton’s mayoral campaign was recently alerted to errors in its campaign fundraising reports going back several years, errors the mayor’s team was also unaware of until contacted by The Arizona Republic.”

    It’s interesting that Democrat Stanton is able to make corrections to his ongoing erroneous reports without penalty. That’s quite a different outcome than what occurred to former state legislator David Burnell Smith under far less egregious circumstances. Republican Smith, who died last year, had the dubious “distinction” of being the only lawmaker in the nation at that time to be removed from office by unelected members of the (not very) Clean Elections Commission in 2006. Rep. Smith, also a lawyer, was removed from the office to which he was elected after he contacted the commission himself to inform them of a bookkeeping irregularity he discovered that took place during his 2004 primary campaign. As I recall, he was also assessed nearly $50,000 in fines. He had hired an accountant to handling his reports.

    Why the double standard?

  2. American Dad says:

    I find it interesting that Stanton’s spokesman is Robbie Sherwood. He was formerly employed as a political reporter at the Arizona Republic and holds the position of Executive Director of Progress Now Arizona. His bio is toe curling to most thinking voters.

    The Progress Now Arizona website actually urges support of Planned Parenthood, telling the radical leftwing group’s readers to “stand up to extremists” and “don’t believe the lies.” Sherwood obviously thinks liberals are all blind and hearing impaired and is hoping they haven’t seen the appalling videos of PP executives and abortionists haggling over the price of dead human baby body parts.

  3. Maggie says:

    Quite a reveal! I’m voting for Republican Anna Brennan for Mayor.

  4. Braveheart says:

    Why would anyone be surprised that a leading Democrat is slippery? They think they are cagier than the rest of us and that we are easily duped. The unions love ’em and keep returning them to office.

  5. Sonya says:

    Prop. 104 is not the only thing on the ballot this election cycle.

    Councilmember Danny Valenzuela has made some very irresponsible choices. Two years ago, while on the Phoenix City Council, he had an inappropriate sexual relationship with his married staffer. She should have contacted the City’s HR department but was worried about the retaliation. So she stayed quiet, stayed in the relationship, and eventually left.

    Danny Valenzuela was never reprimanded for the sexual harassment. He got away with it. Like many so-called “powerful” men in his position, he took advantage of a vulnerable employee.

    We need to worry about Danny Valenzuela’s inappropriate workplace behavior in the future and irresponsible position on pensions, Planned Parenthood and runaway taxes. Danny Valenzuela is politically ambitious. He plans to run for Mayor in four years. He plans to serve in Congress within eight years. Along the way, his appetite for this type inappropriate behavior will grow.

    Say NO to Danny Valenzuela’s war on women, wombs and wallets.