A question for Jeff Flake

Before he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012, squeaking through by a mere 3 percentage points, Jeff Flake (R-AZ.) and Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) were like-minded amnesty amigos in the U.S. House.

They were so close, in fact, that when the committed open borders extremist Gutierrez wrote the piece, “The Numbers Are On Our Side,”  in the far-left Progress Illinois, he publicly thanked Jeff Flake by name for his efforts in helping to “turn red states blue.”

The duo worked together on what Gutierrez gushed over as the only bipartisan immigration bill that would allow illegals to keep families intact — a lie of monumental proportions regurgitated by amnesty supporters, since illegals are not impeded in returning to Mexico and bringing their American-born children with them. That’s not what they want, of course. They use those children, and the misinterpreted Fourteenth Amendment granting the newborns birthright citizenship, as a conduit for chain migration also known as “family reunification,” which facilitates bringing the entire foreign family into the United States.

In a report headlined, “Mothers of children killed by illegals demand Democrats censure Luis Gutierrez,” Breitbart exposes the callous disregard with which Gutierrez treated the mothers, their children who needlessly lost their lives at the hands of Illegals, and Jessica Vaughan of Center for Immigration Studies.

Now, these mothers — Laura Wilkerson, Sabine Durden, and Mary Ann Mendoza— along with Maria Espinoza, director of  the Remembrance Project, demand that Democrats in Congress censure Gutierrez for his cold dismissal of Kate Steinle’s death as “a little thing” and his bullying of Vaughan  during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing  He unleashed his fury by attacking the expert witness testifying to the dangers sanctuary cities pose to Americans

The question is, will Jeff Flake speak up? He shouldn’t be averse to joining the Democrats, since he has developed a very close relationship with them. Recently Flake was the lone Republican among the nearly two dozen congressional Democrats accompanying Barack Obama to Kenya.

Does he have anything to say about the dead children? He was very vocal over Cecil, the lion killed in Africa last week. Lion’s lives matter, Senator, but not nearly as much as those of American youth.


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  1. William Heuisler says:

    We need ti teach newcomer Flake a lesson by defeating McCain in the primary next year.

    McCain wins when Republicans default. And conservative Republicans are the people he betrays at every opportunity. Next year he should be reminded how his money is redundant in that smaller pool of voters like us who vote in Primaries

    Every election we are told complex, lengthy anecdotes and second-hand incidents not easily discussed – grades at the Academy, flight school failures, the Forrestal disaster, Hoa Lo prison, killing “Truth Bill” (HR 1147) and other POW bills. Look them all up. McCain records are muddled by redactions, conflicting testimonies and witnesses. Voters shake their heads. Then we’re reminded by the Media about medals, 20-plus missions, years in captivity and “refusal of repatriation until all POWS are freed”. A retired Air Force General told me, “Bill, I like John – not his policies – but I like him.” When I mentioned the proven corruption, he replied, “… they found he didn’t break the law.” That is debatable…and precisely the point.

    While writing “McCain Connections” I carefully reviewed every “story” about McCain from the point of view of a veteran, a cop and an Arizona-Licensed Investigator. Only a few McCain matters are proof-solid and can be covered in few words. Last month’s 1004 word “McCain Connections” was aimed at voters who need a quick, easily-understood, summation of McCain’s record that cannot be disputed.

    And McCain is very vulnerable in a Primary. Of an AZ population under 7 million only 3.23 million vote – 28% Dem., 36% Ind., and 36% Republican. That’s under 1.16 million Republicans. Fewer than 50% are Primary voters – usually less than 500,000. So we must expose at least 250,000 “households” to McCain’s abysmal record by September of 2016.

    We don’t need lots of money – only networking, email and GOTV during the primary.

    JD Hayworth didn’t attack McCain – nobody wants to attack McCain because they don’t want to seem unpatriotic. He depends on that; I intend to change that. Ask a Veteran. We generally don’t like McCain because we’ve “been there” and his heroism cannot cover for his “sins”.

    “McCain Connections” was carefully written to include only non-debatable information. We have a year to discuss irrefutable Soros links, McCain Feingold muzzling Conservatives, IRS targeting Conservatives, Keating Five defrauding US taxpayers and documented connections to Kemper Marley. Remember, the Marley family owns the Liquor monopoly; Cindy is only a stockholder. McCain gets his millions from Hensley stock in the Marley business. United Liquor lawyers and accountants drown inquiries in paperwork, but McCain will never debate Marley money and risk opening those long-forbidden doors to Organized Crime.

    A recent poll after a Trump comment about McCain’s heroism showed Trump’s popularity improved among veterans. Many of us believe McCain’s heroism cannot cover his sins.
    Do the numbers. Spread the word.

    • azgary says:

      we will beat neither McCain or flake without a closed primary, unless republican voters get angry enough, in large enough numbers to vote for the democrats opposing them.

      that is why the azgop/rnc/gop and the chambers of commerce will not allow it to be closed, they know you are all hooked on lesser of two evils and party uber alles to put your money where your mouth is and will vote for McCain/flake to keep on sodomizing the nation.

  2. Phil Witte says:

    When Flake is up for re-election I’m going to make it my mission in life to make him a one term senator.

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    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      No doubt there will be plenty of Arizonans more than willing to join that “mission.” In the meantime, we have a rare opportunity to show Flake’s mentor the door. Dr. Kelli Ward is mounting a challenge to the liberal colluder John McCain. McCain’s career-long alliances with the most liberal elements in congress are well known. He has partnered with every far left loon from Ted Kennedy, Charles Schumer, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards,, Russ Feingold, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Robert Menendez, Michael Bennet, and Dick Durbin….to name a few.

      McCain was censured by Arizona state committeemen for his liberal bent. In retaliation, he has attempted to purge conservative precinct committeemen from the AZ Republican party. He also had behind the scenes responsibility in targeting “tea party conservatives for IRS investigations. McCain is anything but an actual Republican. He calls himself a “maverick” to cover his tracks, but he is in fact a first class liberal liar.

      Kelli Ward can beat him, but she needs to be competitive. McCain has a fat bankroll and more coming in from amnesty supporters and Chamber of Commerce lobbyists .He has control over the Arizona Republican Party through his grip on chairman Robert Graham. They are working together to keep the primary election open to crossover voters because McCain could never win if he depended solely on Republicans.



    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      I’m with you!

  3. Kathy says:

    Rec’d a letter today from AZ Grassroots Action (US Senator Jeff Flake) asking for me to donate to re-elect John McCain. I wrote back in RED – You’re kidding right! McCain/Flake turncoats. The front of the envelope “Help re-elect Senator John McCain – an American Hero. NOT!!!

    • AZ GOP PC says:

      Although I didn’t receive that gag producing letter, I have received others from the Flake asking for donations for himself. The last one had a reminder on the front of the envelope to put a stamp on it. I didn’t! Let him pay for invading my mailbox. Like you, I also wrote him a note telling him what I think of him. When these requests come in postage paid envelopes I made a point of sending them back with a conservative message telling the RINOs why there will never be a contribution from this household. Again, they have to pick up the cost of getting nothing for their efforts. A vote for the squishes McCain and Flake is a vote to undermine the citizens of the state. They are both committed to illegals more than they are to us.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Jeff Flake is on the wrong side of every issue – amnesty for illegals; he worked for two years with Obama on opening up ties with Cuba; he was an odd traveler with Obama’s group of Congresspeople to Africa; and there was a sound bite on the radio the other day of him saying if we don’t agree to the Iran deal – it will mean war. He’s all in on the Iran nightmare (wonder if he even read it) when there are some Democrats questioning it. Flake can never say he’s a friend to Israel supporting the terrorists in Iran who want Israel wiped off the map – along with us!

    He is an abomination calling himself a ‘Republican’ and getting away with it. He should pay at the next election. He’s a dangerous man.

    • Kimball says:

      Well stated. i hope there is an articulate conservative who can deliver the conservative message and mean it, who is readying to run against Jeff Flake.

      And please, to call the conservatives assembled here, help Kelli Ward send McCain home!! She’s a two term state senator and a medical doctor who understands all too well the nightmare that is Obamacare.