“Sharing the same vision” – illegals appointed to CA City Council

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all…..

Lawbreakers now help make the laws in Huntington Park, California.  J.D. Hayworth’s Newsmax Prime commentary takes a look at the absurdity of the actions of the City Council that has appointed two illegal aliens to serve as City Commissioners.

Watch the August 4, edition of “As I See It,” here(Scroll down the right side of the page under “show archives,”for the commentary and news video.)


4 Responses to “Sharing the same vision” – illegals appointed to CA City Council

  1. State Delegate says:

    We are losing our country through the farce of political correctness and appallingly uninformed voters. This is a stunning example of Mexifornia at work.

  2. azgary says:

    not long until the same things and more happen here.

    this is the result of all those “we cant “round up” illegals and make them leave laraza, chamber of commerce amnesty pushers, yes you know who you are you anti-American citizen cowards. good thing you sissy’s were not around in 1776.

    reaping what was sown.

    kick illegals out now.

    do not vote for ANYBODY who will not say the only acceptable “immigration reform” is illegals get out of our country

  3. Kent says:

    In 2012 right here in Arizona, the headline was “Woman fights to run for city council despite not speaking English proficiently.”

    State law requires elected officials to know English, but Alejandrina Cabrera’s attorneys claimed the law doesn’t define proficiency in the language. Seriously!!


  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Megyn Kelly of Fox has an illegal alien “journalist” on her show fairly often – he was on last night with Ann Coulter. He’s got no love for this country – he’s an activist – and I think Megyn Kelly legitimizes him by having him on and giving him the same amount of time as a hero like Ann Coulter. I find it disgusting.