Robert Graham’s staff engages in GOP intimidation

Process servers attend MCRC EGC meeting

In what began as a standard meeting of the Executive Guidance Committee of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (EGC), transmogrified into a shocking scene by its conclusion Wednesday evening.

The normal practice is to have those in attendance present identification as they pass through a credentials check at the door and be verified as Republicans. Three people who had never previously attended the monthly meeting were so vetted. They were carrying nothing unusual with them.

After clearing credentials they were welcomed by and seated next to Brandon Urness, a key staffer to Arizona Republican Chairman Robert Graham.

These individuals sat through the entire meeting. After adjournment, their actions revealed their purpose in attending as they served three subpoenas to members of the executive board.  The subpoenas were in relation to the ongoing ballot stuffing episode in last fall’s election, exposed by former Maricopa County Chairman A.J. LaFaro. 

Another of Graham’s staffers, under the direction of Brandon Urness, was taking unauthorized photos of members of the executive committee. He refused to reveal his name and continued taking pictures even when asked to stop doing so by Sergeant-at-arms Barbara Medal. A confrontation ensued, resulting in the filing of a police report against both of Graham’s staffers. 

The word circulating in conservative circles is that once again Robert Graham denies all knowledge of the actions of his staff. As usual expect him to “check into the situation” and get back with more of his preposterous responses to the inquiries.


11 Responses to Robert Graham’s staff engages in GOP intimidation

  1. azgary says:

    surely a sign of more conservative purges on the way at the behest of McCain.

    if the azgop does not boot graham soon, loudly and publicly there will be nothing left, probably too late, but at least take him with you.

  2. State Delegate says:

    As a longtime Republican Precinct and State Committeeman, it’s obviousl that as a conservative I have no representation with the current state party leadership. After Robert Graham pulled his stunt at the last state meeting it was clear to me he takes his marching orders directly from Team McCain. I was one of the many who walked out when he pulled the “surprise” appearance of McCain and Flake and filled the balcony with Vietnamese McCain supporters waving Vietnamese flags. In a gimmick to end all gimmicks, Graham cleared us all out of the auditorium and brought the fake Republicans in through the back door.

    • GOP PC says:

      Let’s not forget that Graham cleared the auditorium AFTER the ballots were inserted into the machines and BEFORE the vote count was announced. He’s as slippery as an eel.

      Why would he provide aid and comfort to the very guy who attempted to purge conservative PCs from the Arizona Republican Party? We’re the ones who do the work. The Vietnamese his operatives recruited and replaced many of us with haven’t even shown up at district meetings. McCain doesn’t give a damn about the Republican Party because he has never actually stood for Republican principles. All he (and his AZ senate colleagues) have ever cared about is getting reelected and not being embarrassed, as McCain surely was when the news of his home state censures made national headlines.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Why does Arizona elect two leftist senators who run as conservatives. You don’t get much more left than this.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      This video from your link is very telling and is worthy of being a stand alone. Thanks CSB!

      As to the senators, they represent only their own self interests, not ours, America’s, or those of humanity. It’s disgraceful that in his role as chairman Robert Graham sides with these arrogant elitists against the GOP grassroots workers and voters.

  4. Doc says:

    Pardon me for the following, however, the time for diplomacy & decorum has evaporated: “A confrontation ensued, resulting in the filing of a police report against both of Graham’s staffers.”……

    …should’ve read: “A confrontation ensued resulting in numerous teeth as well as bits & pieces of a camera belonging to Graham’s staffers scattered on the floor. The staffers were last seen running away, being chased by enraged conservatives who’ve had E-N-U-F-F!!”

    • CD 8 PC says:

      No pardon necessary from this corner, Doc. You expressed my feeling perfectly. Robert Graham has done more to harm the unity in the AZ Republican party than any other state chairman I can recall. I lay that off to his willingness to appease the McEstablishment at all costs. He obviously thinks there’s a payoff for him in that strategy. The rest of us are just in the way.

  5. azgary says:

    SRAZ i find it amazing you had no post on the debate.

    trying to find a way to avoid supporting the obvious anti establishment?

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      It’s just as well. The debate was a disaster. Fox News is as smarmy as the rest of the media with an agenda. (Ted Cruz ignored for 40 minutes…..and there’s plenty more.) They were too busy killing Trump. Disaster.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Our readers are politically astute. It’s a good bet that most were among the record breaking 24 million viewers paying close attention to the debate forum. There was nothing we could add to what they witnessed and drew their own conclusions from. Since you are disappointed in our lack of content on the topic, we will note our surprise when viewing Carly Fiorina, who rose like cream to the top of the earlier underdog earlier forum. Ben Carson was also impressive. Not being fans of Jeb Bush, it was heartening to see him falter since he is the establishment pick. Trump’s needless abrasiveness did him no favors. We were impressed by Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Scott Walker. Marco Rubio is the most articulate speaker of the lot, but like Bush is pro-amnesty which is a deal breaker for Seeing Red AZ. We predict Rand Paul is likely finished after his performance. Bobby Jindal won’t go any further. Rick Perry was better this time around but is not likely to garner more steam. Chris Christie is also not a top tier candidate. John Kasich was playing to a home state crowd which momentarily boosted him. It’s probably time for the sons of mailmen and bartenders to ditch their hard luck stories. We will continue to pay close attention as you undoubtedly will. It’s still early.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        From the above: “It’s probably time for the sons of mailmen and bartenders to ditch their hard luck stories.”

        My thought exactly! Next debate: The insufferable Hugh Hewitt will be a moderator. (At least it’ll probably take on a ‘serious’ tone.)