Jeff Flake’s progressively close Democrat ties


Gilbert Watch blog* has posted a fact-filled report titled, “Jeff Flake: The Only Republican to Vote for the Judge Who Blocked Release of Fetal Body Sales Videos.”

Flake, like his mentors, John McCain and Jon Kyl, has toiled at burnishing a Republican veneer, even as he gives an award-winning impersonation of a liberal Democrat.   

Just days ago, Seeing Red AZ ran a post titled, “A question for Jeff Flake,” in which we exposed not only his amnesty commitment and the abhorrent actions of his ‘fellow traveler’ liberal Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez, but Flake’s increasing associations with Congressional Democrats — recently as the sole Republican accompanying Barack Obama and nearly two dozen Democrats on a trip to Kenya.

Despite his unquestioned dedication to amnesty, he nearly fooled the like-thinkers at Arizona Republic with a brief pre-election turnaround. But he’s been quoted as saying, “that’s the beauty of a six-year term.” Flake counts on the electorate having a short memory. 

Jeff Flake’s untrustworthiness rivals Hillary Clinton’s. It’s not a surprise he’s ranked the most unpopular Senator in the nation.

*Kudos to the reliably conservative Gilbert Watch blog


5 Responses to Jeff Flake’s progressively close Democrat ties

  1. Kimball says:

    Good information. Thanks.
    Jeff Flake’s arrogance is exceeded only by his narcissism. Neither of these traits are indicative of intelligence, only cunning. Outside of being a lobbyist and a registered foreign agent for uranium mining interests in South Africa, he has been at the public trough most of his life. The company he worked for had ties to Iran.

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    I consider Jeff Flake more dangerous than John McCain. McCain is closing in on 80 but Flake at 52, has years to go. He doesn’t represent conservatives, and never has, although as a House member he glommed onto an opposition to “pork” to drive his votes. He never has answered how the greatest unnecessary expenditure, totaling billions a year is OK with him. That is the outrageous cost of supporting the illegals he is so onboard with.

    This news report is FIVE years old, and obviously the costs have skyrocketed since this was released, but illegals were costing American taxpayers $113 Billion a year back then. I’d call that mega Pork!!

  3. MacBeth says:

    Jeff Flake walks like a Libertarian and quacks like a Liberal. Those aren’t Republican traits, let alone conservative ones.

    The problem arises when the question of who will challenge him comes up I doubt any of the current House members have the cajones to challenge him, since they would be forever vilified by the McCain cabal. Why risk that when they all have safe seats?

  4. LEO IN TSN says:

    AZ Rep Bob Thorpe (LD6) for US Senate 2018 – bye bye McSnake!!!

    God bless America.

    • Not A McCainiac says:

      Why Thorpe? His member page doesn’t even include a bio. What’s his background? Why the lack of information? What’s his ability to fundraise the millions he’ll need to take out the lobbyist and Chamber of Commerce connected Jeff Flake?These questions aren’t intended to be confrontational, but I will only back someone who has an actual chance of winning. Feel good candidates don’t do it for me. I’ve been down that path before and we end up helping those we deplore get reelected.