What’s behind the Obama-Jeff Flake connection?

As some Democrats peel away from backing Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, the White House is ramping up pressure by issuing threats against defectors, notably Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Press secretary Josh Earnest recommended Democrats should question whether Schumer is fit to become the party’s leader in the Senate, saying members may want to “consider the voting record of those who want to lead the caucus.”

Yet as  Obama struggles to gain congressional backing for the flawed nuclear agreement, he’s looking to other cronies as he ramps up lobbying efforts. During his search under rocks for such a defector, who’d have imagined he’d find one in Arizona? If you thought it was the mavericky John McCain, you’d be wrong. He opposes the deal. It’s none other than Obama’s good buddy, traveling companion and basketball playing chum, Jeff Flake.

Using peculiar language, left-of-center Politico carries the report on Flake being courted by Obama to join the Democrats on the Iran vote with these words:

“The pursuit of Sen. Jeff Flake shows how far the president’s willing to go for a legacy-defining nuclear pact“ and “two weeks ago, Flake found himself surrounded by Democrats on Air Force One headed to Africa, having joined Obama for his first trip to the continent while in office.”

Pew Research Center’s survey of media outlets places Politico in the left of the partisan ideological field with its decidedly liberal bias. 

Even so, translating those distorted words into rational concepts isn’t difficult. Obama isn’t going further than a close associate, and Flake did not “find himself surrounded by Democrats on Air Force One headed to Africa.” He was not body-snatched. He was invited, accepted and packed his bags, no doubt with his perpetual smirk planted on his face.

Congressional Republicans worry cutting a deal with a rogue regime, known to sponsor terrorism, still holding American hostages and whose leaders shout “death to America,” and vow to annihilate Israel, even while the negations are underway, is a recipe for disaster. But Flake appears to be onboard with Obama’s preposterous idea that Iran can be trusted to comply with restrictions aimed at curtailing its ability to produce enough weapons-grade enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb.

Though Iran outwardly maintains its disinterest in obtaining a nuclear weapon, its previous stealth activities raised fears that led to international trade, banking and financial sanctions.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair Bob Corker, (R-TN) is distrustful of the agreement, saying it doesn’t guarantee “anytime, anywhere inspections” nor does the deal allow U.S. inspectors on the ground.

“Instead of the once-promised ‘anytime, anywhere’ inspections, this agreement gives Iran nearly a month of advanced notice to hide any evidence of developing a nuclear weapon,” he said. “Even worse, there are two secret side deals — we can’t ever see — that appear to restrict inspectors’ access to key sites. Iran will go from a weakened state to an economically robust country without being forced to change any of its roguish, destructive behavior,” Corker said. Watch his video here.

In the midst of these grave concerns, on which lawmakers must vote by September 17, congress is now on a month-long summer recess, and Obama is taking a two-week vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

Despite dark clouds of calamity hovering, life goes on for the powerful elites.


8 Responses to What’s behind the Obama-Jeff Flake connection?

  1. Vince says:

    Disgusting! Flake is more concerned about the roundup of wild horses than a nuclear Iran. Go figure…

  2. East Valley Conservative says:

    There’s obviously an upside for Flake as he veers further left. It would be interesting to know what deal he’s cut for himself.. His polling numbers among Republicans are disastrously low. He also has the lowest score of any U.S. Senator, even besting John McAwful in the worst category by a few percentage points.

    • MacBeth says:

      There may be an “upside” to this disasterous deal for Jeff Flake, but not one for the rest of the civilized world. We need to keep the pressure on him. CALL. CALL. CALL.

      Pressure from his constituents is what caused Schumer to pull his support of this appalling deal.

      Phoenix Office:
      2200 East Camelback Road
      Suite 120
      Phoenix, AZ 85016
      P: 602-840-1891
      F: 602-840-409

      Tucson Office:
      6840 North Oracle Road
      Suite 150
      Tucson, AZ 85704
      P: 520-575-8633
      F: 520-797-3232

      Washington, D.C. Office:
      Senate Russell Office Building 413
      Washington, D.C. 20510
      P: 202-224-4521
      F: 202-228-0515

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    We need to get rid of both of these RINOs. McCain has a fine challenger in Dr. Kelli Ward. We all need to do what we can to support her in this election.
    As a two term state senator, she’s familiar with the legislative process and as a physician, she understands all too well the perils of Obamacare.

    Jeff Flake is counting on what he calls “the beauty of six-year terms” hoping we’ll forget his deception on everything from his devotion to amnesty to arming Iran with nukes to please Obama.

  4. jon jensen says:

    jeff flake knows the lds church wants access to cuba.

    • Kimball says:

      While it’s true that many Hispanic Catholics have joined the LDS Church, there won’t be the same recruitment among Iranian Muslims. Not many Mormon parents will be willing to send their kids on church missions to Iran to be beheaded or burned alive trying to spread the church’s teachings

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    It’s beyond me how Jeff Flake can call himself a Republican and get away with it with the people here in Arizona. Even when he was in Congress, he was always against the majority of constituents on the subject of illegal immigration. Back then, he was Bush’s little lap terrier and fought for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ which never happened. (He’s from a state that borders Mexico. Sigh)

    Here’s another number to call regarding the Iran deal. When I called a couple of days ago, I left a message on voicemail. http://www.stopthebadirandeal.com/flake?utm_source=google

    He must hear from the people in Arizona.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:


    per FOX 10

    John McCain gave several “town hall” meetings today, which were CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC.

    In which he allegedly bashed Trump, among other things that were not disclosed.