Target veers far off target

Agenda-driven social wars advancing on America’s families

Target has made a corporate decision that its stores will no longer label toys according to the sex of the child they are aimed at. Gender-neutral signs will also appear in the children’s bedding section. The only place gender labels will still remain is in the children’s clothing department — and who knows how much longer that will continue?

The move is confusing to customers. Target Corporation said, “We use signs and displays specially designed to help guests get through the store efficiently,” and “signs that sort by brand, age or gender help them get ideas and find things faster.” 

Yet facilitating that efficiency of shopping is exactly what the stores are discarding, in the name of political correctness.

Target’s decision is a bow to the whims of a single customer in Ohio who snapped a photo of a Target sign indicating “Building Sets” and “Girls’ Building Sets.” She then tweeted it to the chain‘s officials calling the practice, “regressive and harmful,” adding the warning, “Don’t do this, Target.”

“It stood out to me as a good example of the way our culture tends to view boys and men as the default, normal option and girls and women as the specialized exception,” she said.

In response, the Minneapolis-based retail chain has now announced what it called, “something exciting.” The news appears in Target’s corporate publication, “A Bullseye View,” in which they note, “Over the past year, guests have raised important questions about a handful of signs in our stores that offer product suggestions based on gender.”

“Guests“? Not quite.

Since the customer is making the rounds of network shows and savoring the publicity, we are not naming her here. Many other Target shoppers are reacting intensely to this foolishness. They are calling store managers and expressing their disappointment and taking their business elsewhere.

We’ve made it easy for you with this list. Let them hear from you.

Caitlyn Jenner is far outnumbered by American families who have made the Target brand strong.


8 Responses to Target veers far off target

  1. Villanova says:

    I just looked this up and was shocked by what I found regarding the salary being paid to Target’s CEO Brian Cornell who was hired this past year. His base salary is $1.3 million, but theformer PepsiCo  Inc.exec stands to make millions more in incentives, stock awards and equity grants. And get his….Cornell will be paid up to $19.3 million over the next four years to make up for what he is giving up at Pepsi. That’s a whole lot of unisex toys.
    This is the SEC report:

  2. CD 8 PC says:

    Rev. Franklin Graham has called on Christians to boycott businesses that fund and promote the gay activist agenda.

  3. Doc says:

    Pardon me but…uuuhhh…”tarjay”/target/whatever…was 86’d from my shopping list when they ran the U.S. MARINES off of their front doorstep during their annual Christmas toy drive. Target stores can go pound sand anyway….

  4. Dennis O'Brien says:

    In the Orwellian world of homosexual activists and their liberal cohorts, “diversity and inclusion” have become the jargon of politically correct intolerance and active discrimination against faith-based organizations. Boy Scouts of America stand out as an classic example of a group that has been the victim of discrimination by the left. Intel and United Parcel Service are among the businesses that withdrew substantial donations to the Boy Scouts An leftwing online petition drive succeeded in pressuring Intel to announce that it would not donate to the Boy Scouts until the BSA rescinded its “anti-gay” policy.  The scouts had a ban on homosexual leaders, which they have now rolled back under intense pressure..

    How many parents would want their impressionable young sons going on overnights with homosexual scout leaders? After the widespread revelations of pedophile priests in the Catholic church, how many sane parents would allow their sons to be choir boys? Homosexuals don’t reproduce. They recruit.

  5. Kent says:

    Tolerance of perversion helps it flourish. The courts are in collusion. June 26, 2015 will be remembered as the shameful day when same sex marriage was given the go ahead by the US Supreme Court and Obama bathed the White House in rainbow colored lights in celebration of the advancement of deviancy.

  6. Frankly Speaking says:

    There’s no parallel to the “Equality Index” in the pro-family movement opposed to the LGBT radical activism. Corporations become vulnerable to one-sided pressure campaigns by so called “human rights” campaigns and other homosexual groups. The businesses seek the now desired “100 percent” Corporate Equality Index (CEI) ranking. Many major corporations now use the Human Rights Campaign’s “equality” logo of an equal sign ( = ) in their ads to tout their pro-“gay,” 100 percent” CEI credentials. Most of us don’t even recognize that symbol for what it is.

    There is clearly active discrimination against faith-based individuals and organizations, but political correctness now rules. We need to stop passively praying about this culture grab that is undermining our families and begin actively protesting what is taking place as America glorifies the false God of sodomy. It’s begins in public schools as early as kindergarten. Where are the organized protests? School opened in my neighborhood this week and it was impossible to get through the bottlenecked traffic as parents were picking up their kids. They’re oblivious to the liberal brainwashing taking place in the classrooms. Thank the NEA union teachers who are as extreme leftist as those in the mainstream media, Hollywood and Broadway who provide this pervasive filter of our news and entertainment.

  7. Braveheart says:

    George Dayton, the founder of the Target and Dayton Hudson conglomerate was a conservative Republican who was deeply religious and studied to become a Presbyterian minister. He continued to generously donate to his church throughout his life.

    He must be rolling over in his grave to see how the business he founded has become a useful idiot for promoting the homosexual agenda.