AZ Republic doggedly committed to its own demise

Newspaper recreates itself as sensational entertainment tabloid

The world is an increasingly dangerous place, made even more calamitous by Barack Obama’s commitment to a sinister deal allowing Iran to ramp up nuclear capabilities for its Jihadi bomb. The deal comes packaged with a $100 billion signing bonus that will advance Iran’s deadly terror campaign, imperiling the entire Middle East, America, Israel and Western nations. Iran make no concessions, not even returning American prisoners, as we roll over.

On Saturday, bowing to massive pressure including constituent calls and television ads aimed at him, Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ) finally announced he won’t be the Republican to sign onto his buddy Obama’s deal — allowing the irrational scheme to be called “bi-partisan.”  Christians United for Israel bought a full-page ad in Sunday’s edition directed to Jeff Flake. it was signed by countless pastors across Arizona.

Yet what does the Arizona Republic newspaper decide is noteworthy enough to feature in its Sunday edition? Three-quarters of the front page is taken up with a story and oversized photo on the newspaper’s new dining critic. This blather, that rightfully belongs in the entertainment section,  continues on two jump pages.

If it’s news you want, the state’s vacuous and decidedly leftwing, dual agenda newspaper, is not the place to find it.

The Valley and State section also lacks substantive news. It’s front page and two jump pages spotlight a 55-year old man with long pink hair who favors pink lip gloss — “transgendered” — in today’s trendy vernacular. There are two salon photos, one depicting a couple of attendants providing simultaneous manicure and pedicure services. It details the saga of the former husband and father of three, previously answering to the name Brian, now known as Briana. The article is titled “I just have to be Bree.”

Pass the cheddar and pass on the irrelevant and news-less newspaper. 


7 Responses to AZ Republic doggedly committed to its own demise

  1. Jim Nasium says:

    There’s no point in supporting this drivel posing as news. We stopped doing so several years ago and I’ve noticed when I jog in the morning, only a few households in the neighborhood still get the hard copy. The Arizona Repugnant has a social and open borders-amnesty agenda that we and many other Arizonans don’t share. But the newspaper stubbornly tries beating its few remaining readers over the head with it. Those tactics aren’t working. Few of their political endorsements win, subscriptions are down, layoffs have been ongoing and marginal ASU journalism students are taking over for less pay. Thinking people go elsewhere for their news I see it occasionally at the office, but would never pay for the liberal rag.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    Sexicans, Mexicans and leftwing ideology is what will drive this once decent newspaper into the ground. Its glory days under the leadership of publishers Eugene and Nina Pullium are long gone.

  3. PV PC says:

    The newspaper is a not so funny joke, with news reports written as though they were dramatic short stories by people who misuse the English language. All of the experienced editors must have been given their walking papers when the cutbacks occurred.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    What I’d consider “news” is the smackdown that Jeff Flake got from around the country regarding his stance on the Iran deal. I don’t know what Flake was thinking – but many good people helped straighten him out and he backed down. It was a surprise to me that he actually did. I don’t – emphasis on don’t – want to waste my time reading about a 55 year old guy with pink hair and his problems.

    I’ve also noticed there aren’t that many AZ Republic papers in driveways where I live. There’s an elderly man who still subscribes to it – along with the Wall Street Journal. When we go by his driveway, we put the papers up closer to his door so he doesn’t have to walk so far. I’m not even tempted to peek at the AZ Republic’s “headline.”

    • MacBeth says:

      The Republic keeps promoting its “Go deeper with digital” which has a thinly veiled pornographic ring to it. It sounds as though the newspaper is hawking a lubricant!

      The Republic itself clearly doesn’t want print subscribers. It’s far more expensive to keep buying newsprint, ink, maintain the printing equipment, pay the delivery drivers, etc. What the newspaper wants is a swift shift to all online delivery. Even that won’t save this rag. It can’t compete with Breitbart and many of the national blogs. Seeing Red AZ does a fine job here.

      The Arizona Republic is a left wing newsosaur that insulted conservative readership away years ago.

    • Doc says:

      Apparadently, I missed the end-run on this mcFlake boolsheet. I’ve been buzy doin’ th’ “Mr. Mom” thing. It’s a labor of Love. ANYWAY, mcSchmuck backpedaled on this islamo-nazi “deal” because he’s already worried about retaining his position of power in th’ ?senate? in 2018. He’s ONLY concerned with himself & could care less about us! However, he sees how his mcMaster’s fairing (money’s not gonna’ save mcTraitor’s @$$ this time! Senator Ward’s gonna’ take it to th’ woodshed!!) as well as th’ Trump phenomenon…Americans are ticked-off, sick, & TIRED of their lies & hypocrisy!

      …in my not very humble opinion….

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    If it wasn’t for the snowbirds, the bird cage liner would have been
    dispatched to the dustbin years ago.

    Must admit that I struggle to keep my composure when a snowbird wants to lecture me about something he/she read in that rag regarding AZ politics.

    There was a lot more substance in the “Weekly Reader” that we got at elementary school a long, long time ago.