Donald Trump’s spectacular surge is no mystery

From time to time SRAZ recommends columns in what we refer to as “Weekend Reading Guaranteed to Make You Smarter.”  Tuesday is nowhere near the weekend, but this column on the disastrous effects of unchecked, spiraling and costly immigration is definitely worth your midweek time.

Read “Immigration: Issue of the Century,” by former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan. It clearly defines the phenomenal rise of Donald Trump. 


5 Responses to Donald Trump’s spectacular surge is no mystery

  1. dollyf says:

    I really really do not trust him.

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  2. jon jensen says:

    50% of republicans agree with his views on immigration, perhaps 75% in arizona :but the rest of the countries voters do not.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Excellent column by Pat Buchanan. He’s been trying to warn the U.S. for decades about illegal immigration and has either been ignored (by the politicians) or called names.

    So far, Pat’s been right and the U.S. has been wrong by purposely ignoring the problem. Well, it seems the people have had it and will be happy to listen to a straight talker who seems to understand the problem and try to do something about it. Donald Trump

    On another topic, saw Ben Carson’s campaign bus on the freeway before noon. He will be at the Phoenix Convention Center at 6:00 this evening. Venue changed from a church to accommodate the numbers of people who want to see him. He will also take a helicopter ride to the border today.

  4. Army Of One says:

    There is but one single topic as America moves forward and that is the issue of illegal immigration. Every other issue hnges on it, from crime, failing schools, jobs, healthcare, to the economy that is in the toilet supporting these people. I’m disgusted with the same fake numbers of 10 to 12 million illegals being thrown at us for over a decade. Yesterday I heard a caller to the Michael Medved radio program challenge him on that and Medved stuck to his guns saying the numbers have decreased because of self deportation. What an insulting load of BS! And I suppose the illegals stopped having those anchor babies and their siblings? I’ve listened to the Jeb Bush supporting Medved for the last time.