McCain embarrassed again: Chased off Navajo Nation

Navajo activists shout at McCain: “Get off our land”

The less than enthusiastic welcome John McCain received as he and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey visited the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona is garnering plenty of attention. The Blaze, Western Journalism and Raw Story are just a few of the sites reporting on the middle-finger reception that greeted McCain.

When John McCain was censured in 2014 by fed-up Republican elected officials and booed in 2015 at the state GOP meeting the following year, he got off easy. Angry Republicans are a staid lot compared to irate Navajos. We could stand to learn a thing or two about in-tandem sprinting after vehicles and shouting while carrying signs — an action they’ve perfected.

McCain and Ducey traveled to the reservation to participate in a ceremony commemorating the unique contributions of Navajo Code Talkers — whose use of their native language baffled the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II — and meet with tribal and community leaders. Instead, McCain was met by protesters at two separate locations, and was literally chased off the tribal land.

Check out The Blaze for the back story to the reception.

Here’s hoping those expressing dissatisfaction with John McCain keep their ire up and work to get out the vote for Dr. Kelli Ward — who provides all Arizonans a real choice.


7 Responses to McCain embarrassed again: Chased off Navajo Nation

  1. MacBeth says:

    Native News Online also has more, detailing McCain telling a man who stepped up to take a photo with him to “Get out of here now!“ The man had a small sign that he held in front of himself that had the words, “Protect Oak Flat “ on it. The Navajos feel McCain is selling them out on this issue of great importance to them. Other Arizonans can relate to McCain selling them out, as well. He’s been doing so for decades as he’s colluded with the most liberal members of congress in D.C.

    • Doc says:

      The Navajos KNOW the land better than most of us. They LIVE IT…they don’t think they’ve been sold out. They Know It. They’re fully aware of the damage that the electorate says is “all fixed”, but Is Not. If our senior ?senator? had a gram of functioning brain left, he would’ve started off his visit by talking to Tribal Elders & members about what needs to be done to FIX THE DAMAGE caused by the environmental problem-creators agency. But nnnnoooooo!

      Due to security, when th’ ?senator? tells you to leave, you do it…unless you’re “Billy Jack”…however, the parting shot from me in that situation would’ve been to give the invading white guy(s) th’ Flying Fickle Finger of Fate award as I W-A-L-K-E-D away…

  2. Doc says:

    This is too good to pass-up…


    WHATTA’ mcMORON!!! After what happened to li’l annie kirkpatrick a few years ago in Holbrook, one would think mcArrogant woulda’ gotten th’ HINT! They ain’t much on BOOLSHEET on th’ Rez, baby!

    It occurs to me that we (r)epublicans could learn A LOT from the Navajos. As I’ve said here before, the time for decorum has vanished. Being civil to these (our electorate) people is like trying to teach a pig to sing. Justa’ HUGE WASTE OF TIME…& they refuse to grasp our civility anyway.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    We all need to follow the example of the Navajos and tell John McCain we’ve had enough of his deceit. I’d like that to happen the next time he and Jeff the Flake hold one of their bogus town halls that are actually closed events with hand picked attendees.

  4. John says:

    Bravo to the Navajos!
    By the way, Code Talkers were only used in the Pacific to baffle the Japanese.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Thanks for the correction regarding the Navajos baffling the Japanese, not the Nazis. We have updated the post to reflect your keen observation.

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Poor ol’ Johnny. Where DOES he feel welcome these days. Maybe it’s karma. It’ll roll right off the snake skin on his back.