Ben Carson’s Phoenix rally: Record-breaking crowd

Anti-Washington fervor thrusts political outsiders Trump, Carson, Fiorina to prominence

Dr. Ben Carson, a faith-based, pro-life, Second Amendment and flat-tax supporting neurosurgeon opposes Obamacare, and told the massive crowd assembled to hear him speak what is entailed in making America healthy again.  He brought his message to an estimated 12,000 attendees who braved the 105° temperatures to hear his message at the Phoenix Convention Center Tuesday. Like the July 11 Trump event, it was moved to the massive venue to accommodate a larger than expected crowd.

The oversized gathering was quite a feat considering the Carson for President campaign lacks a coordinator in Arizona. Like Donald Trump, it used an online invitation service to issue event tickets. In answering audience questions prior to his speech, Carson said his administration’s budget would include “doing whatever was necessary to seal the borders, Southern, Northern, Atlantic and Pacific.”  Unlike Trump, however, he opposes mass deportation as an unworkable plan.

Today Carson embarks on a tour of Arizona’s southern border, a major portal for the flood of illegals, drugs, crime and those with terrorist intent, invading the United States. Carson has scheduled a series of public events throughout his visit.

Video: Fox 10 Phoenix


10 Responses to Ben Carson’s Phoenix rally: Record-breaking crowd

  1. Villanova says:

    Americans are shell shocked after living through the lawless Obama administration that functions by way of executive orders and is intent on changing the United States into a less prosperous, less European nation, speaking a hodgepodge of languages instead of English. He promised he was going to “fundamentally transform the United States of America’ and the block headed liberal crowds cheered. With the influx of illegals being bussed throughout the U.S., the Democrat Party will be a stand alone entity with Republicans cast into political oblivion. it’s all been part of Obama’s original scheme as he breaks us with mammoth debt and uncontrolled spending. He has also stacked the federal bench with young,, like thinking liberal judges who will be in those positions for decades to come, continuing to destroy this great county

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I watched the video and enjoyed it. He’s quite a man.
    We have some excellent anti-establishment (in a good way) candidates running and I think it’s because of what Villanova, above, stated. We want to get back to the days when America was great and put behind us the corrupt amoral criminals who have been running this country.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    I was among the multitude “who braved the 105° temperatures” to hear Dr. Ben Carson speak.

    He’s obviously a decent and brilliant man, with an array of fine ideas to move this country back to its roots embedded in Democracy. The only misgiving I have is that he says he’s talked to service industry leaders who tell him that they need the illegals who are already employed here. Resorts, hotels and restaurants would find many willing American replacements for those jobs. The construction industry has now fulfilled the dreams of the cheap labor profiteers at the Chamber of Commerce. It’s a rarity to find a non-Hispanic on any construction site. Cheap illegal labor displaces American workers and the Chamber of Commerce loves it.

    I’ve made it a point in recent years to withhold my vote from any candidate for any office who is endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce. This rule applies even to the ones I otherwise like. They sell their souls for a few bucks in campaign donations while contributing to undercutting American workers, who need and deserve the jobs.

  4. Dennis O'Brien says:

    The huge turnout for Dr. Ben Carson speaks loud and clear that even though he is a black man attempting to replace Barack Hussein Obama, the worst and most racially divisive president this country has ever had, there is no broad brush effect for Carson. I find that very heartening.

    He’s a strong conservative in all the aspects that matter to me, but I agree he is taking the wrong advice regarding illegal invaders already here. There are no teeth in the claim they will go to the back of the line, pay fines, learn English, etc. That was the same McCainish baloney that rightfully sunk Newt Gingrich’s campaign.

    • Doc says:

      1st, Dr. Carson’s WEAK on the 2nd Amendment. THAT’S a deal killer for me….or did he change his mind?

      2nd, these schmucks who say that we need to keep th’ illegal aliens/felons that’re already here because they’re doing the jobs no Americans want to do…BOOLSHEET!!! THAT’S a simple fix. Give the Americans 2 years to find a J-O-B, & stop sucking off of taxpayers or go hungry…& WATCH how many unwilling Americans’ll get off of their butts to do these “unwanted” jobs…
      …how LAME is that excuse?

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        Doc – I had the same impression. For what it’s worth:

        Dr. Ben Carson Attempts to Clarify His Second Amendment Stance at NRA Annual Meetings – Katie Pavlich

      • Doc says:

        Conservative-Thanks for the link. I read it, top to bottom. The issue I have is with the following;

        “It depends on where you live,” Carson said .”I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m afraid that that semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it.”

        So, people up here in Yavapai County CAN have Semi-Automatic Rifles (none of my rifles has ever assaulted anybody), but people in Phoenix Metro & Tucson can’t because he’s “afraid”?!?!?

        That statement, in my opinion, Proves that the Good Doctor needs to keep practicing…’cuz th’ man’s book smart but ain’t gotta’ lick-0-sense! People in metro areas are the ones who need more firepower!!! Trust me, nobody’s gonna’ riot ANYWHERE NEAR Prescott! They KNOW better! However, the loons in the city just might! The business/property owners in these areas need their 2nd amendment right UNHINDERED by a prezzie who’s afraid. To my knowledge, President Reagan wasn’t “afraid” of much…

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Terrible story about illegal alien problem. Matt Salmon is writing Obama because illegals from Sudan, Iraq and Russia have done horrendous things in this country. Why is it these ‘representatives’ only act after the fact. We could stop all of this – if we wanted to. They do not want to solve the problem – they only want to look like they’re trying.

  6. Seen It All says:

    Trump is no political Messiah. None of the current crop are. Trump’s views on socialized health care and abortion have changed drastically from his previously stated positions. It’s called political expediency.

  7. Jill Arizona says:

    Amnesty supporter and quotas on semi autos is a deal breaker for me. #WeCanDoBetter #NotReadyForPrimeTime