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Today, Tuesday, August 25, 2015, was Election Day in the City of Phoenix. Staggered council seats and Mayor‘s race are being decided along with Propositions 101, 102, 103 and 104. Council members in Districts 1 (Thelda Williams), 3 (Bill Gates), and 7 (Michael Nowakowski), are all running unopposed. Only District 5 councilman Daniel Valenzuela, a Democrat and former firefighter union boss has a Republican challenger, Felix Garcia.

The election is virtually a closed shop contrivance, intentionally scheduled to coincide with late August scorching heat, rather than in conjunction with regularly scheduled fall elections which would produce greater voter turnout as well as cutting costs.  The intent of the scheme is to maintain the liberal status quo, union control and sanctuary city policies by suppressing a greater voter turnout.

The unofficial City of Phoenix election results can be viewed HERE.

11 Responses to City of Phoenix election results – 2015

  1. American Dad says:

    Know this: These lopsided vote totals are the direct result of the unions getting the vote out. Thank your kid’s unionized teachers and their counterparts in the police and firefighter unions. We appreciate the jobs they do, but why should their benefits outstrip other employees and be paid for in large part by local taxpayers? Conservatives can work their asses off to get the truth out, but none of our efforts matter since the far left unions carry the day with their self serving votes for pension spiking coupled with the elaborate ballot harvesting scheme carried out by minority youth.

  2. State Delegate says:

    Just look at the ridiculously small percent that carried these final vote tallies. It’s beyond shameful, but that’s the plan and it appears to work exactly as designed. Republicans Thelda Williams, Bill Gates, Sal DiCiccio and Jim Waring make up the majority on the city council. Why aren’t they pushing for moving election day to the fall and not when many folks are still on vacation?

  3. MacBeth says:

    Burdening our kids and theirs for 35 years with a $31.5 billion bill for expanding the failed light rail is preposterous. Many of the people who will be implementing this outrageous overreach haven’t even been born yet. Ditto the overburdened taxpayers, who will also be on the hook for the $trillions of dollars of debt incurred by Mayor Stanton’s BFF Barack Obama. Don’t any of these people see past the end of their own noses?

  4. GOP Voter says:

    I agree with the assessment here, but the ill informed voters deserve some credit for their gross stupidity. Because they don’t read, they go with the slogans and ads. Although voter turnout in city elections is shameful, I’d actually be happier if the fools didn’t vote. This idea of exercising civic responsibility by voting is only appropriate if you take the time to inform yourself. I wonder how many of these dullards realize the tax burden they are assuming for themselves and children yet unborn???

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Disappointing, but not surprising. August voting in hot Phoenix should be outlawed. A small percentage of voters can do a lot of damage – just like the small percentage of voters in NYC who voted in a full-blown Marxist and today even they are regretting it.

    • Braveheart says:

      This lunacy is occurring with staggering regularity since American schools have stopped teaching the evils of Socialism and Communism. Accompanying that “omission” is the lack of extolling Democracy and the priceless freedoms Americans have that others can only dream of.

      This is why Marxist Bill deBlasio (originally named Warren Wilhelm, Jr ) was elected Mayor of New York, and self identified “Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders is such a hit with young voters.

      De Blasio lived in Nicaragua where he supported the repressive Socialist Sandinista government. After he returned to NY, he founded a group that raised money for the Sandinista Party. I’m sure you’ve seen interviews with abysmally ignorant American college students who think the Constitution is not a worthy document and our representative Republic is repressive. They have been intentionally dumbed down by the National Education Association union teachers and now speak with great authority on their preference for Communism.

  6. theprecinctproject says:

    We Republicans lose in Phoenix for the obvious reason: not enough Republicans actually go vote.

    I am a Republican precinct committeeman and I am surprised that no appeal was made to all of the precinct committeemen in the state (we have about 3,145 in Maricopa County and about 5,000 across all of Arizona; that’s just an estimate for the State, because when I asked our state chairman and his staff what the actual total was, I was told they did not have current numbers).

    Imagine if we leveraged the Get Out The Vote technology the AZ GOP has, i360, and enlisted all 5,000 Republican precinct committeemen to make GOTV phone calls to the “lower information, lower propensity” Republican voters? Which they could do from their home. I live in Tempe and volunteered to make GOTV phone calls in this way for the Anna Brennan campaign. In one hour, I made 42 calls. Thirty went to voice mail, 12 were to live voters. Using that as an average for one hour’s worth of effort, let’s look at the numbers and what could have been. Imagine if someone had taken leadership and made an appeal to all 5,000 or so Republican Party precinct committeemen and recruited and galvanized them into a volunteer opportunity to “Help Turn Phoenix Red,” both to elect the Republicans in the mayor and city council races but also to defeat the Prop. 104 light rail crony capitalism boondoggle.

    Turnout analysis, April 25, 2015 Phoenix Mayor and Prop. 104 (Light Rail Expansion) contests

    Voter Registration, active voters (ignoring minor parties, but including in totals):

    Republican Voters: 190,259
    Democrat Voters: 206,464
    Other (No Party): 252,528
    Precincts: 291
    Total Active Voters: 656,851

    Voter Turnout Totals and Percentages (for purposes of theis analysis, I am assuming all Republicans voted for Republican candidate Anna Brennan and against Prop. 104 and all Democrats voted for Democrat incumbent mayor Greg Stanton and for Prop. 104):

    Turnout Brennan Stanton Jeffe Total

    Mayor 27,312 61,540 5,492 94,344

    % of
    Cast 29% 65.2% 5.8%

    Voters 14.3% 29.8% N/A

    Total Republican Voters 190,259
    Votes for Brennan 27,312
    Non-voting Republicans 162,947

    Total Democrat Voters 206,464
    Votes for Stanton 61,540
    Non-voting Democrats 144,924

    Difference in Vote Totals for Brennan and Stanton:
    61,540 – 27,312 = 34,228

    Number of votes needed per precinct to make up the 34,228 difference:

    34,228 ÷ 291 precincts = 118 votes per precinct.

    Average number of active registered Republican voters per precinct:
    190,259 ÷ 291 precincts = 653

    Average number of active registered Republican voters who voted per precinct:

    27,312 ÷ 291 precincts = 94

    If all approximately 5,000 Republican precinct committeeman had been recruited to make just one hour’s worth of Get Out The Vote phone calls to the approximately 85% of Republican voters who were unlikely to vote, that would have resulted in approximately 210,000 personal voter contacts (Approx. 42 voter contacts per hour using i360 remote GOTV phone call database system (42 calls x 5,000 Republican precinct committeemen = 210,000 GOTV phone calls)).

    That would be 5,000 man hours of effort. Assume that you paid people $15/hour to do this. $15/hour x 5,000 = $75,000 for 210,000 calls. ALL Republican voters could have been called for $75,000. Or for free if all Republican precinct committeemen across the state had been aggressively recruited to “Help Turn Phoenix Red.”

    We have the technology to do this. We have the manpower.

    Oh, and guess what. Only 57% of Maricopa County’s 5,448 Republican precinct committeeman slots are filled in the county’s 724 precincts and probably less than 50% of the Republican Party’s precinct committeeman slots are filled across the entire state.

    When motivated Republicans who want to “do something” to actually begin winning elections in Phoenix and everywhere else, by uniting and organize “inside” our Party for real political action that helps GOTV in their own precincts and elswhere, and our Party’s leadership begins focusing on actually engaging our PCs by teaching them how to use state-of-the-art GOTV technology to help GOTV, perhaps we can get to the point where we can actually “Turn Phoenix Red.”

    Many hands make light work.

    Thank you.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Your points are well made. We have an inexperienced Maricopa County Republican Chairman who flaunts his youth as a bonus. Our state chairman is a McCain toady.

      I’m also a PC and never received an email, phone call even a robocall soliciting help to defeat these disastrous Propositions. I went door-to-door in my precinct with very well done door hangers, but they were distributed at my district meeting by a representative of the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity. The Maricopa and State Republican Parties have shown themselves to be weak and ineffective. In this case County Chair Tyler Bowyer fell down on the job in the worst possible way. But since he lives in Chandler and not Phoenix, this massive debt won’t fall on him or his family so obviously it wasn’t on his radar.

      • Kent says:

        Former Maricopa County Chairman AJ LaFaro also lives in the East Valley, but it’s a solid bet he would have been on this in a heartbeat. He’s an actual conservative DOER not a TALKER.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I received at least six calls to vote for Prop. 104:
    Former Congressman Pastor
    Mary Peters
    Move Phoenix (Live call)
    Greg Stanton
    Ruben Gallego
    Firefighters/Police union

    I don’t live in Phoenix and couldn’t vote in that election – but it shows the Democrats were sure busy.

    • Former GOP PC says:

      Which begs the question….Where were the Republicans? County chair Tyler Bowyer and state chair Robert Graham, the self-protecting AZ 5, the phony go-along-to-get-along GOP members of the Phoenix City Council? They are ALL culpable.

      The democrats pull out all stops. They don’t say “it’s not my job.”

      After years of work within the AZ GOP, I finally decided ebough was enough. That’s why I sign my name as “Former GOP PC”

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