Ann Coulter introduces Donald Trump in Iowa

“God hasn’t given up on America yet”

Watch this video and listen to a healthy dose of truth and reality as Ann Coulter speaks of the “policies of speech nazis.”

More from Iowa. Donald Trump v. Jorge Ramos: Trump wins!

Univision’s Jorge Ramos, an ethnic activist, is not a journalist —  as he purports to be. Watch Donald Trump’s able handling of this intentionally rude and provocative, pro-illegal bully.

10 Responses to Ann Coulter introduces Donald Trump in Iowa

  1. Rob Haney says:

    How refreshing it is to see an obnoxious journalist put in his place. Thank you Donald Trump for doing it and thank you seeingred for showing it.

  2. SuzanneC says:

    I love Ann Coulter. Ann has helped put Trump on the map, Trump is a Leader and real Leader in the same way Reagan was a Leader. Maybe a little louder about it but then at this time we need loud. We need someone willing to take the arrows and fire them back unlike our last two nominees. Trump has an excellent three point plan on what to do on immigration.

    Thank you Ann Coulter for standing with us, as we stand with Trump.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Ann Coulter is an American treasure. She has taken slings and arrows also over the years. Yet – she stands strong in her beliefs.
    She quietly goes around the country spreading the word. She was invited by Yavapai College a couple of years back to speak. And she did! Traveled to Prescott from the big city to wow them.

    What she said on this video was from the heart. I feel the same way.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      I’ve purchased 8 copies of Ann Coulter’s best selling book, “!Adios America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third-World Hellhole.”

      I kept one for myself and “semi-gifted” the rest to friends. Each one who received the book not only thanked me , but thanked me profusely after they finished it. I forgot to mention that on the inside cover of each book I placed a lined sheet for each reader they passed it on to read (that was part of the original deal) to sign and the last one would then return the book to me, (My contact information was included) so I could repeat the process. There were ten lines. So far I’ve received four books back filled with ten signatures and several notes of thanks. some from people I’ve never met.

      I intend to repeat this as an instructional lending library.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        You are another spreading the word. Some people (even in AZ) aren’t aware of all the negatives regarding illegal immigration. But once they know – no more apathetic people.

        Donald Trump is bringing the subject to the top of the pile. We needed that and it took him to do it, with Ann’s assistance.

    • Vince says:

      This is quite a report! Unfortunately the facts and figures aren’t good for Arizona or the rest of the country being invaded by illegals. The crime stats are staggering. Obama said he was going to “fundamentally transform America.” and he’s made good on his threat. We are being destroyed by criminals and unsustainable debt.

  4. LEO IN TSN says:

    Trump is saying many of the right things, in a loud visible voice. Perhaps that will help the discussion among the other “R” candidates.

    BUT, why can nobody explain how Trump could “transform” himself from a liberal Dimocrat to a blustery, loud Republicrat in five easy TV speeches? Why do so many try to rationalize and skirt his true history and try to catapult him now to from destructive charlatan to blind hope & change & credibility? Why do so many so willingly ignore his past relationships with the Left and his huge support of their candidates and their activities?

    Ann Coulter is a brilliant author, and is indeed an expert on the perils to US of this illegal invasion. BUT, she has allowed herself to be misled and distracted before, by other false “R” groups (eg the gay boys clubs). Maybe it is PC flash & tinsel that attract her attention, distort her vision and fuel her desire for the limelight?

    Trump is literally everywhere in the media (read MainStream Media), to the point that even the supposedly “conservative” outlets are showcasing him, to the point where a true conservative with a true history of patriotic ACTION – not just words – (being Ted Cruz, who has fought in the Senate) cannot get any air time to reach the low-information voters. Why does nobody ask why the MSM arm of the Dimocrat Party is so adoring of a blustery, popular “R” candidate as to turn over all of their air time to his campaign? Why is the Rupert Murdoch Pro-AMNESTY Channel so adoring of him and Juan Bush that they can’t give coverage to true conservatives? Doesn’t anybody see a serious disconnect there? Megan Kelly asks him real questions to force real answers, and she gets attacked unmercifully?

    Do not allow US to be hypnotized by Trump’s wealth and suddenly “evolved” bluster. Why is America’s own George Soros suddenly running as a patriot? Let’s make sure we carefully examine what the candidates have really done – history! The caution flag is out & waving on Trump – it’s there for a reason.

    God bless America.

    • Observer says:

      Trump’s current appeal is his brashness and the fact that he is addressing the disaster known as illegal immigration….actually a full fledged invasion of the USA….given a wink and a nod by Republicrats such as McCain and Flake who want to legalize these criminals in conjunction with Barack Obama, who I believe wants to destroy this country.

      The fact that Trump continues to rise in the polls is concerning to me since Trump does well with Republicans but will lose even to the jerk Joe Biden. The Quinnipiac University poll, released today bears that bad news out The only good news I can see at this point is that amnesty supporting Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are in free fall.

      Mo candidate is perfect, but I like successful union fighter Scott Walker. Plus, h has changed his position on illegal immigration to one that suits me. I distrust Trump who is an unrestrained show boater who has his foot in his mouth too often for my tastes. We are living in dangerous times and need someone with credentials

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