Frontline report from AZ GOP war zone

McCain Graham Cracker continues to crumble

Here we go again. Robert Graham, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party is back to his unsavory magical McTrickery. At Wednesday night’s Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) meeting, he was responsible for ousting Sergeant-at-Arms Barbara Medal from the regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

Graham wasn’t present, but like his mentor John McCain, he has become adept at having surrogates carry out his dirty work. In this case, it was his spokesman,Tim Seifert, who called for her ouster. Seifert had arranged for deputies to be on site, presumably to protect him from the small statured, white-haired septuagenarian.  When Seifert was asked who directed her removal, he reportedly replied “Robert Graham.”

Fulfilling the duty of Sergeant-at-Arms, which is to keep order at meetings, becomes an impossibility when dealing with the elite of the AZ GOP, in whose building the county meeting takes place. Among Medal’s duties is verifying the credentials of attendees as the enter to ensure they are Republicans. It was while she was seated at the table inside the doorway that she was told to leave.

After a similar altercation with Medal last month, Graham referred to the elected precinct committeeman in Legislative District 26, as “unstable,” claiming, “She has a reputation for making accusations.”

Tyler Bowyer, Maricopa County Chairman, was in attendance at Wednesday’s meeting but didn’t protest the outrageous action, although he was the one who appointed Barbara Medal to her EGC post. 

In an effort to derail the foolishness, Andrew Costanzo, Member-at-Large, made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  It  was defeated by a cowardly vote of 11 to 9.

These ongoing actions clearly expose the establishment’s limp claim that we must work together and elect Republican PCs to achieve common goals.

Their actions belie their empty words. Establishment supported candidates get their funding from the Chamber of Commerce, which nationally endorsed Common Core, Obamacare and amnesty —  that benefits the illegal alien profiteers to whom they are inextricably bound. There are few representing the continually attacked conservatives — either nationally or here at home.

MCRC Republic Briefs has more on this shameful saga. (Third item down the page.)



11 Responses to Frontline report from AZ GOP war zone

  1. Former GOP PC says:

    Let’s not forget Robert McGraham stopped payment on the rent check for the newly opened Maricopa County Republican office in Tempe. That might explain why the county was meeting in the state headquarters. You can read about his treachery here.

  2. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Robert Graham has proven himself to be a wily student of a despicable man. When he slipped McCain and Flake in the back way at the January Republican statutory meeting after clearing the auditorium on a ruse, it became clear where his allegiance lies.

    Not only did he sneak the two deceivers in, but also a gaggle of McCain’s Vietnamese cohorts including a beauty queen wearing a tiara, long gown and sash identifying her as Miss Vietnam AZ, were slipped into the balcony to cheer McCain while they waved VIETNAMESE flags!! Many of the elected state committeemen (including my impeccably manned wife and me) turned our backs to McCain. Others booed or walked out.

    Graham, a salesman with no scientific or military credentials to recommend him, was rewarded for his complicity in this deception by being invited to speak in opposition to Obama’s Iran nuclear deal to a senate committee. What a colossal waste of the attending senator’s time having to listen to this arrogant windbag who has no credentials relevant to the subject. When you’re padding your resume, it’s good to have McFriends in high places.

  3. Rob Haney says:

    You can identify the Constitution and Republican Platform supporters as those politicians and commentators who are most frequently attacked by the RINOs and establishment pundits. As examples: Trump, Cruz, Carson, Limbaugh, and Levin attacked by Jeb Bush, Linsey Graham, Christy and pretend conservative pundits Rove, Medved and Hewitt.

    Anyone endorsing McCain, following his lead or refusing to disavow McCain for what he has done to the Party and Constitution during his career should be flogged, tarred and feathered. They are either ignorant of McCain’s record or complicit in his deceit and do a great disservice to our POWs and veterans. Carly Fiorino was a huge supporter of McCain and hasn’t disavowed her support since.

  4. Doc says:

    So, just when I was considering running for P.C. again…this. & it’s just as bad here in Yavapai County. I felt it behooved me to do this for Senator Kelli Ward’s sake. This is a disgrace, & re-iterating Mr. Haney’s suggestion of Flogging, Tarring & Feathering mcTraitor supporters, let’s start with this weasel robert mcGraham-crack-head! People like this are the reason barry sortero got elected…TWICE! The destruction of Liberty, Freedom, & America as we knew it rests SQUARELY upon their slouching, worthless shoulders.

    • Ellsworth says:

      I live in the East Valley of the greater Phoenix metro area and have little idea of Yavapai county internal politics, but I urge you not to abandon your idea of running for precinct committeeman. Kelli Ward DOES in fact need strong conservatives working on her behalf in the Arizona Republican party. It’s obvious she won’t get any help from McCain-lover Robert Graham. You also need to run for state committeeman in your district once elected, so we can regain control. Under McGraham, we have lost PCs since the conservatives were replaced by Vietnamese and others who have no actual interest and never show up for the district meetings.

    • LD 23 PC says:

      I echo Ellsworth’s encouragement to you. We conservatives are at a crossroad and desperately need to get rid of the very senior senator, Señor Juan McAmnesty and replace his chum Robert Graham with someone who is more than a bloated ego. McCain would be 86 if he is elected and serves out the 6 year term he is currently running for. That alone tells a lot about his insatiable need for power and inability to relinquish control.

      State Senator Kelli Ward is the forthright conservative we MUST elect. Join those of us who will work tirelessly to defeat McCain and elect Dr/Sen Ward.

    • Doc says:

      I Thank You both for the encouraging, sage words, & I will take them under advisement. I’m going to YAVGOP Monday morning for petition sheets for my area, & will keep you posted here.

      • LEO IN TSN says:

        Way to go, Doc, welcome back to the fight. NEVER SURRENDER.

        PSALM OF DAVID 144: 1-2
        Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight; My goodness, and my fortress, my high tower, and my deliverer, my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me.

        God bless America.

      • Patriotic Dad says:

        Beautifully stated, LEO In TSN.

      • Doc says:

        …oh…since Monday’s Labor day, I’ll go Tuesday morning instead.

  5. Hagar says:

    Being quite knowledgeable of the history of the “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” I see no difference between what Graham and his lapdog pulled and the early activities of the brown shirt thugs of 1930s Germany. Constitutional conservatives may soon be experiencing their own “Kristallnacht.” I would have hoped that the EGC would have had the full understanding of what was done. By not adjourning they caved.