America, America….

Diversity celebrations in spotlight as American workers get kicked to the curb

Last week’s edition of the Phoenix Republic insert included in the local newspaper is instructive. Under a bold headline IN WITH THE OLD, is an article about vintage, “junk” and thrift shops attracting customers. Not surprisingly, the entire article was regurgitated in the Sunday edition of the no-new-news newspaper. That gambit has become routine since fewer people subscribe daily, opting for a day or two — if at all.

In turning the pages, however, it became clear the banner more accurately might have been OUT WITH THE OLD.

Featured in the Things to Do section is an invitation to readers to “Experience Music of India at the Musical Instrument Museum.” On the following page is the “Contemporary Mexican Photography exhibit at ASU.” The next page?  A highlight of the “Reggae Fest,” featuring that sterling character Snoop Dogg, the criminal gangsta rapper now renamed Snoop Lion. The Navajo Nation is having its Annual Fair, this year honoring Mother Earth. Take a guess if climate change is on the agenda.

Oddly missing —  save for the grocery ads featuring beer, chips, chops, pop and hot dog fixin’s — is anything uniquely American for the Labor Day holiday.

Unable to find anything of substance to honor taxpaying Americans who must underwrite the $18+ Trillion national debt* which has grown to approximately $85,000 per full-time private-sector worker under Barack Obama, we are happy to bring our readers this distinctly American treasure.

*H/T U.S. Debt


5 Responses to America, America….

  1. Anthem Al says:

    Didn’t Barry O sell himself as the champion of the little guy and the working stiff? He surely gives American workers (or those who would like to work but can’t find a job) a lot of thought when he’s cavorting around Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii or on his global jaunts. Of course he cares. He just has trouble showing it.

    PS Thanks for including the Ray Charles performance. It’s a step back in time that we don’t see much of anymore, as America hatred reigns supreme.

  2. MacBeth says:

    This article in the NY Post tells of a much different type of performer than the patriotic Ray Charles emanating from the black community today. Beyoncé and rapper Jay Z are openly hostile to whites even wearing “bling” to signal their view that “whites are the devil.” Yet whites have made them wealthy and fawn over them as celeb royals.

  3. Clementine says:

    Wealthy indeed! Elle magazine ran a cover story revealing “25 examples” of the white hating “power couple” being ‘”perfect.’
    Their net worth is $1 BILLION.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Cuomo lawyer shot in deadly mayhem before West Indian Day Parade | New York Post

    “The lawyer was innocently walking with his brother and pals when they came upon thugs arguing at Bedford Avenue and Sullivan Place in Crown Heights at 3:40 a.m., police sources said.”

    The West Indian Day Parade is held on Labor Day. Our holidays are overshadowed by the ‘diversity’ of this country. Pretty soon, like the Confederate flag, they’ll be gone.

    The Ray Charles version of “America the Beautiful” is ageless and timeless.

  5. CD 8 PC says:

    So much for the American workforce. Barron’s reports America’s labor force is going to be replaced with robots.