AZ Republic whitewashes McCain for his 6th election

The purveyors of misinformation, distortions and innuendo at the Arizona Republic are back at doing what they have honed to an art form — slathering John McCain in a thick coat of whitewash as he undertakes yet another campaign.

The latest effort, written by his sycophantic, assigned reporter Dan Nowicki, is titled, “McCain set to defend immigration bill on ’16 stump.” Those six-year U.S. Senate terms are long — some would argue overly so — but Arizona voters should have a keen enough recollection to remember McCain campaigning to the right with his campy “complete the danged fence” ad, and immediately following his reelection, switching back into his long-held amnesty stance. In fact it was McCain’s disconnect with the Arizona Republican Party that resulted in his censure by elected state committeemen who have had their fill of his duplicity.

He and his protégé Jeff Flake, formed a coalition of four Democrats and two other Republicrats known as the “Gang of Eight.” The sole purpose of the group that could then be called “bipartisan” was to ram an amnesty scheme through the senate. Fortunately, it failed. Their favored terminology always incorporates the buzzwords, “comprehensive,”  “immigration,“ and “reform.” When you hear them, follow the lead of these principled conservatives and over 150 conservative leaders, groups and grassroots activists opposing the scam intended to legalize at least 30 million illegal aliens. You’ll notice the 10 million estimate of invaders used by proponents of gifting U.S. citizenship has not changed in the past decade.

Two of the members of the Gang of Eight amnesty clique, Sen. Marco Rubio and McCain’s ubiquitous senate sidekick Lindsey Graham, are each running for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination.

Curiously, the same issue of the newspaper that extolls McCain’s defense of his failed amnesty measure, places former Texas Gov. Rick Perry under an unflattering microscope regarding his efforts to actually secure the Texas-Mexico border. In a Fact Check column, they refer to Perry’s “claims” of imposing border security as “unsupported.”

So there you have it. John McCain, who will be 80 by Election Day, and rates an “F” score from Conservative Review, gets dusted off once again and propped up to screw us over for yet another six years.

Don’t let it happen. We have a real choice with Constitutional Conservative, Dr. Kelli Ward. .Read her impressive bio.  Make a donation.

McCain has the media and the deep pocketed lobbyists on his side. But remember that just last year in a stunning upset, Republicrat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary to conservative challenger Dave Brat, a college professor. The left was reeling in the aftermath of losing a squish Republican congressional leader to what they demeaned as a “tea party” conservative. 

The difference is Cantor was smug and disengaged. McCain’s ego and operatives will function at high gear so as not to suffer another embarrassment.


8 Responses to AZ Republic whitewashes McCain for his 6th election

  1. Kimball says:

    McCain’s return to the campaign trail is as dependable as outbreaks of head lice infecting children at the beginning of the school year. He’s a known deceiver and colluder with the most liberal in Washington.
    As to the local newspaper…I don’t know a single person (Republican OR Democrat) who still subscribes to the garbage they try to sell.

    • Ajo Joe says:

      I’m old enough to remember when the newspaper was relevant and actually had a conservative bent. People would stand in the voting line holding the recommendations offered by publisher’s Eugene and Nina Pulliam’s editorial board.
      Today carrying the endorsement of this liberal rag often signals defeat for the candidate or issue. Let’s hope that holds true with the very senior Senor Juan McAmensty.

  2. William Heuisler says:

    McCain’s Twisted Truth By William Heuisler- Republican
    John McCain is running again. Can he win? He spends millions to twist truth and fool Arizona voters. But this carefully researched information untangles some twisted truths about John McCain.

    He says he “didn’t break the law,” in the “Keating Five” scandal. But McCain conspired to stop the Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB) from regulating Charles Keating’s Lincoln Savings. Among many sources, a book, “Trust Me” by Binstein & Bowden explains in detail how Keating bought McCain. In the early 80s Keating donated $112,000 to McCain’s campaigns and hosted $1000-a-plate fund raisers for him. For years Keating flew McCain around the US in private jets and on vacations to his Cat Cay Bahama Island. In 1986 Keating arranged a $359,100. Fountain Square Mall “deal” (that Cindy McCain sold for 15 million in 1998). In return John McCain delayed FHLBB regulators for years as Lincoln Savings & Loan stole Life savings of retired Sun City and Green Valley Arizonans, selling them worthless, uninsured bonds as if they were covered by FSLIC.

    The Keating Five delayed regulation of Lincoln in 1987 & 1988 while Keating stole $1.1 Billion. McCain said he was “helping a constituent” and “intended nothing improper”. But McCain never filed Financial Disclosure Statements or attempted any reimbursements until Keating was charged.
    However he did attend meetings with 4 other Senators to protect Keating from Government inquiries.
    Lincoln collapsed in 1989 and then truth was twisted again with breathtaking political dishonesty.
    Quoting Senate & House notes: “Senate Ethics Committee did not pursue, for lack of jurisdiction, any possible ethics breaches in McCain’s delayed reimbursements to Keating for trips at the latter’s expense, because they occurred while McCain was in the House.” The House Committee on Standards said that it too, “lacked jurisdiction, because McCain was no longer in the House”.
    Congress twisted the truth and McCain escaped justice.

    We’re told POW-McCain refused release in 1968 until all POWS were freed. That is a deception.
    1) In 1966 Medal of Honor winner Admiral James Stockdale, senior POW, had ordered all POWs to refuse the “Fink Release Program”.
    2) And all our POWs were not free when McCain left Hanoi in 1973. Worse, McCain blocked a POW Truth Bill in 1990 and the Missing Service Personnel Act in 1996. WHY? Research Stockdale’s Book: “In love & War” (page 254) and HR1147-the Truth Bill.

    Why is McCain not questioned? Sam Steiger, Congressman, Korean War Tank Commander, Silver Star and Purple Heart recipient, said, “It doesn’t take a hero to get shot down and captured”. But few voters dispute McCain because they don’t want to seem unpatriotic. McCain depends on that.

    Remember McCain voted to fund Obamacare. His Soros-backed McCain-Feingold silenced Conservatives in 2012 as IRS thugs targeted us. McCain-Kennedy & Gang of Eight promoted Immigrant Amnesty. Mob-connected Kemper Marley gave candidate McCain $553,000 in 1982. And in 1986 & 1987 McCain helped Charles Keating steal the life savings of many elderly Arizonans.

    My viewpoint is that of Marine, Cop, author of 3 books on Amazon and AZ Licensed Investigator. McCain is very vulnerable in a Primary. Arizona’s population is less than 7 million and less than 400,000 are Republican Primary Voters. So we need to expose less than 200,000 “households” to McCain’s truth twisting record by September 2016. We must network, email friends and GOTV.

    Bill Heuisler. Please research everything here and then spread the word.
    Have questions? Call or email – 520-403-2939 –

  3. Patriot Dad says:

    Voter inattention and apathy give us disasters like John McCain. The newspaper adores him because he’s the quintessential liberal masquerading as a Republican, so the leftwingers at the AZ Repugnant can cloak themselves as bi-partisan. They call his deceit evidence of his “maverick” spirit. We know it as lies heaped upon lies….

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Donald Trump didn’t pay a price for his slap against McCain. People around the country cheered Trump. McCain is disliked/despised by people around the country if you read “Comments” after articles involving McCain or other detested RINOs, e.g., Boehner, McConnell, Orrin Hatch or Jeff Flake.

    The only people who don’t get it are voters in Arizona. We need to knock off the old troublemaker and downright liar. Send money to Kelli Ward. Then she needs to come out with guns blazing. It’s the only hope.

  5. Rob Haney says:

    From two terms as chairman of the state legislative district from which both John Mccain and Jon Kyl resided and two terms as Maricopa County Republican Party chairman, I am fully aware of the low ethical standards of both of these individuals.

    But McCain is the quintessential low life. What Mr. Heuisler said earlier has been confirmed by other witnesses of much higher character than Kyl, Ducey, Brewer or any other person of ill repute who would back McCain while knowing what he is all about. I refer you to the book, An Enormous Crime, by former Republican U.S. Representative from North Carolina, Bill Hendon. The book details the evidence for the POWs left behind in Viet Nam and how John McCain blocked the congressional hearings into POWs left behind.

    Hendon offered to campaign for JD Hayworth and expose McCain’s betrayal and treachery, but JD did not want to go there. McCain has a loyal following among Republican Establishment politicians.
    If just a few of them would have stood up and said, “I can’t take the lies anymore, and I will work for John McCain’s defeat,” we could be living in a much different world.

    And these gutless wonders who populate the Republican elected ranks are the reason why our party is held in such low regard.

  6. LEO IN TSN says:

    McTraitor and his evil traitor-twin John F’ing Kerry (who served in Viet Nam) have been betraying the POWS/MIAS and their families for decades. They, in tandem, led the effort to hide the truth about POWS left behind in Viet Nam in order to camouflage their own cowardice.

    Congressional leaders from the time of those hearings still condemn the traitor-twins’ efforts and their successes in lying to America, and condemn the results. Apparently much of the information that should have been exposed during those hearings was sealed by order of Congress, and remains so today. That was -and is – an obvious effort to protect McTraitor and Lurch Kerry and to hide their lies from US.

    Beware the efforts of the slimey AZ McGOP and the Leftist supporters of McTraitor to trot out sham candidates for the AZ primary to siphon votes away from Sen. Dr. Kelli Ward and assure the seat to McTraitor. $upport Dr. Ward $trongly, with word and action, and help US get the truth out.

    God bless America and all of her heroes, including all those McTraitor left behind.

    • William Heuisler says:

      And God Bless Admiral James Bond Stockdale. Yesterday was 50 years since Medal of Honor winner, Admiral James Stockdale was shot down over North Vietnam and taken prisoner for seven and a half years. Along with the Medal of Honor, he was also the recipient of four Silver Stars and two Purple Hearts among dozens of medals for service and valor in combat and in NVA prison.

      More important than all his medals, he was the senior POW in Hanoi, a Navy Captain. He gave the orderl, ”No early release; we all go home together,” in May of 1967, (5 months before John McCain was shot down and nearly a year before he supposedly refused release).
      This information is in Stockdale’s book, “In Love and War” on page 254.
      Stockdale, a real American hero, resisted all efforts to get him to cooperate and actually disfigured himself with a razor and bloodied his face with a stool to avoid propaganda films and pictures by the NVA. Remember the real hero, Admiral Stockdale and spread the truth about McCain.
      Bill Heuisler