Pesky emails: Douglas’ Bradley reprising Huppenthal?

AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas’ headaches grow

There must be something in the water at the Arizona Department of Education. The Superintendent’s chief of staff Michael Bradley is doing a good imitation of John Huppenthal, his beleaguered boss’ equally beset predecessor.

Huppenthal found himself in hot water after he was exposed as the anonymous commenter on numerous blogs — including this one — which he visited during work hours as well as in the wee hours when the insomniac was unable to sleep. KPHO-TV 5 carried this report at the time. The decade’s long, serial office holder ultimately lost the 2014 primary election to Diane Douglas in a 58 to 41 percent upset.

Fast forward. Though Bradley asserts he was sick and sending emails from home, his problems arose when contacting the Arizona Alliance of Black School Educators regarding the group’s possible support of the recall of his boss. Bradley works for Diane Douglas, the current state Superintendent of Public Instruction who is the subject of a recall effort.

Now Max Goshert, the recall’s chairman, has filed a complaint with the state Attorney General’s Office accusing Bradley of breaking state law by engaging in political activities on state time.

The rest of the story is sure to unfold. carries the Capitol Media Services report which details the current fiasco.


4 Responses to Pesky emails: Douglas’ Bradley reprising Huppenthal?

  1. Orion says:

    As they say in the comics, “We was duped.” The idea of voting for a novice has its appeal, but in this case harsh reality set in quickly. I supported Diane Douglas over John Huppenthal because of her strongly stated opposition to the federal takeover of local education known as Common Core. That’s still a paramount issue with me, but she’s shown she’s not up to the task. When was the last time she even mentioned the issue?

  2. Vince says:

    Not quite to the level of Hillary Clinton’s email mess jeopardizing national security, but shaky enough to be a problem Diane Douglas doesn’t need at this point. Her short term has been error plagued. She’s been a disappointment, although I have to admit I was a supporter.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    I wonder if it’s occurred to Miz Douglas that she needs a new Chief of Staff?? This is not Bradley’s first less than professional online blunder. He replaced the racy stuff on his website with cute dog pics.
    First screw up, Shame on him. Following screw ups? Shame on her. It’s time to take care of this.

  4. Tempe state committeeman says:

    Her support of ethnic studies and continuos waffling has been a major disapointment. Too many women jump into things way over their head and logic seems missing while emotions take precdencc.