Obama increases Muslim refugee surge into U.S.

What a surprise…citizens worldwide want to maintain their security, national identity

Reaction to Barack Obama announced intention to increase the number of Syrian refugees admitted into the United States to at least 10,000 in the fiscal year beginning in October was far less than mixed. Disapproval of the scheme that includes scant vetting was swift.

Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY) responded by stating the obvious, “Our enemy now is Islamic terrorism, and these people are coming from a country filled with Islamic terrorists. We don’t want another Boston Marathon bombing situation.”

In her weekend column, “America’s Reckless Refuge for Jihad syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin addresses the same concerns with a fact-filled commentary. She writes,

“Our asylum and refugee programs are routinely abused by ordinary fraudsters and Islamic terror plotters alike. Our immigration enforcement failures are compounded by deadly illegal alien sanctuary policies, a deportation abyss that allows hundreds of thousands of deportation fugitives to run loose, and the persistent lack of a tracking system to identity and kick out millions of foreign visa overstayers.”

Thousands of anti-asylum demonstrators are flooding the streets of European nations demanding an end to rampant refugee resettlement from Muslim countries. Participants held flags and banners proclaiming, “Stop the Islamisation of Europe.”

“We’re here so the government hears our voice and abandons any plans to welcome Muslims,” stated one of the organizers.

In this ABC News report, a senior FBI official has admitted the U.S. is finding it virtually impossible to screen out terrorists that could be hiding among the thousands of Syrian “refugees” heading to American cities.

“The U.S. simply does not have the resources to stop Islamic radicals in Syria from slipping into the country through the State Department’s refugee-resettlement program,” said Michael Steinbach, deputy assistant director of the FBI’s counter terrorism unit.

Yet Barack Obama remains steadfastly committed to his stated mission to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” while imperiling the security of our nation. The safety and security of Americans should not be a partisan issue, but not a Democrat voice is raised in opposition.


9 Responses to Obama increases Muslim refugee surge into U.S.

  1. Army Of One says:

    Here’s pathetic John McCain and his always nodding shadow Lindsey Graham trying to persuade Americans that bringing potential jihadists into the US is in our best interests. The latest numbers are closer to 60,000. How does McCain think they will be cleared as non-security risks? This old goat is more than an embarrassment, he’s dangerous.

    • Vince says:

      Reuters reports that Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on young Muslim men in the United States and other Western countries to carry out attacks inside the counties where they are being granted “asylum,” and urged greater unity between militants.

      “I call on all Muslims who can harm the countries of the crusader coalition not to hesitate. We must now focus on moving the war to the heart of the homes and cities of the crusader West and specifically America,” he said in an audio recording posted online on Sunday, referring to nations making up the Western-led coalition in Iraq and Syria.

      He suggested Muslim youth in the West take the Tsarnaev and Kouachi brothers, who carried out the Boston marathon bombings and Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris respectively, and others as examples to follow.

      This news report includes a video:

    • Doc says:

      Hey LOOK!!! It’s dumber & dumberererr….

      How many terrorists…er…I mean refugees…did our chinese friends take?

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    They are not resettling to integrate, their goal is to dominate by subjugating us. Listen to the words of Ann Corcoran, Editor of Refugee Resettlement Watch.

    Her words are alarming. The negative impact of Barack Obama’s resettlement policy on national security, American families and liberty is clearly detailed.

    • CD 8 PC says:

      That’s correct! So why aren’t these “refugees” being resettled in the Muslim nations?
      As to McCain, he doesn’t think past getting campaign air time, even if it’s negative. He knows a good portion of his constituency watch the TV with the sound off or their hearing aids on the coffee table.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    13,000 “refugees” have descended on Munich, Germany IN ONE DAY.

    interestingly, the photos show young males surging through the streets.

    This what McCain, Lindsay McGrahamnesty and Obama want.

    US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who is noted to spend a lot of time overseas, in now pushing “Global Law”.

    Yes, our criminal justice system is broken, so let’s see how we can screw up on a global scale.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    That 9 second video above says it all – the fools cheering for our demise. And the flash of hatred in Obama’s eyes as he promises it.

    South Carolina is being colonized, along with the rest of our country. Are these Syrian Christians? I think if they were, it would be specified. A group of Syrian Christians were recently stopped at the Mexican border and held by ICE. I haven’t heard if they were allowed into this country as “refugees” – they’re the ones who are being persecuted by the Muslims.

    The Muslims are on the march all over the world. Hungary is the only country that’s fighting it.

    He [Lindsey Graham] said he would be in favor of “emergency spending” to cover the cost of bringing substantially more Syrian immigrants to the U.S., which would add to the federal deficit.


  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Obama armed the Syrian rebels and they became the black robed ISIS goons. President Assad’s Alawaties are the only muslim sect that protect Christians in the Arab world.
    Now ISIS is killing Christians and Obama does not care.

  6. LEO IN TSN says:

    And what do we hear from the AZ5 about this orchestrated invasion? (—-SILENCE—-)

    How can they respond after the way they allowed and joined the attacks on Michelle Bachmann, Louie Gohment and Rep. Steve King (R-IA) who wanted to scrutinize the appointment of Muslim Brotherhood operatives to the highest positions in the obamao gov’t and national security agencies? What a bunch!

    We cannot survive the illegal invasion that the AZ5 are allowing-condoning-funding with our tax dollars.

    God bless America.