LD 30: What’s actually going on?

For an update on the continuing saga involving the attempts to remove current Legislative District 30 Chairman Gary Hirsch, we direct our readers to Republican Briefs, edited by Frosty Taylor. Frosty has covered the ongoing issues and disappointing conduct of party leadership with clarity and integrity.

This in-depth coverage is dated Monday, September 14, 2015. Briefs is the go-to place for factual information.

Complaints have been surfacing for several weeks that Tyler Bowyer, Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman, is dragging his feet in taking action on the petition presented to him on July 21 requesting the recall of LD 30 Chairman Gary Hirsch. The petition carried signatures from more than half of the LD 30 precinct committeemen.

Former county officers, who carry the scars of years of political battles, scoff at Bowyer’s excuses, noting he opted to run for the chairmanship position, including all of the responsibilities that accompany the post.  As further information emerges, it will be posted here.


3 Responses to LD 30: What’s actually going on?

  1. Casper says:

    Here’s the cut-to-the-chase review. After former LD 30 Chairman Timothy Schwartz successfully led the campaign to censure John McCain, he was as good as toast.. McCain pulled out all stops, using his liberal operatives and donors,while keeping his own fingerprints off the expulsion of long-time, hardworking, conservative elected precinct committeemen.


    The NcCainiacs were able to elect newcomers who had little to no understanding of the internal party political workings at the precinct, district, county or state level. Many of those who were recruited to replace Schwartz and the conservative PCs never showed up at district meetings. They were just names on a roster. Many were from the Vietnamese community who mistakenly revere McCain. This is how McCain’s lackey Gary Hirsch got elected. He represents no one with any tenure in LD 30.

    The recall of Gary Hirsch should have moved forward long ago. The election of Tyler Bowyer as MC Chair is a regrettable mistake. He takes orders but refuses to use the authority that comes with his post to do what is required. I’m fed up with being duped by McClones.

  2. Parker Jeff says:

    Spending energy fighting among ourselves is, sadly, a gift to the other party.

    • Night Owl says:

      Should we just bend over and let the Republicrats and McCain faction purge conservatives from the party you claim to value?
      The PCs who were taken out were the actual workers who were organized and got out the Republican vote for years. They were replaced by people who have no interest in the duties of a precinct committeeman. This was nothing more than a “gotcha” for McCain’s embarrassing censure.