Who is the “man?” Secret decoder ring needed

New reporting technique contrived to cover crimes of illegals

This news report in Monday’s edition of the  Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) covers the conviction of a monster. It’s headlined, “Phoenix man convicted in killing of brother, 6-year-old nephew.”

We read that after rejecting the defense’s preposterous claims of mental illness, jurors returned a verdict in the 2010 premeditated murder trial of Christopher Licon.

The name of the judge is included, and the additional charges of kidnapping, burglary and tampering with evidence are all there. We know that he murdered his brother, Angel Jaquez.Licon, 27.

Incredibly this creature returned the next day to assassinate his 6-year-old nephew, Xavier Daniel Jaquez, the sole witness to his father’s murder.

Christopher Licon shot both his own brother and young nephew in the back of the head. The child was taken by force and killed in an alley behind his mother’s home. His body was found there by a garbage truck driver the following morning. When arrested, Licon had previous drug warrants pending. Phoenix Police described him as “an extreme danger to the public.”

While in jail, Licon was accused of assaulting a corrections officer. But the reporting team, using a technique reminiscent of Tom Wolfe’s “Bonfire of the Vanities,” was quick to include his status as an “honor student.”  He just might qualify for an acting scholarship, based on his feigned call to police saying he had discovered his brother’s dead body when he returned home from school.

Missing from the fact-filled report is Christopher Licon‘s status. He may be a U.S. citizen, but we’ll never know, since that information is magically excised from news coverage these days.  It’s either too politically incorrect or inflammatory. But according to the left’s latest reporting methods, it’s definitely none of our business. 


4 Responses to Who is the “man?” Secret decoder ring needed

  1. Tucson PC says:

    SRAZ has been reading my mind. The absence of this pertinent information drives me crazy. These “good people” coming to do the jobs Americans supposedly refuse to take (at the undercut wages the Chamber of Commerce led business community prefers to pay), are over represented in crime stats. It makes sense, since their first act in entering the US was crossing our nation’s sovereign border illegally. From there their illegal actions continue as they purchase stolen or bogus ID to rent apartments, get jobs and latch on to the goodies that our tax $$$ provide. This news video show the billions of dollars being swindled from American taxpayers by these “good people.”

    The presidential candidate who is willing to honestly address this insanity has my vote! Donald Trump is forcing this criminality to be discussed, but I want more than words. Along with the promise to build a wall, he also says he’s going to put a door in it for the “good” law breakers to reenter.

  2. Maggie says:

    A reliable clue to immigration status is if an interpreter is required during the trial. Jobs are plentiful. Here in Arizona, they even have their own association which trains and offers workshops for assistance with “employment opportunities.”

  3. Braveheart says:

    Gees. If this vicious murderer / honor student could just be given another chance, he might become an MIT trained rocket scientist.

  4. Kent says:

    Another top-notch post!!