2nd GOP debate tonight at Reagan Library

Onstage in the top-tier debate at 5:00 pm (AZ Time) tonight will be 11 candidates: Donald Trump, who remains the leader in presidential polls, followed by Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, and Jeb Bush.

Just preceding this crucial debate, establishment-backed Bush, whose polling numbers have steadily plummeted, has released a new campaign ad featuring his Mexican immigrant wife in which he speaks Spanish. A Monmouth University poll released on Monday found that in New Hampshire, Bush has slipped from second place into a tie for fifth with Carly Fiorina at 7%. 

Second tier candidates Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, and Lindsey Graham will debate at 3:00 pm (AZ Time).

Speaking to voter dissatisfaction with the status quo, political outsiders Trump and Carson are leading in recent polling.

Moderators for tonight’s debate, hosted by and aired on CNN, are Jake Tapper, Dana Bash and Hugh Hewitt.


8 Responses to 2nd GOP debate tonight at Reagan Library

  1. State Delegate says:

    Jeb ought to consider running in Mexico, where the populace will all understand the language he and Columa speak. In my opinion, with the release of this ad, he’s just caused his polling to drop even further.

    • Clementine says:

      Columba Bush is a woman who lied to U.S. Customs officials after one of her spending sprees in Paris. She declared a minimum amount rather than the many thousands she actually spent. When she was caught, Jeb paid thousands more in fines and the two of them declared her deceit a “mistake.” She’d be a natural replacement for the equally “entitled” globetrotting Michelle Obama. Michelle said she was never proud of America, and Columba only became a US citizen in order to cast her vote for her father-in-law. She did so reluctantly, not wanting to give up her treasured Mexican citizenship.
      The Bushes speak Spanish at home, so with his election that would be the language spoken in the White House. We can surely do better than THIS.


  2. Standing Tall says:

    Karl Rove will vote for Jeb!

  3. Observer says:

    If Jeb actually believes this commercial is going to help his candidacy, he needs to change his strategy team. Hispanics are overwhelmingly Democrats and won’t be voting in the GOP primary. This commercial will hinder, not help his election, which is fine with me. I wouldn’t vote for another Bush amnesty enthusiast under any conditions. Obviously, I’m not alone. Trump’s insistence on addressing the illegal invasion highlights the importance of this single issue to a growing number of voters.

  4. Kathy says:

    In my opinion, this will be no debate – just like the last so-called one. Moderators speak 75% of the time and candidates 25%. That’s not a debate. Listen to the CNN commercials, a fight bell rings in their ad. This is no debate it’s going to be a show of who can “Stump the Trump”, nothing more nothing less. The establishment, Chamber of Commerce, etc want to get rid of Trump – period. He has exposed so much about them and they can’t stand it. I really love to see a REAL debate between the candidates not a staged reality show.

  5. Orion says:

    The debates were too long and because of their length were oddly timed to exclude working, taxpaying Americans who in many ways have the most at stake.

  6. Villanova says:

    It wasn’t a debate, but rather a contrived set up, where individual candidates were told what another candidate said about them and then they were expected to react. It was left of center CNN’s “gotch’a” show specifically devised to create clashes among Republicans. Then the pundits could assess them and deem the Republican candidates as petty and offering no solutions to the national and global crises.

    Would Democrats schedule a debate on FOX? I doubt it. So why do Republicans fall for this?

  7. LD 23 PC says:

    Trump was the runaway winner on the Drudge Report poll immediately following the debate.
    Here ‘tiz: