KTAR broadcasts in Spanish: “The voice for a better AZ”

File this under “We couldn’t make this stuff up”

The radio trade paper NTS Media Online runs a riveting piece under the heading “Talk and Media News Notes.” The final item features Phoenix radio station KTAR doing a show Thursday night called “Hispanic in Arizona.” If you’re an English-speaking American, this is not the place for you, since the show will be entirely “en Espanol!”

This Thursday evening (9/17) KTAR-FM/Phoenix will host Hispanic In Arizona, a first of its kind, two-hour community roundtable discussion, with one hour to be broadcast exclusively in Spanish. Commenting on the upcoming special program, Bonneville/Phoenix VP Content and Operations Ryan Hatch said, “Our goal at KTAR News is to be the voice for a better Arizona and to connect with our community in a meaningful way. We’re very proud to be the first English-speaking radio station in Arizona history to host a show in Spanish.”

Some of our astute readers may remember an April Fool’s joke in 2009 when then local talk show host JD Hayworth ran an announcement from “The Commission” in “Washington, DC” stipulating that going forward KFYI would be REQUIRED to broadcast in Spanish for two hours each night. The spoof announcement ran in Spanish and English, and caused quite a commotion, though it was, of course, a joke.

Now, KTAR is actually doing it — and in the process, looks to replace the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) on the “Politically Correct Pander Meter.”


4 Responses to KTAR broadcasts in Spanish: “The voice for a better AZ”

  1. Doc says:

    …uuuhhh…who? OH! You mean th’ 2-bit cousin of th’ bootlicker station kfyi…remember THOSE schmucks?

    …my personal choice during my drivetime? 960 am “The PATRIOT”. Then of course, Mark Levin on th’ computer. Ktar’s “Hispanic in Arizona”? Butt-kissers…whatever, dood…

  2. Hagar says:

    Hmmm The Mormon Church owns Bonneville Corporation, a media giant. Is this Bonneville/Phoenix part of that company? If so, the Mormon Church, which never misses a chance to suck up to Hispanics (and illegals), has its hands in this.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      You appear to have nailed the connection, Hagar. This link gives the names of the senior execs and market managers. Utah is a major base.

      The LDS Church is doing major proselytizing among Hispanics. Americans are rightly riled over the sanctuary cities (such as exist in San Francisco) that protect illegals. Utah is now a sanctuary STATE.