Donald Trump illuminates illegal invasion

American job losses assessed by NumbersUSA

Illegal immigration, a costly and key issue negatively affecting the United States in countless ways,* is finally being addressed by GOP presidential candidates  — a fact for which we can thank Donald Trump.

Prior to Trump’s entry into the 2016 race, the matter was given short shrift, if mentioned at all.  Wednesday’s Republican debate at the Reagan Library demonstrates the topic has become a central theme as voters evaluate the presidential hopefuls.

NumbersUSA uses a grade card system to assess the candidate’s immigration stances and their effect on Americans’ jobs and wages. The site is fact-filled and is sure to interest political observers. Five Democrats and nine Republicans are represented.

The ratings and grades reflect an urgency about the economic status of tens of millions of American workers who are in occupations where real wages are lower than they were 15 and 20 years ago. With nearly 60 million working-age Americans not even holding jobs, NumbersUSA reserves A and B grades for those who have shown they are truly serious about reducing the flow of foreign labor into these giant pools of surplus labor.

This Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration audit report substantiates Donald Trump’s assertion that $4.2 billion in refundable tax credits was paid to illegals working in the United States in 2011 alone. Those numbers are exclusive of the cost of benefits the illegals impose upon us. Illegal immigration is a no-win for the citizens of the U.S. 



5 Responses to Donald Trump illuminates illegal invasion

  1. MacBeth says:

    Ending the lunacy of birthright citizenship is paramount to me. This issue and the Fourteenth Amendment provisions in which it’s based, have been misused since the original intent of the Amendment was to grant American citizenship to the American-born children of emancipated African-born slaves, after the end of the Civil War. It has morphed into a monster including chain migration, allowing extended family members to ride into the US on the backs of the infant born to illegal parents. Birth tourism where wealthy pregnant Asians and Middle Eastern women travel here to give birth to American citizen babies has become a huge industry. For the sake of the future, we need to rid ourselves of this albatross now. Canada is the only other First World nation that still engages in this culturally destructive practice.

  2. Standing Tall says: is a real find! Thanks for including the link.
    I’m bookmarking it.

  3. Cave Creek Cal says:

    Trump was the runaway winner in the Drudge poll. Let’s see if the momentum has staying power. In my mind it’s (nearly) anyone but Jeb!

    • Doc says:

      OR th’ joisey thug christie, OR lindsey mcgraham-crack-head, OR that bonehead from ohio (NO politician from ohio is EVER ALLOWED to hold a position of authority in D.C. again…blame th’ crybaby/drunk boehner) OR huckabee (same thing goes for preacher/politicians from arkansas, blame slick willie & billary) and MOST DEFINATELY ABSOLUTELY NOBODY NAMED bush.

  4. LEO IN TSN says:

    From an article by reporter Manny Fernandez (is that a hint?) in the NY Times (is that another hint) whining about the difficulties faced, in just one sovereign state remaining, by illegal allien criminals – in their own words, of course.

    “Without a birth certificate, illegal immigrants say they cannot have newborns baptized, have had difficulty enrolling their children in day care and school and have lost or fear losing Medicaid coverage and other government services and benefits for their families. They said officials required birth certificates for these programs, as proof of parenthood or the child’s Texas birth.”

    But of course, that doesn’t deter them from coming here illegally and making more illegal anchor babies (in their own words), like rabbits (scientific analogy).

    We’re destroying our own sovereignty, and the AZ5 and the AZ McGOP support that and oppose US.

    God bless America.