Trickery escalates at the Arizona Republic

Using intentionally imprecise words, Arizona’s newspaper of record toils at trying to influence its increasingly diminished base of readers.

Standing as a stark example is Sunday’s front page headline, topping the final installment of an eight-part series — the sole intent of which is to defeat Maricopa County’s popular Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The headline?  “As Arpaio considers a 7th bid for office, some say it’s time to go.”  Got that?  “Some say.”

The objective of an eight-part series is to encompass two weekends, since the withered readership includes a larger segment of Sunday only subscribers. Between now and the 2016 election, count on the fact that the Daily Insult will quote itself repeatedly as it desperately attempts to exert influence. Of course, those glory days when citizen voters stood in line at polling places with the newspaper’s endorsement list in hand, have long since passed. Now it’s far more likely that an endorsement will be the kiss of death for candidates and issues.

The left-wing, pro-amnesty-for-illegals newspaper which we often refer to as The Periódico de la República de Arizona, never lets facts get in the way of agenda. Its Open Borders Queen, Linda Valdez, takes up three-quarters of the editorial page with, ”10 immigration myths debunked.” In fact, she “debunked” nothing. But truth holds no relevance when it comes to opinion pieces passing themselves off as factual. The left-weighted newspaper ceased having an op-ed page or featuring opposing columnists years ago.

In order to remove the onus from invading Hispanics coming across our nation’s southern border, the folks at the Daily Insult solicited a local lawyer to write a lengthy piece about his family’s generational roots in Arizona facilitated by his illegal Chinese grandfather. According to the saga, the grandfather moved easily between China and the United States, returning to his homeland to find a bride and then slipping her in with him on a return trip. The author concludes by chastising the use of the term “anchor baby,” lecturing on the hardships illegals endure as they sneak into the U.S. 

Republicese is a language unto itself. Reading it takes patience and definitely the assistance provided by a Primer. We cheerfully provide, “A Primer: How to decipher Republicese,” which includes a link to the ever-popular “Lingo.”  The language of Newspeak, AP’s revised acceptable words can be found in, “Winston Smith: Alive and well at Associated Press.”

Be aware, the invasion now employs even more fanciful jargon with the words “migrants, undocumented, refugees, asylum seekers” replacing the now politically incorrect “illegal aliens” —  a term we will continue to use.

Though this revealing post was written in 2013, it includes links going back to 2008. 


8 Responses to Trickery escalates at the Arizona Republic

  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    This is another fine expose of what we call the Arizona Repulsive. Best advice to thinking Arizonans is “Cancel your subscriptions!”

    • jakesez says:

      Here is one for your cancellation theory. I dropped my subscription and was surprised to find out that the “Republic” had filed for an on-line payment from my credit union. I was having a monthly payment removed from my account without my knowledge. I stopped it and now watch very closely to make sure they don’t do that again. The credit union stated that Phoenix Newspapers had filed for the monthly payment and it had been approved. They could not tell me who approved the payment. It wasn’t me.

  2. Braveheart says:

    The Arizona Repugnant distorts the truth and calls it news. Most of the so-called reporters are students from ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism named for a revered liberal and teaching in that same style. The news reports are written like short stories with dramatic overtones, often using colloquialisms instead of proper grammar. This is obviously intended to attract a younger demographic, which is never going to happen. The newspaper is currently on life support, with transfusions and oxygen from Gannett’s USAToday. It will soon be put out of its misery.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    As to the AZ Republic headline——how about just putting the name John McCain into that headline?

    Time to go, Johnny McTraitor.

  4. State Delegate says:

    The Arizona Republic has a vendetta against conservatives in general and Sheriff Arpaio in particular. The newspaper’s hierarchy want to claim responsibility for taking him out. What I find so reprehensible is that the vicious onslaught against this good man is being led by his daughter’s husband Phil Boas, who is the editor of the newspaper’s editorial pages — a fact disclosed in this 8-day attack.

    Sheriff Arpaio has been elected and reelected by grateful residents of Maricopa County, who know full well that he is the only elected official who has the background, experience and commitment to enforce the law. The courts have tied his hands and the leftist newspaper hacks away at him on a daily basis, but Joe will prevail.

    Consider contributing to his legal defense fund. He’s been there for us, now it’s our time to step up.

    As a lifelong Arizona resident well attuned to the political escapades of those in both parties, I admire Sheriff Joe Arpaio greatly. He needs our monetary support to counter the campaign attacks that are sure to come and our efforts to get out the vote for him. I rate him as a courageous hero.

  5. Bernard says:

    For a long time I have spoken of the AZRepublica as “bird cage liner”. Appropriate?