Dr. Kelli Ward for US Senate: The right medicine for AZ

It’s time to replace John McCain — he deserves a rest and we deserve representation

Since most of us were not able to be in attendance to hear state Senator Kelli Ward at the Pima County Republican Club last week, here is a great opportunity to listen to her presentation and view her interaction with attendees, as she gave forthright answers to their questions. She has been traveling the state, meeting the voters and getting her message out

Check out Sen. Ward’s impressive bio here. Her Issues Page contains no double talk. The Lake Havasu City conservative Republican, currently representing Legislative District 5, is mounting a challenge to Sen. John McCain, who is running for his sixth 6-year term. First elected in 1982, he will be 80 by Election Day 2016 and nearly ninety if elected and were to serve out the term.

Seeing Red AZ strongly supports the candidacy of Sen. Kelli Ward and has written numerous posts about her: Here are a few:

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10 Responses to Dr. Kelli Ward for US Senate: The right medicine for AZ

  1. Justin says:

    McCain was first elected in 1982?? I wasn’t even born then! I’ve been married for nearly 10 years and have two school age children now.
    McCain needs to hang it up and give someone else a chance to actually represent Arizona.

  2. William Heuisler says:

    McCain has apparently aired a campaign commercial saying State Senator Kelli Ward has some rather odd concerns about airplane contrails causing breathing and air-quality problems. Someone (on this site?) also mentioned this “issue”, implying Ward was a kook.
    For the record, some of her Lake Havasu constituents contacted her office asking about the possibility of contrail problems; she held a meeting in her committee. The consensus was, no contrail problem.
    Perhaps McCain would prefer Senator Ward behave like him and ignore her constituents’ concerns (or mock them as McCain does).

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      William Heuisler.
      When posting comments please use your email address rather than a link to your Facebook page. That is why your comments are automatically held in moderation. We then have to look up your information to validate your identity. That built-in safeguard keeps people from posting using the names of others.

  3. PV PC says:

    I’ve heard her speak and she’s terrific. Sen. Ward doesn’t lock down her town halls, admitting only select “guests” as McCain and Flake do. She welcomes everyone, which is as it should be. McCain and Flake are worried about being embarrassed, so they exert tight control over who attends their events.

  4. Standing Tall says:

    John McCain has been the venom we need a strong antidote to combat. Dr. Kelli Ward is definitely the right person to administer it. I appreciate the support SRAZ continues to provide her. She’s a remarkable and exceptionally bright woman with strong conservative credentials.

  5. Doc says:

    Senator Ward has th’ old one deficating in his “Depends”! I can smell him all th’ way from D.C. & every time he’s on th’ “fairly unbalanced” news channel….new home of his depends on which way th’ wind blowz daughter, meghan…

  6. MissV says:

    Skeptical, but if it comes down to a choice between her and McShame, she will get my vote.

  7. Common Sense Conservative says:

    McCain will win if Alex and Van don’t drop out of this race. If “Joe voter” who are non active Republicans which are 95% of the voters see 4 names on the ballot and the only one they know or heard of is McCain, they will vote what they know. The anti McCain vote will then be split between the other 3. If we don’t get behind ONE candidate and all make that ONE NAME known…….we lose, McCain wins. The one that should be up against McCain is the candidate who can raise the most money. I am just an observer but this isn’t rocket science. It’s common sense.

  8. Jill Arizona says:



  9. LEO IN TSN says:

    It’s just common sense and active patriotism that “the one who should be up against Mc[Traitor] is the candidate” who is a proven conservative willing to fight to protect AZ and save US. That candidate is Sen. Dr. Kelli Ward. She has proven it as a military wife & mother, a small business entrepreneur, and a battle-scarred veteran of the AZ legislature where she has consistently fought for our freedoms. She represents true Republican values.

    It doesn’t take too awful much close observation of this McCainiac rocket science to see what is going on again. The McTraitor camp used this in 2010 and 2012, and AZ is stuck without a real federal senator. McTraitor, the AZ McGOP, the RNC and McTraitor’s super PAC of Leftists & dimocrats will trot out their stable of sham candidates to try to fool as many low-info voters as possible, siphoning votes away from the true conservative so as to give the seat back to McTraitor. All the while the McTraitor moles will be flooding sites with the standard McGOP mantra that “we have to pick the electable candidate” or as it is now described – the one who can raise the most money. Hogwash.

    If these sham candidates were true conservatives with any common sense, they would have long ago thrown their support and their MONEY behind Kelli Ward. SRAZ people, don’t just sit on the fence and wait. Get out and $$uppport Kelli Ward, and work for her. She is the real deal, and she has proven it.

    God bless America.