Carly Fiorina unmasked as McCain, Hillary supporter

Honesty, reliability and conviction carry more weight than slick speaking skills

As GOP candidates surprisingly soar, others who were topping the polls just weeks ago suddenly plunge and abandon their campaigns as we witnessed Monday with the unexpected exit of Gov. Scott Walker and previously, Gov. Rick Perry. We are told that Dr. Ben Carson is irreversibly wounded for having the temerity to utter what most Americans believe. In a calm display of  conviction, he didn’t back away from his words.

For too many Americans, the debates have become entertainment, not a measure of credibility or a means of evaluating positions on crucial issues. Those who have mastered the art of presentation, such as Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina, are thrust into the forefront via media hype, and apathetic citizenry passively accept the latest political flavor of the day.

Conservatives must not allow themselves to be lulled into trusting either Rubio or Fiorina. Both are skilled public speakers. And both have strong ties to the treacherous John McCain. Just two years ago, Rubio collaborated with McCain, Jeff Flake and a cabal of liberal Democrats as a member of the amnesty-pushing Gang of Eight. Like flagrantly opportunistic candidate McCain, who suddenly wanted to “complete the danged fence” in an effort to win votes, and Flake  — who mastered the same deceptive campaign tactics — candidate Rubio has momentarily abandoned his pathway to citizenship position with the same goal in mind.

And Carly Fiorina, a onetime economic adviser to, and high dollar campaign bundler for, John McCain?  Trusting Fiorina is risky business. Her newly acquired conservative stripes are painted on with water based pigment, guaranteed to run in the other direction if she wins.


11 Responses to Carly Fiorina unmasked as McCain, Hillary supporter

  1. Maggie says:

    As a conservative woman, I can tell you I am unequivocally turned off by gender politics. I want the best candidate. It’s of no interest to me if they sit or stand in the restroom. That’s a Democrat ruse to further divide us. It doesn’t play with me. Besides, the icy Carly strikes me as a stander.

  2. Rob Haney says:

    Thank you again, Seeing Red AZ for exposing the truth about the establishment Republicans who are professionals at deceit in election season politics. Timothy Schwartz led a GOP censure of McCain in 2015, I led a GOP censure of McCain in 2005. The censures were overwhelmingly supported by the precinct committeemen who have booed McCain at the only two AZ GOP convention meetings he has attended in the last ten years.

    The PCs knew prior to 2005 and through 2015 what a destructive, and divisive force John McCain was to the Republican Party and the U.S. Constitution. For Carly Fiorina to laud McCain after she thoroughly researched him, tells you all you need to know about her. She has to be supportive of McCain’s positions and as such you must reject her. If you support Fiorina, you are supporting McCain.

  3. East Valley Conservative says:

    The liberal media want nothing more than to select the Republican candidate for us. They have been apoplectic since the anointed Jeb Bush has flamed out. I find it fascinating that the far lefties and GOP establishment mouthpiece Karl Rove are on the same page as far as Jeb goes. Very telling, isn’t it? It all fits together like parts of a master planned puzzle.

  4. CD 8 PC says:

    Whoever advised Jeb! to do his campaign ads in Spanish effectively put the finishing touches on taking him down. The obvious thought was that he would appeal to Spanish speakers in the US. But for the time being Americans are still English speakers and this was a gargantuan mistake. Conservatives owe this adviser a debt of gratitude.

  5. Gravitas says:

    And Donald Trump actually shells out money for Hillary Clinton and called her a GREAT Senator.

    At least Fiorina doesn’t support socialized medicine and a “wealth” tax.

  6. Sally Forth says:

    Carly Fiorina says John McCain “respects women.” I wonder if she forgot about the incident when this low class, foul mouthed ignoramus called his own wife a c**t front of reporters? And he lives well off of her immense wealth!!

  7. Tucson PC says:

    Off topic, but the very political pope is dominating all network and cable news today, which I resent. He is not a world leader, but heads a church that calls him “infallible,” tho he promotes the same leftwing agenda of the leftist Obama. Does that make Obama “infallible” also? What about Benedict, the previous pope who was also “infallible” until he was shuttled off to an apartment, the first pope to be deposed in over 600 years. This pope, speaking in Spanish to the Latinos he hopes will vote democrat, is telling America we need to take in more immigrants and view the questionable “science” of climate change as cataclysmic and it’s all our fault. Has he said anything to the Russians, Chinese, Indians and other polluters who are given a pass? Not only does he give his mass in Spanish, but he speaks of “the Americas,” which in his view includes South and Central America, as he gives the back of his hand the United States of America.

  8. Doc says:

    I believe that Vatican City should take in @ LEAST 25,000 young, male mullahs from Syria…& @ LEAST as many illegal aliens from el-Salvador. Let’s listen to th’ pontiff talk about global warming then…

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      Don’t hold your breath, Doc. The Pope is big on telling others what they should do for these radical militants now called “refugees” and the hordes of illegal Hispanics invaders. He is an Argentine Communist hypocrite who is being treated like the Second Coming by the fawning media and his kindred spirit Obamao. His arrival in the US pushing for inclusion of illegals is timed to coincide with our election cycle and give an advantage to democrats. He trades on religion and “humility’ when in fact he is an arrogant politician with a political agenda. When he disparages our system of government it makes me gag. America does more for the downtrodden than the Vatican has ever done. He recently made quite a show of letting three “refugee” families camp out in Vatican City.. How long will they be there? They’re probably already gone since their usefulness was over once the press was advised of this fakery.

    • Ajo Joe says:

      The pope is a “do as I say not as I do” hypocrite. He tells the US how to handle the crush of illegals, costing us billions in benefits and crime and yet the Vatican has the world’s most restrictive immigration policy.

      According to the Washington Times, the Vatican, welcomes millions of visitors a year but allows only a very select few, who meet strict criteria, to be admitted as residents or citizens.

      Only about 450 of its 800 or so residents actually hold citizenship, according to a 2012 study by the Library of Congress. That study said citizens are either church cardinals who reside in the Vatican, the Holy See’s diplomats around the world, and those who have to reside in the city because of their jobs, such as the Swiss Guard.

      Spouses and children who live in the city because of their relationship with citizens — including the Swiss Guard and workers such as the gardener — can also be granted citizenship. But that means few of the Vatican’s citizens are women.

  9. East Valley Conservative says:

    When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to speak to Congress about the real threats posed by terrorists in the Middle East, he was snubbed by Obama and many dems. That was not the first time our actual ally has been given the middle finger by Obama.

    The English speaking Pope comes here and usually speaks Spanish, except when he lectured Congress today on issues that are none of his business such as global warming (now called Climate Change since the earth is actually experiencing a cooling cycle), homosexual “rights” and telling us we need to do more for illegals.

    Netanyahu’s impassioned speech warning of actual threats to humanity by militant Islamists, was given in flawless English, not in Spanish or Arabic, so that no doubt counted against him with the liberal fools.