AZ GOP establishment, past and present party on — for the party

Portrayed as a reception in support of the AZ GOP, it doesn’t take a clairvoyant to recognize what the Oct. 20, gathering thousands of miles from Arizona at the members only Capitol Hill Club is actually about. At this tony soiree, held in Washington, DC, the local Republican hoi polloi can’t even hope to make the guest list. It’s the esteemed lobbyists and PAC contributors whose presence and checkbook is requested. The rest of us need to stand at the ready to pound campaign signs and go door-to-door in 115° delivering campaign materials and getting the vote out. We also get to stand like sheeple and applaud when those we put in the swank offices along the Potomac enter a room.

Featuring Gov. Doug Ducey and AZ GOP Chairman Robert Graham,  co-hosts include the entire AZ GOP delegation: Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake and AZ U.S. Reps. Trent Franks (CD-8), Paul Gosar (CD-4), Martha McSally (CD-2), Matt Salmon (CD-5), and David Schweikert (CD-6).

There is even an honorary host committee including a host of formers — U.S. Reps. Jim Kolbe, now a lobbyist, John Shadegg, also lobbying and former Sen. Jon Kyl, who currently works for the powerful D.C. lobbyist/law firm Covington & Burling.

There will be a gala closer to home in affluent Paradise Valley, but don‘t count on being invited to that high dollar Oct. 17 event either. It’s in a gated community, specifically intended to keep out the riff and the raff. Besides, chances are good you didn’t rate an invitation. Bet these guys did.


5 Responses to AZ GOP establishment, past and present party on — for the party

  1. CD 8 PC says:

    These events are meant to bring in big dollar donors who all want something in exchange for opening their wallets. They want compliant Republicans who go along to get along, and that’s exactly what their money buys. I understand it takes money to campaign, but most of these members of congress are unchallenged or have only a gnat opponent on their well positioned backsides. Actually that helps them in fundraising, since they can claim they have an unqualified challenger who will bring harm to the district.

    My Congressman Trent Franks, one of the wealthiest in Congress (#40 on this list), occupies a safe seat that is his as long as he desires. McCain (#27) has no money problems though Cindy holds the reins through her beer distributorship.

  2. State Delegate says:

    Obviously there will be no money offered to Dr. Kelli Ward. This crowd would rather see the corpse of McCain propped up in his office than give us a chance at the real conservative representation she offers. If (God forbid) he’s reelected, and lives out his 6 year term, he’ll be 86 years old. Arizonans deserve better than this elderly, dim witted, Republicrat who has been censured by elected officials in his own party.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    Good job, SRAZ. you nailed all the pretenders who give us plenty of lip service, but cave on the issues of importance. I no longer vote for my so called representative, who hasn’t represented me for quite some time. And Robert Graham? He’s a deceiving, glory seeking McCainiac who wants far more than being the party chair. I trust him as far as I can throw the AZ GOP headquarters building.

    • Doc says:

      Copy THAT! As for th’ shindigg in ?paradizzze valleh”…th’ last time I was there was for a fundraiser for Mr. J.D. Hayworth @ th’ Rose residence…& vern parker showed up…

    • Former GOP PC says:

      You nailed it! Robert Graham is cut from the same cloth as his BFF John McCain.and Jeff the Flake. Trust any of this trio at your own risk. They are all for NUMERO UNO, and consider us the little facilitators for their self serving schemes When we don’t give them exactly what they want, they oust us from the party ranks. I was a victim of McCain’s purge of conservatives precinct committeemen after he was blisteringly censured at the state meeting. My wife and I are now registered Independents after dedicating years of our lives to the Arizona Republican Party. We were so easily expendable, that we never contacted to find out why we left.