AZ’s 3 university prez, coach, net huge pay raises, bonuses

In this March 7. 2015 statement from the Arizona Board of Regents, we read, “Universities were dealt a big blow in the fiscal year 2016 budget with $100 million in cuts. Cuts to university budgets represent 63 percent of all hard cuts made in the name of balancing the state budget.”  But ABOR president Eileen Klein also notes, “Our governor challenged our state to think big.”

That “challenge” was obviously taken literally with the massive salary, benefits and 6-figure performance bonuses “for meeting goals,” being doled out to the presidents of Arizona State University (Michael Crow), University of Arizona (Ann Weaver Hart)  and Northern Arizona University (Rita Cheng). Cheng, the most recent hire, didn’t fare as well as her peers  — this year.

Crow took a $10,000 hit for falling short of the “benchmark” of bachelor degrees conferred. 

As they were distributing the big bucks Thursday, the regents generously threw in a $200,000 pay increase for ASU’s head football coach. Todd Graham’s annual salary now skyrockets to $3 million a year — excluding bonuses.

We recommend you read the facts and figures — printed in the daily newspaper — on an empty stomach.

10 Responses to AZ’s 3 university prez, coach, net huge pay raises, bonuses

  1. Maggie says:

    These outrageous salaries and bonuses are an insult to Arizona taxpayers! Maybe Michael Crow can finally afford a less obvious toupee?

  2. Observer says:

    The Arizona Constitution (Article 11, Section 6) says a college education should be as “nearly free as possible.” That was written before anyone ever heard of Michael Crow and his astronomical salary and this out of control Board of Regents, so generous with other people’s money.

  3. MacBeth says:

    In the newspaper article, the two women are smiling. Crow who also pockets a $70,000 “housing allowance” for his grand Paradise Valley estate, sports a smug look with a cocked eyebrow as if to say, “Don’t like it? Stuff it!”

  4. LEO IN TSN says:

    This is insanity. These bandidos answer to no one except University charlatans. Where is the outrage and oversight from the McGovernor’s office? Aren’t these banididos appointed to this thievery? This is an unthinkable assault on law-abiding tax-paying citizens.

    The $6554 tuition figure being highlighted is per semester, not per year. Since my child is a normal, achieving student pursuing a real diploma, the tuition is the full rate to pay for all of the “other” enrollees also, the ones who don’t pay. Every time the state legislature tries to rein in this appropriated theft, this board of bandidos rubber-stamp another tuition increase on the normal, achieving tax-paying students who are pursuing a real diploma. They are making the Legislature irrelevant, and our bobble-head McGovernor just smiles and nods.

    Meanwhile, McDucey smiles & frolics in DC with McTraitor and McGraham, hitting the social events and pretending all is OK in AZ. Well, it ain’t thanks to his wilfull blindness.

    Come on, Legisators, get out the budget hatchet and do your stuff. And take these bandidos to jail. And get rid of the illegal aliens we are supporting. Let’s look out for real AZonans.

    God bless America.

  5. lowadobian says:

    Gosh, do ya think the “number of bachelor degrees conferred” as performance payola has ANYTHING to do with the astonishing number of nearly illiterate 20 somethings that brag about having “a college degree”? Because they ” deserve it” if you are of the Obamination variety? The very same State school where the barrier to entry is a C average that only about 50% of the grads can make? The 3 R’s are all we are supposed to be paying for – not football, not obscene salaries – let the students and parents pay for it all, just like in the past. It’s just the Gov’s newest “you deserve it” debt bubble. Just like the housing bubble & its infamous burst. That the rest of us pay for and will pay for, once again . We don’t owe them a dime. Time to outlaw it, I say. (College Degrees – the newest multi-million dollar Debt Scam Industry).

  6. Arizona Dad says:

    This ASU student costs calculator show the tuition and fees for ASU students continues to rocket skyward. These are the “estimated” costs for an in-state resident undergrad
    They even tack on loan fees and a surcharge! No wonder the number of bachelor degrees are falling.

    How is the average family supposed to be able afford to put two or three kids through college these days, even if the kids are working part time and trying to help out?

    • Capt. Marvel says:

      Interesting link. Thanks.

      I see that student aid is available to illegal aliens or as ASU so delicately identifies them, “Regardless of Immigration Status.”
      I am beyond disgusted.

      What insanity! Illegals get aid even while they displace American students, and ultimately American workers as they enter our labor force.

  7. Tucson GOP says:

    Off topic, but I had to comment on the One Worlder, Commie pope’s words in Philadelphia today. He told the crowd (in Spanish, of course), that “globalization is good’ and commends illegals who have invaded the USA as “immigrants” who came here in a display of “great personal courage.”

    I now have a greater understanding why my patriotic father-in-law left the church. I owe him an apology for mistakenly trying to convince him otherwise. I’ll call him tomorrow after I cool down.

  8. Jim Nasium says:

    Who says there’s no money in education??