Jeb! at 4%: Bushwhacked!

Buh, buh, buh…I’m heir apparent Jeb Bush

The latest Pew Research Center survey is not good news for the dynasty-based presidential aspirations of Jeb Bush. According to its latest poll released Friday, Jeb! has skidded to 4 percent in the 2016 Republican presidential campaign field. Donald Trump leads with 25 percent, while Dr. Ben Carson comes in second with 16 percent.

The polling group rightly concludes Republicans now prefer ‘New Ideas’ to ‘Experience.’

Slick speakers, Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio, increasingly seen by citizen voters as McCain allies and weak on the critical issue of illegal immigration, are in single-digit land, tied at third place with 8 percent.

2016_Pew_Poll_Bush _4_percent


8 Responses to Jeb! at 4%: Bushwhacked!

  1. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I keep hearing that Jeb did a great job as governor of Florida. Great – then that’s as far as he should go. Who would want yet another Bush as president, especially in these tumultuous times. Jeb was on with O’Reilly last night and could barely muster any fire in the belly – like Donald Trump – and all Jeb could do was quietly denigrate Trump.

    Jeb, to me, is more Hispanic than blue blood. It’s almost a sickness with him and his promoting how wonderful illegal aliens from Mexico are. I think he believes that is the key to the presidency. Enough of the Bush family. They’re elites who have been privileged throughout the generations of Bushes. They don’t have a clue as to how the middle class lives. I’ve had it with “compassionate conservatives”
    and by the looks of Jeb’s latest polling – 4% – others certainly have too.

  2. MacBeth says:

    I look forward to seeing this establishment toady pack away his tent and walk off into the sunset with Karl Rove. Busk keeps pointing to his accomplishments in Florida. As governor he pushed through Fed Ed Common Core “standards” that remove local control. Debt rose 45 percent during his two terms. He supports illegal immigration, calling it “an act of love.”
    He is simply another RINO poser who would lose the presidency for us exactly as McCain did. From his sagging poll numbers it doesn’t look like he’ll get the chance … to which I say BRAVO!

  3. Rambling Rose says:

    Jeb Bush definitely tries to hide from his support of Commie Core now, but in 2011 he co-authored this commentary for the Wall Street Journal, “The Case for Common Educational Standards.”
    He’s hoping we’ve forgotten. You have to sign in to read the entire article, but even without doing so, you’ll get the drift.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Take a look at this:


    Jeb Bush has dropped to 4 percent support among the GOP presidential field according to a newly released Pew Research Center poll. Asked about his response to his donors while campaigning in New Hampshire, Bush compared his path to 2008 Republican nominee Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)

    “I just remind them that this time eight years ago John McCain was traveling through the Atlanta airport and I saw him,” Bush said, as ABC News reports. “He had no aide, no person, he was by himself because his campaign was supposed to be ended. He won the Republican primary that year.”

    “This is how the process works,” he added. “”You gotta go earn it…The people I’m talking to and listening to are going to be the ones that decide who the nominee’s going to be and I believe I’m gonna be that person.”
    ——————————-from (10-03-15)

    (Jeb! was on Bill O’Reilly’s show earlier this week. He was devoid of emotion, almost like a robot, when talking about the campaign and the issues . The only time he smiled and got a little animated was when Bill asked about GHW Bush.)


  5. Doc says:

    …maybe he can be Mitt’s V.P….and they can both lose together!!!
    (facepalm here…)

  6. Braveheart says:

    Because he’s married to a Mexican born woman and has disclosed they speak Spanish exclusively in their home, Jeb thinks he’s Hispanic. That should help him with the Hispanic vote in the GOP Primary. Oh, wait…..aren’t they mostly Democrats?