AZ U.S. Rep. Schweikert speaks truth about McCain

Congressman David Schweikert (R-CD 6) is being excoriated by John McCain’s obedient reporter at the daily newspaper.

Dan Nowicki, who dutifully covers the senior senator as though his career depends on it, hammers Schweikert in the Sunday edition.  And what did the congressman do to warrant such treatment as a headline using the full names of all players: “David Schwiekert’s dismissal of John McCain boosts Ann Kirkpatrick”?

Republican Schweikert stands accused of speaking the truth as it relates to the unpopular and weakened McCain — who will be 80 by Primary Election day and is running for his sixth 6-year senate term.

You do the math.

Incompetent  Ann Kirkpatrick, a union-supported, pro-abortion liberal, mounting a challenge to McCain has used Schweikert’s assessment in a campaign ad as if the facts are news.

Even Nowicki grudgingly acknowledges forces are aligned to take out McCain.

The rise of presidential aspirant outsiders such as Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, while anointed establishment candidate Jeb Bush sinks to the low single digits, is sure to give McCain heartburn. Stir in the conservative glee over Obama-obliging House Speaker John Boehner’s imminent departure, along with the stunning 2014 Primary defeat of GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor by an unknown conservative, and it becomes clear Republicans want  new and conservative faces. Cantor vastly outspent Brat but was unable to shake the assertion that he too willing to compromise on illegal immigration — now a looming issue even in Virginia.

McCain is described as “the ultimate insider” by his own toady Nowicki. The esteemed Conservative Review scores McCain with a bright red “F.”

John McCain is indeed vulnerable. His own party’s elected officials overwhelmingly voted to censure him. He ruthlessly retaliated by colluding with Democrats as he attempted to purge the conservatives activists from elected precinct committeemen posts. McCain colluded with discredited IRS official Lois Lerner in a concerted effort to target conservative advocacy groups.

It will only be due to a glut of candidates that John McCain could hope to win. Of the challengers, there is only one —  physician and constitutional conservative former state senator — Kelli Ward, who is deserving of your vote. Read her impressive bio, check out her stance on the issues that matter to Arizonans, send her a donation, and get out the vote for a woman who will make Arizona proud.

McCain was first elected to the U.S. House in 1982. He’s now running for his sixth six-year senate term.

Haven’t you had enough of his deception?


12 Responses to AZ U.S. Rep. Schweikert speaks truth about McCain

  1. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Next year could be a really good year for AZ Republicans. Schweikert (93% Conservative Review) will easily win reelection so he’s in a good place to criticize McCain (41% Conservative Review).
    Paul Babeu announced he will run for Congress in District 1 as a Republican. And, we could finally be rid of McCain, who according to local TV this morning will be appearing on the Stephen Colbert show tonight. Such class behavior from the runt, McCain. Just like his “friend” Hillary on SNL.

    • Kent says:

      In today’s anything goes world, I’m not surprised that Babeu is now so accepted that he sees an open path to run for Congress. The revelations about his illegal alien boyfriend made him withdraw from the race last time around. I wonder if he will pose for selfies in his underwear this time…

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    You’re right about the glut of challengers aiding McCain. That was what lifted him over the top against a much superior challenger, former AZ Congressman JD Hayworth. Enough tea partiers were deceived by a insignificant guy named Jimmie Lee Deakin who many thought was actually a McCain plant. But the upshot was splitting the vote which aided McCain. Deakin’s name is mud and he is back in the obscurity he sprang from. But his home was mysteriously saved from foreclosure. Imagine that?

  3. Strom says:

    McCain is vulnerable by a sitting Congressman but not by a nobody. Either McCain will win or a Democrat will.

    • State Delegate says:

      What is your idea of “a nobody”? Dr. Kelli Ward hardly fits that description. She’s a seasoned state senator and has shown she has strong conservative credentials.

      As the SRAZ post points out, David Brat, an economics professor and political novice, who raised & spent comparatively little was able to topple well funded beltway insider Majority Leader Eric Canton in a stunning upset.

    • StetsonXXX says:

      If McCain wins. it’s exactly the same as democrat winning. What type of representation do you think we’ve been getting all along from this pretender?

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeau has announced that he is running for US Congress (AZ First Congressional District)

    How very interesting.

  5. LEO IN TSN says:

    Sheriff Ego Baboon of Sanctuary County of Pinal has been campaigning on the backs of his deputies for the last 1½ years. I’m sure we’ve all seen the many photos and heard the platitudes he’s been throwing to the media. Incredibly, Baboon is a successful creation of the Juan McTraitor camp, the national illegal-friendly media, the pro-AMNESTY National Sheriffs Association and the AZ McGOP He is just a cartoon character at best.

    Baboon’s history before coming to AZ is pretty murky, but involves some kind of activity as a staffer at a school for troubled boys. His law enforcement experience on the Chandler Police Department was as the Union president. He apparently spent a great deal of time and effort advocating for an officer who shot and killed a young mother at the drive-thru window of a local pharmacy, with her young toddler strapped in the back seat of her car. [Later, Baboon hired that officer as a jailer, and he quickly became the target of abuse complaints from prisoners]

    Baboon first ran for Sheriff posing as “Sheriff Joe, Junior” but as soon as the ballots were counted it became “Sheriff Joe Who??” Baboon has never uttered a word in support of Sheriff Joe for his enforcement successes, nor has he ever uttered a word in defense of Sheriff Joe against the constant and illegal attacks against him by the federal government and Aztlan radicals. Baboon has never met an illegal alien he wanted to arrest, but he has taken them home with him. It was reported by one such young fellow that Baboon was using his illegal status to extort his silence about their housekeeping arrangement. His solid pro-AMNESTY position in the McTraitor camp, after his hand-holding media campaign of 2010, is Baboon’s only claim to fame.

    Baboon has apparently never conducted an enforcement operation of his own that anyone has heard about, but gains stature by constantly appearing on TV to exhort the obamao federal gov’t to “do something” and by claiming enforcement stats from federal task forces his deputies work on.

    As a federal paycheck recipient, he would just be making more money for not getting involved. That would be a catastrophe for AZ and US. It will be very interesting to see how his handlers will describe “his” positions on the major issues of our day.

    Oh by the way, as we compare the true recorded histories and honest character of the field of CD1 candidates, we will quickly recognize that AZ Speaker of the House David Gowan is the only one who has long been getting it done for AZ. Let’s hope he does announce in this race.

    For AZ in the Senate, it has to be Dr. Kelli Ward.

    God bless America.