Does nutty column signal Linda Valdez’ swan song?

Coinciding with Gannett’s offer of an early retirement package to “veteran” employees is  one of the more bizarre columns ever written by editorial writer Linda Valdez — who has never been known for thoughtful prose. Gannett, the parent company of the struggling  Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) will finalize acceptances after a 45-day consideration period has closed — today, October 12, 2015.

Valdez has been in perpetual whirling dervish mode since the introduction of SB 1070, Arizona’s landmark case addressing illegal immigration. Although parts of the law have been gutted by the courts, last month U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton dismissed the last of seven challenges to the law, allowing police, during a “lawful stop, detention or arrest,” to investigate the immigration status of those suspected of being in the country illegally. In her opinion, Judge Bolton — a Bill Clinton appointee — wrote opponents have “not produced any evidence that state law enforcement officials will enforce SB 1070 differently for Latinos than a similarly situated person of another race or ethnicity.”  The statute’s provisions mirror federal law.

Valdez, who appears to be on the brink of either madness or retirement, refers to the law as a “zombie” that “needs to be killed for our children.” She says the judge’s ruling, “Keeps the monster alive.’

Linda Valdez’ well established hatred of Republicans is evident as she opines, “Election season is when Republican politicians appeal to people’s worst fears instead of their better nature. The nativists are already shaking their pitchforks in the general direction of the Mexican border.”

“Nativists,“ for the uninitiated, is an invented term crafted by leftist open border proponents, intended to denigrate Americans who resent having our country invaded by illegal foreign hordes.

Witnessing a breakdown is disturbing, but in this case there is unintended levity as Valdez cites an editorial she probably wrote for the newspaper that pays her salary, to verify her radical views. She says SB 1070 was “considered so odious when it passed in 2010 that it was decried in a rare front page editorial in the Arizona Republic, the state’s biggest newspaper.”  

Finally, she swings into insult mode as she refuses to take into consideration the word ‘illegal.” Within the restricted framework of her convoluted reasoning, Valdez claims the Senate Bill remains “a symbol of how easily Arizona was duped into denying its Mexican heritage. It’s testimony to how easily Arizona dismissed the concerns of long-time Latino residents who suddenly became second-class citizens in a state their ancestors helped build.” In her convoluted world there are no American citizens of Mexican heritage.

In what sounds like a swan song tinged with Halloween-like, apocalyptic overtures, Valdez states, “this soul-stealing zombie has to be brought down. Once and for all.”

Most of us believe a border wall needs to be erected. Once and for all. Zombies have nothing to do with it.


9 Responses to Does nutty column signal Linda Valdez’ swan song?

  1. Capt. Marvel says:

    To characterize Linda Valdez’s writings as nutty is not a stretch. She obviously has a hand in promoting the newspaper’s liberal vantage point. I know few people who still subscribe although I delivered the Arizona Republic as a boy and everyone in the neighborhood was on my route. Many of those same people also subscribed to the afternoon edition known as the Phoenix Gazette. Those days are long gone. The once vital industry is now on life support as people turn to free sources for their news. Why would anyone pay to be insulted by the goons running today’s AZ Repulsive?

  2. Vince says:

    Another fine post! You nailed it again. Good job, SRAZ!

  3. lowadobian says:

    Any chance of a Go Fund Me account supplement to put E.J. Montini out to pasture? A cow pasture fully ripe with his kind of material where he could truely be amongst his element and stay there.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    Perhaps if she retires, she will have time to welcome illegals into her home or maybe open a shelter or travel to foreign shores to commune with the refugees.

    However, there is another one who continues his descent into madness.
    The president, for the second time in the past few months, is publicly speaking about his certainty of winning a third term—if that blasted law wasn’t standing in his way.

    He went on and on about it while speechifying in front of African leaders while abroad a few months ago. Now, he has brought it up again, almost verbatim, during his recent interview on “60 Minutes”.

    ( has a column, today, about the “60 Minutes” interview.)

  5. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Valdez, Montini and Roberts all bear responsibility for the downfall of the local newspaper. They should all be tempted to take the retirement packages if their egos will permit losing their liberal platform. I’ve read that Valdez has already relocated to Tucson next to her beloved Mexican border and telecommutes her shop worn illegal porn.

  6. East Valley PC says:

    Being a liberal boils down to replacing facts with emotionalism. Every liberal I’ve ever known has done just that so arguments they attempt to make are foolish . Valdez and her cohorts are no different. The problem is that they have a forum, tho an increasing small one. They will be gone soon enough. I imagine they’re drawing straws seeing who will take the Gannett money and run first.

  7. Clementine says:

    The barely literate, liberal indoctrinated ASU Cronkite students who are taking a larger role attempting to write news reports are a joke. Their efforts often resemble dramatic short stories rather than news reports and it’s clear the experienced editors have long ago departed.

  8. Observer says:

    The newspaper has limited themes. Trying to take down Sheriff Joe Arpaio tops their must do list. It’s also keen on pushing amnesty which is why the thrust against Arpaio is so great. Anything associated with deviant homosexuality which they refer to as “gay”is prominently displayed. I scan the rag occasionally at the office but would never pay to read the liberal junk they peddle.

  9. Doc says:

    SRAZ; The following is ENTIRELY off topic but an important read:

    …Hell will freeze into a soild block of ice before I vote for jeb? !!