McCain never changes: always blames conservatives

Taking a short trip back in time, it’s abundantly clear that nothing changes when it comes to John McCain. He’s always eager to take conservatives to task.

Breitbart’s Tony Lee wrote that McCain blamed conservatives such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for the Obama administration’s mishandling of military death benefits. In the ultimate irony, longtime RINO McCain said conservative Cruz “simply did not represent the GOP.”

McCain has previously insulted conservatives, even calling them wacko birds, an epithet Cruz skillfully embraced in a senate speech.

The televised interview seen here, features Fox News host Martha MacCallum mentioning that Ted Cruz would be visiting Barack Obama at the White House — along with other Republican senators — to discuss the negligence associated with the distribution of military death benefits to grieving yet needy families.

MacCallum asked McCain, “How do you feel about him representing you there?”  In response, McCain smirked before saying, “First of all, Martha, please, he’s not representing us there.” 

In the interview, McCain bizarrely said conservatives were as much to blame for the problem regarding the death benefits as (former) Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, an Obama appointed RINO.

McCain condescendingly told the award-winning Fox News anchor, “We’re in a serious situation, my dear.”

We’ll give McCain this much. A “serious situation” does exist.  It’s one Arizonans know too well. We are not being represented. Fortunately, we have a rare opportunity to remedy that. Senate terms span six long years. The shameless, amnesty-supporting hypocrite and gaffe-prone John McCain will be 80 by Election Day 2016. Physician and State Senator Kelli Ward presents a strong and intelligent conservative alternative.

Currently, Ward leads McCain by nine percentage points, an impressive boost since the earlier May polling, which showed McCain ahead. People are catching on.

“There are few Republicans who have betrayed our conservative principles more than John McCain,” is how Senate Conservatives Fund describes John McCain on a page titled, Replace John McCain.

 It’s time to do it.


10 Responses to McCain never changes: always blames conservatives

  1. Geoffrey Parker says:

    Let’s not get too excited about Cruz. Despite three years in the Senate, he’s still considered an “outsider.” That might be considered a compliment until you know why. He talks well but does not lead effectively to get the right things done. If you can’t lead the Senate, how can he lead the country? As progressives have learned with Obama, it takes more than rhetoric!


    • PV PC says:

      I notice you’re always quick with a leftward slant. And what exactly did liberals learn from Obama? He was elected twice.

    • Doc says:

      1st, Mr. Parker…Arianna Huffington called looking for you. Are you the lawyer guy on T.V.?

      2nd, it’s not only the Military Death Benefits issue that’s hurting Vets & their/our families, ANY Healthcare benefits that are due Vets are simply PAINFUL to receive…STILL. For our senior ?senator? to go around touting his Military service, 39 years after the fact, as if he’s gonna’ fix th’ V.A. system…gimmie a break.

    • William Heuisler says:

      Mr. Parker,
      You seem intelligent, but poorly informed.
      Senator Cruz is the Senator who called out Senate leader, McConnell for lying to Republicans in the last election. Refreshingly bold candor sets Cruz apart from most (think McCain) who lack the stones to declare their real ideology. Cruz leads through action, just as McConnell and McCain betray us all by their lack of action.

      My reports (see McCain’s Connections, McCain’s Twisted Truth and McCain and Soros) use researched, annotated facts that are irrefutable and have been available to – and avoided by – the AZ news media you obviously depend on for your information.

      Read one report. Thoroughly-researched, multi-referenced facts might convince you McCain has not represented his voters the way Cruz is representing his voters.

      But McCain voters now have factual data, places and people, to expose the McCain who pretended to be a Republican while collaborating with George Soros, Russ Feingold, Carl Levin, Teddy Kennedy, Chuck Shumer and even Barack Obama.

  2. Maggie says:

    The censured McCain also falls flat around women. He is on record using the most coarse profanity addressing his wife in front of reporters. In the linked interview, he talks down to Fox News host MacCallum, arrogantly calling her “my dear.” Would this aged moron address any male newscaster in similar terms?

    The only woman he seems to get on with is Hillary Clinton, one of his same deceitful ilk. He has called her a “rock star” and said he could support her for president. Not much of a surprise there. He’s as liberal as she is.

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Senate Conservatives Fund needs to wise up. They have a page titled “Replace John McCain,” but have not endorsed Kelli Ward. Where’s the wisdom in that? With her Arizonans have an excellent, experienced candidate. Dr. Ward is an intelligent, two term, conservative state senator with a track record. She’s in this race against the RINO they say they want to replace, yet as they list some of his many transgressions, they sit on their hands. It’s very difficult to take Ken Cuccinelli seriously when all they ask is for people to sign a petition. That’s a worthless proposition unless they are harvesting emails for solicitations. Kelli Ward can win this senate seat, but needs some of those “conservative “ funds to counter the lobbyist donations McCain has on tap, along with his beer heiress wife’s mega millions. McCain outspent conservative Congressman JD Hayworth 10 to 1 last time around. Arizonan’s shouldn’t have to wait until McCain’s toes curl to get some relief. HELP US, Mr. Cuccinelli !

    • State Delegate says:

      Don’t hold your breath. Tough talk is cheaper than meaningful actions.

      Former Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli just went through this a couple of years ago, losing the governor’s race to a far left liberal. He should be better attuned to what we in Arizona are dealing with after 6 terms of the deceitful Señor Juan McAmnesty, who has always found his footing among liberals as he berates conservatives, urged the IRS to target conservative groups, and has even worked with San Francisco Democrats to oust us from elected precinct committee positions.

    • Ellsworth says:

      Had Hayworth won that senate race, we wouldn’t be fighting the liberal McGeezer once again. That race, unfortunately boiled down to McCain’s ability to outspend the much brighter and more able Hayworth. Also McCain for all of his bravado was terrified of losing to the former congressman and set his opposition researchers out to locate a perfectly legal video message that McCain used to paint Hayworth as an opportunist, which was never the case. Hayworth represented the former Sixth Congressional District very well. My wife and I were very satisfied constituents.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    McCain never hits the nail on the head because he has no core. If you really listen to him, he criticizes and blames – mostly Conservatives for what he deems went wrong. In Cruz, he sees a fellow Senator with leadership skills who doesn’t want to go along to get along the way the old bulls would like – so he, McConnell, Graham, Ayotte, et al try to undermine him because he dares to change things.

    Chuck Hagel is a Republican dullard. I could never figure out why Obama put him in that position. He was even too dumb to follow Obama’s agenda correctly when somebody was leading him by the nose.

    The Senate Conservatives Fund smells similar to the structure of the RNC. Give them money and they’ll decide to whom it goes. I’d rather send money to the candidate. I know new candidates need help from big PACS, etc., but money directly to the candidate and getting out the vote is also effective. Dave Brat in VA is an example. Going up against a beast like McCain with all his “connections” and his huge stack of money is difficult. But, this time McCain won’t have it quite so easy.