Trump’s presidential talk — nearly 30 years ago!

Watch Oprah Winfrey’s prophetic exchange with Donald Trump during the 1988 presidential election cycle:

Fast forward to the 2016. Though a third Bush is in the race, so is self-funding billionaire / entrepreneur Donald Trump.

Ben Carson, a methodical, retired neurosurgeon and political novice has far out-raised his Republican rivals in the most recent Federal Election Commission reporting — with $20.8 million. Carson’s numbers are especially impressive given the fact that he has more than doubled his $8 million haul in the last quarter, adding $12 million in the month of September alone. Most of Carson’s money has come in small donations.

Polls are interesting, but fundraising tells the story. Establishment candidate Jeb Bush, initially thought to be inevitable, is struggling. Ted Cruz is trouncing high spending Marco Rubio.

The third quarter covers the period of June 30 through Sept. 30


14 Responses to Trump’s presidential talk — nearly 30 years ago!

  1. Kent says:

    It appears Donald Trump has been thinking about the possibility of running for the presidency for quite some time. Good to know this decision was not just a momentary diversion.

  2. Longtime GOP PC says:

    As one who has looked long and hard at Trump and was impressed when I saw him in Phoenix this past summer, I find myself leaning more and more toward Ben Carson. His manner is thoughtful and reminds me of Reagan in that he inspires confidence in his ability to help us regain our country while we still have a chance. I also like the fact that he doesn’t have a finger to the wind to gauge the media response to his comments. He’s ahead being himself. How refreshing.

  3. Matt DeGennaro says:

    I’m not the least unhappy to see Jeb Bush’s slipping numbers and stagnant fundraising. Among other issues, his oil shipping business has odd connections to extreme leftist billionaire George Soros.

    Ditto his fellow amnesty supporter Marco Rubio, who is tied at the hip to John McCain (also a Soros chum) and was content to join him, Jeff Flake and a group of Dems on the Gang of Eight whose sole mission was giving legitimacy to illegal invaders. Rubio and Bush are both fixated on amnesty, though Rubio is trying to back away from that fact as a presidential candidate. Jeb called the illegal invasion (it’s NOT “immigration,” which is lawful) “an act of love.” As an American whose grandparents followed the law, immigrated legally, integrated into our society and were proud to claim our American heritage, I find that beyond offensive.

  4. Hometown Guy says:

    Amnesty candidates are not worthy of running the USA. They ought to be running for el Presidente of Mexico. Bush, who boasts he and his Mexican wife speak Spanish in their home, fools no one. He spends more time on Spanish language TV than on the U.S. networks. Guess whose vote he’s courting? Clue…it isn’t ours!!

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Donald Trump Accidentally Raised Almost As Much As Rubio

    These are regular people, a real grassroots campaign.

    • LD 23 PC says:

      How nice to know there are still those among us who are dedicated to a cause without being solicited by a campaign machine. The fact that Trump is able to self fund doesn’t matter to his supporters, which speaks well of him and his message.

  6. LEO IN TSN says:

    It’s incredible that so many potential voters are obsessed with the “Dancing with the Stars” mentality. A new American Idol appears onstage, and fans start swooning with the tinsel packaging and background music. It doesn’t matter who or what the candidate has been for years, all is forgotten as soon as the band starts blasting and the brand new song starts to play.

    Perhaps for Presidential candidacy, it might be better to actually “vet” the candidates, meaning to examine their long-standing loyalty to our own positions, beliefs and Republican platform. It is pretty trivial if a flashy new star who suddenly “evolved” to conservatism in October 2014 wants all the camera time.And that is exactly the description of all of the media-darling candidates who have now suddenly announced they will start to support US.

    Perhaps it would be better to look to the actual history & performance record of the candidates, and ask “why all the big-time flip-flopping?” Perhaps it would be better to actually “vet” and evaluate the candidates and their true characters and records.

    There is only one candidate who has never wavered from his loyalty to America and Americans, and his declared fidelity to the “R” platform. There is only one candidate who has actually been working to support & protect US with unbridled passion & fervor. There is only one candidate who has a life-long, non-evolving history of such work. There is only one candidate who has been attacked and condemned by all liberals for his constant work on our behalf, and his brash clarity in trying to save this great country. There is only one candidate who is opposed and attacked by all the right enemies. Even though he is intentionally shut out of all media coverage, he continues to rally broad support and grassroots donations from hard working conservative American little people, because he is the real thing – the only one “on stage.”

    Maybe it’s time to stop playing “Fantasy Campaign or President FanDuel” and start supporting a real American conservative. The only one on this stage is Senator Ted Cruz.

    God bless America.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Ignorant liberal psychologists say Trump supporters are ignorant

    Your comments are well taken and nicely written. You are a true Conservative. I’m not sure how many, if any, people here are Trump supporters to the exclusion of all other candidates. I think he has captured the attention of many because of his ability to know what voters are about. He’s gutsy and the opposite of the pathetic Republican leadership we put in office. He’s not a politician. He’s got wide appeal. All of that said, he might flame out. It’s early.

    The above link is interesting.

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    Thank you Sir, you make an excellent point. “[Trump] has captured the attention of many because of his ability to know what voters are about” and his finely-honed skill at telling the frustrated what they want to hear regardless of who he is or has ever been or done. He has been working that magic on politicians, bureaucrats and investors for many years and is a great showman, able to say exactly the right things without committing to anything, a magic show of smoke and mirrors. You’re right, America doesn’t need a boardroom softshoe or a TV pantomime, nor a newly-created “evolved” candidate. We need a true, lifelong war-scarred American patriot, and there is one out there.