Obama: Criminal justice system “remains unfair”

Slick talk on crime skips over facts

In his weekly address to the nation over the weekend, Barack Obama said that much of the American criminal justice system is unfair and that what he referred to as “underfunded schools” in the United States are a conduit to overcrowded prisons.

According to the selfless community organizer now sitting in the Oval Office,  criminal acts have nothing to do with incarceration rates. He tells us “The Department of Justice has gotten ‘Smart on Crime,’ refocusing efforts on the worst offenders, and pursuing mandatory minimum sentences less frequently.” 

“But over the last few decades, we’ve also locked up more non-violent offenders than ever before, for longer than ever before.  That’s the real reason our prison population is so high,” he claims.

The rioting mobs in Ferguson, Missouri, as a single example, who loot and destroy businesses, throw bricks at police, smash police cars and set their own town on fire to express their displeasure, apparently fall into the “non-violent offenders” category. They thought they could get away with their savagery and they did.

Missing from Obama’s video address are the astronomical numbers of fatherless homes and young uneducated mothers who breed not only large families but generational poverty and reliance on public benefits.

Former Florida Congressman Allen West, a black conservative Republican, tells the truth about the cities that foment crime — among them, Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, New York City and Washington, DC — are all run by Democrats.

Quoting from this John Nolte piece posted on Breitbart, Allen West says Nolte was spot on. “This is not about an American failure, it is about a Democrat failure. As far as the good people of Baltimore trapped by the terrible voting of your fellow citizens, I suggest you buy more guns until you can move to a city not run by those who see rioting as part of the Master Plan.


6 Responses to Obama: Criminal justice system “remains unfair”

  1. MacBeth says:

    Tough truth from Nolte and West. More BS from Obama!

    • Kent says:

      The government’s lack of enforcement of employer sanctions shuts many blacks out of jobs. Their jobless has soared under Obama as illegal aliens take jobs from Americans. The left doesn’t like to hear that truth, but it’s factual nonetheless.

  2. LEO IN TSN says:

    The only people who are not victims in obamaoland are Christian US citizen tax-payers who are “the enemy.”

    Allen West for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives AND for Senate Majority Leader.

    God bless America.

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Obama – continuing his dividing of America for the seventh straight year. He said he would heal all wounds and bring us together. (Of course many of us didn’t believe it.) He’s an excellent community organizer – organizing minorities against the majority of this country. This is dangerous and he knows it. He has a burning hatred of America.

    Laura Ingraham had a guest on her show this morning, a woman now living in L.A., but came from Iran. She said that Obama is a Muslim and gave specifics as to why she knows this. I’m convinced.

  4. East Valley PC says:

    Remember when a collation of local black leaders and pastors gathered in the valley to issue a statement against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and in support of illegals? They obviously weren’t factoring in the truth that illegals are taking the jobs previously held by less educated black young men, who have traditionally worked in service industries, such as restaurants and hotels. Today there are no black or white Americans doing yard work. I know since I go out of my way to hire AMERICANS — of any color. When our pool needed resurfacing, although I had specifically inquired into whether they hired American workers (and was told YES!) the pool was filled with young men not one of whom spoke a word of English and the blonde supervisor was nowhere in sight When I called the company I contracted with to complain, I was told it was the subcontractor, not the company I hired who was at fault. Although they were in my yard, I called the AZ Registrar of Contractors. No one answered, so I left a message. I never received a return call. Bill Mundell, who headed the agency, didn’t care. So much for enforcing regulations.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Obama, who continues on his Blame America First, Last and Always tour, is also due to meet with the Muslim “clock boy” in D.C. today. Clock boy has been on a whirlwind tour of his own, first speaking at the United Nations and then meeting up with some of the world’s most notorious despots.

    Clock boy is quoted as saying that he wants to tell Obama that is has been very difficult growing up Muslim in America.

    Which begs the questions: Where can we send you and your CAIR family members, permanently? And how fast can we get you there?