But, but….it’s for the children

Never ending tax increases

A recent editorial in the local newspaper clearly defines the definition of going ballistic. At issue is the Maricopa County Republican Party’s opposition to the nearly thirty school districts across the Valley asking for voters to approve school bonds and overrides.

This is the October 16, 2015 press release that caused the commotion:

Republican Party of Maricopa County Calls For Sweeping Reforms To Override Election Laws

The Maricopa County GOP is calling for sweeping reforms to school district override election laws, in order to ensure that the voting public is no longer misled regarding how the money will be spent should the tax increase be approved.

The overwhelming majority of voters in Arizona are unaware that school districts are only legally obligated to spend override monies on the priorities outlined in the official voter pamphlets and promoted by pro-tax political action committees in the first year. After year one, school districts are free to waste the override dollars on whatever non-essential, non-classroom purposes they choose.

“Legislation to correct the widespread voter confusion as to how override dollars can be spent and the manner in which those expenditures are communicated to the public prior to the election is long overdue,” said Republican Party of Maricopa County Spokesman Jake Hoffman. “As a former elected school board member, I have sat in public meetings where in response to that these very district leaders intend to squander the money on non-classroom expenditures.

County GOP leadership is right. Regardless of the habitual, plaintive pleas from schools and cities for ever more funding, citizens are not golden egg laying geese. Arizona school children and the education they receive are too important to be left to these bait-and-switch tax schemes pushed by public school district administrators under the guise of teacher pay and smaller classes.

In a suspiciously timed August election — when low city voter turnout is guaranteed to be even lower — residents of Phoenix were asked to double the city transit tax over 35 years and spend $31.5 billion on an unaccountable light rail expansion — which is actually used by less than one percent of city residents. Thanks to solid union voting blocs — police, fire fighters, unionized teachers and city employees — this unconscionable monstrosity passed as special interest groups disproportionately skewed the vote to the left.

Now we are being told that a disaster of apocalyptic proportions will be visited upon our children if we don’t loosen up even more cash via higher property taxes. It’s a never-ending saga.  As cash-strapped families are forced to get by on less, school districts think they are exempt from such belt-tightening.

Schools are teaching climate change instead of American history and recycling rather than the U.S. Constitution. Cursive is gone, ensuring the end of handwriting. College students can’t find Japan on a map, and if your math challenged child lands a job at McDonald’s he can push the pictures on the computerized screen in front of him to process the order and dump the correct change in the customer’s hand. Public school grads are unable to count back change. 

We did find some humor in the newspaper’s editorial tantrum. They are still miffed that GOP County Chairman Tyler Bowyer hosted Donald Trump’s Phoenix appearance. They call Trump a “gadfly mogul” whose comments are offensive to the voters the Republican party needs to win elections  — as if the newspaper liberals care whether we win elections. The censure of John McCain in numerous counties and by elected statewide Republican delegates also doesn’t sit well with the editorial board. The editorial says it was because “McCain had the good sense to pursue immigration reform,” code jargon for amnesty. 

The Arizona Republics ranting fools fool no one.


9 Responses to But, but….it’s for the children

  1. state committeeman says:

    Right on!

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    I read this ridiculous editorial in Sunday’s newspaper when we went out for breakfast. Our favorite spot has several newspapers floating around and available to diners.

    My initial response was this is more Linda Valdez garbage. I could be wrong, but there is a specific stench I detect that I call my “Valdez alert.” SRAZ is right in calling out the bogus advice the editorial gives to Republicans, telling us in order to win we need to emulate Democrats and not rile the illegals and their supporters? Pure BS!!

  3. Virginia says:

    Parents are sold a bill of goods that their darlings will not be educated without these massive infusions of cash. Anyone paying attention knows they haven’t been properly educated for a very long time. They have no concept of basics, can’t read with comprehension, do simple math or have any knowledge of the historic advances of Western Civilization. Our students are taught moral relativism and American transgressions rather than American exceptionalism. Elevating women and minorities in a nod to political correctness has shortchanged teaching about our Nation’s Founders, since they were all weird white men in wigs and britches. Islam is often given a place of prominence while our Judeo-Christian heritage is not worthy of note. Pick up a middle school textbook and you’ll see for yourself. The liberal unions (NEA, AEA and AFT) control the education establishment, the member teachers and the agenda. I’m a retired teacher, and I know this to be the case from firsthand experience.

    • LEO IN TSN says:

      Thank you, Miss Virginia, for your truthful insights and clarity on this American tragedy. You have painted the portrait of the hijacking of education and the minds of our youths through marxism and revisionist history. This is the true dark side of education that has been ignored by politicians and parents alike, and now our children and grandchildren are paying the price of mental, moral and economic subjugation.

      With your permission, I will quote your remarks on into the future as we try to save the future. Thank you for your time in the trenches; I have a feeling you were as patriotically resistive as was possible, with very little support.

      And thanks to SRAZ for keeping up the battle. Pass the ammunition.

      God bless America and save our kids.

  4. Patriot Dad says:

    This is where public school teacher’s union dues go:

    These are the people who spend more time with American children each day than most parents do, and use that time to indoctrinate rather than educate..

  5. jakesez says:

    I have teachers and school staff within my family and close friends. They all complain that the school administrations have been adding staff over teachers. Many of the new staff members have jobs supervising other member of the staff doing jobs that can not be defined. New offices are being built to house these new staff members while the teachers class rooms go with out basic supplies and air conditioning. The administration is like a government, it grows because it can.

    • MacBeth says:

      I’ve heard the same complaints from my next door neighbors who both teach.

      Also have you noticed the schools that are torn down to build new ones on the same spot? The amount the schools get each year is based on previous spending, so this nefarious activity guarantees a bigger windfall for the next fiscal year.

      If i still had school age children they would be in a charter school or home schooled. Government (once known as “public”)schools are brainwashing our kids into left wing, robotic ideologues. The liberal extremists teaching at the university level finish the job.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Sorry to disagree with you, SRAZ, but the AZ rag Does fool people who are unwilling or too lazy to do their own research or who are Just Too Far Gone politically.

    There are a lot of snowbirds (from places like the States of Washington, Oregon and Colorado ) who subscribe, seasonally, to the paper and believe every single word written by writers who merely transcribe what they are told. I would include the Canadians in that group, except for the fact that they are smart to the degree that they do not subscribe to the paper, but latch on to neighbors who agree to “re-cycle” the paper to them.

  7. Braveheart says:

    The Wall Street Journal also exposed the teacher’s unions and their extreme political bent in this article: They use millions for “political lobbying” which all has a radical agenda. Even the most outrageous is not out of bounds for these dedicated liberals. Al Sharpton’s so-called civil-rights group, the National Action Network, received $250,000 from the teacher’s unions!!!