New presidential shock poll

Political Outsiders Carson and Trump carry Iowa

In this just released Quinnipiac University Poll, Dr. Ben Carson is leading businessman Donald Trump among Iowa GOP Caucus participants 27 to 21 percent. Jeb Bush, once regarded as inevitable by the GOP establishment — has not caught on with conservatives, who distrust him, and is tied in sixth place with a mere 5 percent.

For 28 percent of Republican heartland Caucus-goers, a candidate who shares their values is most important, while 23 percent most want a candidate who is honest and trustworthy. Carson shares their values, 84 percent of Republicans say, and 89 percent say he is honest and trustworthy, topping the GOP field for both qualities. 

Trump’s numbers are also strong and tops Carson 41 – 12 percent on the economy; 32 – 13 percent on taxes; and 37 – 9 percent on illegal immigration.

Check out the numbers here.


6 Responses to New presidential shock poll

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Carson and Trump are surging for the simple reason they don’t carry the political taint the others reek of. Our country needs leadership not rhetoric. And for the majority of Americans, the border invasion is the paramount issue to be addressed.

    Despite all the money he’s raised from political insiders, Bush will never connect with GOP voters other than Karl Rove. As this poll shows, Jeb! has zero chance of pulling ahead in the key state of Iowa, where it‘s a good bet they don‘t believe in dynasties or blood bloods who think they‘re Hispanic as Jeb Bush does.

  2. Patriot Dad says:

    After two terms of emperor Obama bypassing Congress, issuing executive orders and allowing swarms of illegals and massive numbers of unverified Middle Eastern Muslims claiming refugee status to enter the United States, we better get it right this time. Otherwise our kids and theirs will live in a Third World, balkanized country with no cohesive language and uneducated individuals who disrespect our history. Most critical is Obama opening the floodgates to those who intend to bring chaos to the USA. I hope it’s not too late to turn this around, but time is running out.

  3. Vince says:

    The Republican field needs to thin itself out. Gilmore, Graham, Jindal, Pataki, Paul, and Santorum aren’t registering a blip on the nation’s political radar. Fiorina enjoyed a brief uptick since she is an able orator. But both Fiorina and Rubio have longstanding ties to McCain, which makes them unacceptable. Rubio was part of McCain’s Gang of Eight who aligned with Democrats to push amnesty down our throats.

  4. LEO IN TSN says:

    Here is a little more “cold water” analysis of the Dancing with The Stars faux candidates:
    Alan Keyes, October 22, 2015 on World Net Daily [excerpt]

    “However, if we go on casting ritual votes for deceitfully fabricated candidates who do not represent us, based on specious party labels and equally specious demagogic blather, we should not pretend to be surprised when this results in the entrenchment of abusive policies that do not represent us. I’m not just talking about people who ignored the facts of his life and political career in order to pretend that Obama was just another mildly left-wing liberal. I’m talking about people who have been, and are being taken in by Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina or any of the other politicians who have “made their bones” in the GOP political mafia.
    I confidently predict that among the people being seduced by these GOP “wise guys,” those who truly mean to conserve the principles, provisions and aims of America’s constitutional republic will soon endure days of outrage and demoralizing disappointment. Because they, too, are choosing to ignore the facts. They, too, are choosing to disregard the “wardrobe malfunctions” (as it were) that even now expose the chintzy fabric of the “conservative,” “anti-establishment,” “outsider” costumes these faux saviors wear. These purblind American patriots will have to live with the fact that they have wasted their hope and resources on people who are, all of them, actors in an elitist faction farce. That fare leaves true conservatives without representation in the nation’s politics – but not without complicity in the death of its constitutional liberty.”

    God bless America.