Black Lives Matter myth: Radicals condone violence

Black Lives Matter anarchists have no problem crashing meetings and brazenly disrupting dialogues to get their skewed message out. They took over the leftist Netroots Nation gathering in Phoenix in July, and demanded that Democrat presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley each acknowledge that only “Black Lives,” not “All Lives” matter. O’Malley was booed for making such a grand faux pas and apologized. 

Such weak acquiesce from the left only emboldens these subversive provocateurs. Within 48 hours of NYC police officer Randolph Holder, 33, being shot and killed Thursday by a bullet to his forehead, they were marching through the streets, chanting, “It is right to rebel, NYPD go to hell!” Both the officer and the murderer are black. This obscenity follows an earlier mantra, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” inciting violence against officers. Yet the hypocrites who have declared open warfare on police have no trouble accepting police protection for their demonstrations.

Last week in California, the group’s obstructive thugs grabbed the microphone from Los Angeles’ Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti, forcing him out of a Town Hall meeting with constituents. Outside, he was surrounded by a screaming mob, some of whom climbed on the Mayor’s car and stomped on the hood. No one was arrested.

The increasingly rabid activists most often target easily coerced white Democrats, who quickly fall in line.

The group’s issues are what they refer to as police brutality resulting in deaths of young black males and the need to lower incarceration rates. What is left unsaid is that the high death rates are most often gang related and the result of black-on-black gun violence.  Incarceration occurs, not in a vacuum, but when there is a conviction for criminal activity.

Now these radicals have the ear of Barack Obama, who struggles without his trusty teleprompter to justify their indefensible actions, (video) calling it a “legitimate issue we have to address and take seriously,” gratuitously throwing in the “tough job the police have.”

As Daniel Greenfield concludes in his well documented FrontPage mag report, “For black lives to really matter, black violence has to matter.”

Today we ask, where are the protests regarding this tragedy? Or this one that occurred in Tempe just days ago? Young black lives were put in grave danger or lost forever by parents who should provide the safest haven for their defenseless children. Black Lives Matter forgot about them.


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  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    “Black Lives Matter” is a political farce. By confronting those outside the high crime areas, these thugs don’t have to take any responsibility for the degradation of their neighborhoods, which are most often in towns and cities under democrat control. Black crime rates are high due to lack of education, cohesive family units, lower employment and higher levels of addiction. Looting and arson have become a condoned methods of dealing with problems affecting their neighborhoods, and there are rarely any consequences for the chaos. I recall these tactics being used in the 1960’s Watts riots in California. They’ve continued to gained steam even to the point that New Orleans was subjected to this barbarism during Hurricane Katrina, which was a natural weather phenomena. Looters were stealing large screen TVs tho they had no place to plug them in and liquor stores were ransacked.

    Here are the facts:

    • Ajo Joe says:

      Facts are stubborn things.The Black Lives Matter thugs have clearly shown themselves as anti-police revolutionaries who prefer chaos to order. We are witnessing a downward spiral in America that must be overturned soon or it will be too late. For a real measure of this attitude pay attention to the people using crosswalks. Most are whites. Blacks and Hispanics will cross mid-street or a couple of dozen feet outside the marked lines. I have noticed this as an increasing trend and take it as a matter of not following the rules that are meant to keep us all safe because they are too restrictive and probably put into effect by whites.

      • Kent says:

        I agree with your “crosswalk” observation, since it is one I have commented on to friends and family over the past few years.

        I witnessed a Mexican mother with a brood of several young children in tow, crossing a major and heavily trafficked street tn this fashion. A police cruiser was along side me and witnessed exactly what I did. Further up the road I tapped my horn, motioned to the side of the road and we both pulled over. I asked the officer why he didn’t (at the very least) stop the mother and explain the dangers of her actions to her. His answer shocked and disgusted me. He told me it was “a cultural thing” and their training was to allow this flagrant and dangerous activity to go on without interception.

        I asked him if the only interception that mattered was dead babies and toddlers strewn across the street and he shrugged. I don’t blame the officer. I do blame the police chief, the mayor and the fools on the Phx. City Council, who think they are being so culturally sensitive.

  2. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    Thanks for all your excellent commentary!

  3. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I’ll bet there were no police helicopters in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc., but there were in Scottsdale the other night..

    Breitbart Meetup Ends with Police Chopper Overhead

    This is happening before our eyes right here in Phoenix.

    New Obama Terror Czar Will Target Conservatives, Christians

  4. Vince says:


    • Villanova says:

      The disdain for using crosswalks, or staying with within lawful guidelines, fits the “broken windows theory” of criminology to a tee. When the lower levels of order are intentionally disregarded that anti-social behavior sets the stage for urban disorder and larger criminal acts soon follow. Black Lives Matter stands as an example of civil breakdown. As if we need further evidence, that this behavior is condoned by a U.S. President tells us all we need to know about the current America hating occupant of the White House.