McCain’s $$ can’t boost unpopular amnesty stance

McCain’s pre-election tough talk always reverts to amnesty after election

Dan Nowicki, John McCain’s operative who collects his paycheck from the daily newspaper, has written another tender missive to the very senior senator — who will be 80 by Election Day. Running for a sixth 6-year term, the deeply entrenched McCain has long been backed by lobbyist and PAC* money, the extent of which the average voter can’t begin to comprehend. And like his close friend Hillary Clinton, McCain has found a lucrative Eden in having a Foundation or Institute for image enhancement.

Nowicki’s article in the Sunday edition extols McCain for “outpacing rivals in 2016 Senate race fundraising.”

The one-note reporter gives a fleeting mention of the fact that McCain has intra-party challengers.  Dr. Kelli Ward, a two-term state senator with conservative credentials is best positioned to take on RINO McCain. Engaging in wishful thinking, Nowicki leaps instead to the General Election and spends inordinate time discussing liberal Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, an off-again, on-again CD 1 Representative, who was sent packing by voters after her second-rate first term only to resurrect following a two-year hiatus and altered district boundaries.

In elevating the censured and retaliatory McCain to undeserved heights, Dan Nowicki has developed a case of amnesia when it comes to the establishment elite, who have long ago ceased caring about constituents. A luminous example for Nowicki to contemplate is former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Virginia Congressman, whose arrogance led him to take his position for granted and presume he was infallible despite his unpopular amnesty stance, which even the left-wing Washington Post acknowledged hurt him.

In 2014 Cantor lost the Republican Primary to conservative economics professor and political newcomer, David Brat, in a stunning upset. Embarrassed in defeat, he resigned his leadership post, following that with his early resignation from Congress. Though Cantor spent $5.4 million compared to Brat’s $122,000, Cantor still lost by a whopping 11 points. Cantor’s amnesty position contributed to his downfall.

After giving a brief concession speech and being whisked out of the hotel, open borders advocates stormed the ballroom to push for so-called “comprehensive reform.” They were too late. Their big-spending advocate was gone, replaced by a winner the media mocked as a “tea party candidate.”  Sound familiar?

Arizona conservatives can brew a cup of Earl Grey, take heart from that David (Brat) triumph over Goliath (Cantor) and gird their loins in preparation. We can do it.

*courtesy Center for Responsive Politics


12 Responses to McCain’s $$ can’t boost unpopular amnesty stance

  1. LD 23 PC says:

    The Beatles got it right with the Hard Day’s Night lyrics, “Money can’t buy you love.”

  2. William Heuisler says:

    McCain-Kennedy and the Illegal Immigration Gang
    John McCain admired Ted Kennedy; Kennedy admired McCain’s corruption. Ethics of Charlie Keating met ethics of Chappaquiddick, and John McCain helped Ted Kennedy, Carl Levin, Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer give Amnesty to illegals, open our borders and radically change American culture.
    In 1965 Kennedy pushed Hart Seller, a bad Immigration law, and spent 40 years adding to his mistake. After 2001 John McCain co-sponsored 3 “Dream Acts” (conditional Amnesties for resident Illegals).
    In 2005 McCain-Kennedy opened borders, expanded immigration and all visas and offered Amnesty (where many illegal immigrants in the US could stay here permanently by paying a non-specific fine.) In 2008 John McCain craved more power (but polls said most Americans wanted US borders closed). So McCain ran for President against his own McCain-Kennedy and Dream Acts, saying, “American people want the border secured first” His cynical Presidential platform even said, “We oppose Amnesty.” McCain lost and changed his “beliefs”…again – leading the Gang of Eight for Immigration Amnesty.
    In 2013 McCain’s Gang of eight followed Teddy Kennedy by offering Amnesty to 18 million illegals, inciting more illegal immigration and adding 15 million more green cards (permanent visas).
    McCain’s Immigration/Amnesty Bills became law while 9/11 was still fresh in American history.
    Kennedy, McCain and many Liberals live in cocoons of wealth and never see Illegals, except in the news when 9-11 or Boston explosions violate some immigrant’s “visa status”. But Americans lose millions of jobs and too often are killed by illegal immigrants like Mohammed Atta and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
    Why does John McCain want to diminish the US? The US was founded with a unique Constitution codifying liberty and freedom based on our Judeo-Christian, Capitalist culture.
    McCain knows there are failed countries producing millions of immigrants with vastly different cultures.
    If we cannot protect our borders, culture or laws the US will be destroyed.

    I’m an ex-cop, Investigator, author of 3 books on betrayal, murder and politics (on Amazon). Check my facts on McCain. Send this report to at least 20 primary voters. Bill Heuisler – 520-403-2939

  3. American Patriot says:

    Superb assessment, SRAZ! Most of us are fed up with the deceitful McCain as well as his well trained apprentice and Communist Castro loving Jeff Flake. Lying about amnesty doesn’t cut it anymore. We are losing our country to invaders from the south and unknown Muslims that Obama is also allowing to flood the USA, calling them “refugees.” Interesting that most of these so-called refugees are single young men without families coming from countries that are sworn to our destruction. Europe, quickly losing it’s culture, is overwhelmed with them and we are taking thousands.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    McCain calls the base of the Republican party names while he manipulates behind-the scenes- removal of Conservatives and Tea Party people from any bit of power they may have. He’s a vindictive, mentally ill person who has done nothing but bring controversy to the state of Arizona.

    •Collaborated with Hillary Clinton to overthrow U.S. ally in Libya, installing Islamic radicals in its place.
    •Encouraged illegal Nazi coup in Ukraine to benefit defense lobbyists friends
    •Created and funded ISIS to benefit defense lobbyists friends
    •Sent ISIS arms and munitions, including 2,300 U.S. Humvees

    He calls the base “crazies”…..the crazies are the ones who keep reelecting him.

    • Army Of One says:

      How right you are about the “crazies.” McCain needs to be shown the door by those of us who will actively work to defeat him. Newcomers with no history of his numerous betrayals vote for him as do the retirees who believe his constructed hero status.Those who served with him in Vietnam tell a very different story from the one he promotes. There were several videos featuring them during his run for President. He also did all he could to put roadblocks in the paths of relatives wanting information on our Vietnam MIAs Why would that be?

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Kelly Ayotte ran as a Tea Party person and when she got to Washington, she made a hard left. She was snapped up immediately by McCain to “mentor” and she has been part of his seedy cabal in D.C. ever since. I think it’s because the Conservatives in NH are tired of her games is why she’s vulnerable. This is unconscionable.

    Vulnerable GOP senator backs Obama’s climate rule | TheHill

  6. Ellsworth says:

    The conservative hating McCain also worked with IRS’ Fifth Amendment taker, Lois Lerner and liberal Sen. Carl Levin to have the IRS target members of conservative groups. PJ Media has a good account.

    There was no penalty for Lois Lerner’s deceit. She got off unblemished. With Obama in the White House crooks and liars are in charge. These tyrannical liberals are John McCain’s buddies.

  7. East Valley Conservative says:

    Club for Growth acted foolishly and stayed out of the Virginia race just as they are in Arizona.

    David Brat won a true grassroots campaign without the so-called conservative groups, which show themselves to be too skittish to be effective.

    Senate Conservatives Fund is a major disappointment in this crucial Arizona race. What purpose do they serve when they are aiding and abetting the most liberal McRINO rather than giving support to the extremely impressive Dr. Kelli Ward?

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    ATTENTION: follow the SRAZ “we can do it” link in this article and take a look at the real answer. While you’re there, use that little yellow tab in the corner that says “DONATE.”

    That means DONATE to Kelli Ward so she can reach the low-info voters about whom we all complain all the time.

    Complain about McTraitor and McSnake as much as you want, it’s a nice release, but the only way “we can do it” is if we $$UPPORT Dr. Ward. Change won’t just happen by magic, we have to make the fight.

    If you prefer sending a check, do so – or do both. Let’s get the pot boiling.
    Ward for Senate
    1990 McCulloch Blvd, D-228
    Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

    And keep a good eye on the AZ5 on the new surrenders to RINO Paul Ryan and the new & improved two-year budget sellout. Make sure they are all on board to slap down the obamao-mcboehner-ryan team again. We can’t let this continue.

    God bless America.

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