Wasn’t Bill Mundell treated well enough by GOP?

The word on the street is that Bill Mundell is telling folks he’s being encouraged by (unnamed) supporters to throw his hat in the 2016 ring for a spot on the Arizona Corporation Commission. It’s a post he previously held, after being appointed to the position by Republican Gov. Jane Hull in 1999 to fill a vacancy.

Mundell was also appointed as Registrar of Contractors by former Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican.

Nothing strange there. Mundell, a Republican lawyer who was elected to the state legislature and served from 1987 to 1992 would be a likely go-to guy for these cushy state slots.

For six years back in the 1980’s he was a Chandler city court judge, another job to which he was appointed.

The oddity is that Bill Mundell is now a newly minted Democrat. All we can figure is that he’s got a hankering to vote for Hillary.

7 Responses to Wasn’t Bill Mundell treated well enough by GOP?

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Those decades long appointed jobs have obviously given Bill Mundell an entitlement mentality. That’s probably the reason for his party switch. Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are advocating for so much “free stuff” it takes away incentives that are fundamental to Republican principles.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    In this day of CONTROL by the Democrat president who is filled with hatred of what this country stands for, who is in love with death, who is dripping with resentments, who is lusting for perpetual revenge for an unending list of imaginary slights, who has a massive chip on his shoulder and is obsessed with retribution – gee – why not change parties?!

    And to be a Democrat in Maricopa country is to be in the minority.

    As bad as the GOP in Washington is, it wouldn’t make me join the Democrat party. It would be interesting to find out the reason for the switch.

    • Teller Of Truth says:

      Mundell’s wife is Barbara Rodriquez Mundell, a now retired Superior Court Judge, also an appointed job. She was credited with putting Spanish language DUI courts in place, and for this she received a special achievement award for being innovative. Seriously!!

      Hispanic participants access the program after they have been convicted and sentenced for FELONY DUI. In addition to standard conditions of probation, their assignment to this special DUI court includes “enhancements,“ including a 60-day deferred jail term. Put another way, that means regular run of the mill, English speaking drunks who also put innocent lives in jeopardy are treated harsher than the illegals.

  3. Longtime GOP PC says:

    I will never vote for a turncoat. End of story. This guy sounds like the ultimate political opportunist and an ingrate, to boot!.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    He’s never had a Real job.
    He just shows up for his “appointment”.

  5. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Bill Mundell reminds me of the fictional SNL character Chico Escuela (played by comedian Garrett Morris) who was known for saying “Baseball been berry, berry good to me!” Substitute the word “Republicans” for baseball and then ask Mundell what happened to his loyalty…..

  6. Hagar says:

    OMG! Not Bill Mundell again! I thought he was long gone to the dust heap of political oblivion. Look up “Rino” in a dictionary and you’ll read “see Bill Mundell.” Not surprising he’s a Democrat these days. He always was.