$eduction goes bad: Wooer revealed as John McCon

Receiving a love note from a devoted admirer can be a deeply personal, even breathtaking experience. When your enthusiast claims “you’ve been with me through thick and thin,“ and then moves on to detail all you’ve worked on “together,” and how you are worth fighting for no matter “who I have to go up against,” it can move a romance to dazzling new heights.

Then reality rears its ugly head. We’ve all seen enough true crime stories to smell a scam artist when the lofty promises of undying affection are tied to urgent requests for money.  That magical headiness flies out the window quickly, replaced by raw disappointment.

In this case, the revealing clue was an incoherent plea from the devotee with claims of “being targeted,” and citing an “utmost urgency” for the cash — needed within 4 days. This clearly was no run of the mill mash note it turns out, and was from no sweet young thing, but an over-the-hill politician.

John McCain, who will be 80 by Election Day, says he’s short of his fundraising goals for October.  He needs money today to help “us’ meet “our’ goals and guarantee “we” have the resources necessary to win next November. “I will NEVER stop fighting for our shared values,” he vows, “but I cannot do so unless I win my re-election campaign next November.” 

Poor John. At his advanced age he’s obviously forgotten we share no values, since he colludes with Democrats and has locked others out of his closed door town hall meetings. It’s also slipped his mind that he has a Republican Primary election with an exceptional, conservative challenger ready, willing and very able to take him on in 2016. Dr. Kelli Ward, not a decades-long entrenched politician, can actually use your help to get her message out. Make a donation here.

In his dotage, he’s forgotten that we’ve never had a relationship, since there is nothing on which we agree. If he was 60 years younger, he might be known as a scoundrel. As it is, he’s simply a well-practiced, but still second-rate, liar. 

No money from this corner, “my friend.” If you were actually in need, your lobbyist friends and your beer heiress wife should be able to help out. But just days ago, your own assigned reporter at the local newspaper wrote you were flush with cash, finishing the third quarter of 2015 ahead of the pack with $4.9 million in the bank. The quote from your campaign spokeswoman expressed your gratitude.

It’s time to cut the McCrap.

13 Responses to $eduction goes bad: Wooer revealed as John McCon

  1. Villanova says:

    This post exemplifies why I make SRAZ my must read every day. Thanks for the good mix of levity and damning facts regarding John McCain. He’s Arizona’s embarrassment, with his boot licker and Obama loving chum Jeff Flake following in his disreputable footsteps.

  2. William Heuisler says:

    Next time McCain writes to any of his “friends” for money make sure all of you take the time to call his office or email to ask him to explain why he doesn’t trust our soldier, Sailor, Marine sons, fathers, brothers, etc. with firearms.

    During a July 23 interview on the Lars Larson Show, Senator Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) said that in June he “submitted an amendment” to the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) “to give military base commanders the authority to allow service members to carry personal firearms.” That was weeks before the heinous attack on Chattanooga, but he says the amendment went nowhere because Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) “didn’t want the amendment as part of the bill and wouldn’t accept it.”

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      William Heuisler,
      There is a box provided in the comment section for you to insert your email address. Please do so. Each time you post, we have to look it up from your previous comments and insert it. It is not made public.

      • William Heuisler says:

        Seeing Red, there is quite possibly a flaw in your comment box. Every time I write a post I insert my email address in the line provided (often the email address is already there). At first I used my Facebook account, but your box does not like that ploy either. Often I just give up. Almost every time I have to post twice because your site says I need to… after I just did. Confusing?

        For instance, right now there is no space to type my email address – it tells me I’m using the Facebook… I click change… Type my email … click post comment… it tells me I need to add my email. At some point you step into the madness and post.

        I have an appointment with my psychiatrist for next week, but he refuses to tell me where his office is…

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      If you’re able to locate your psychiatrist, ask him if he has a couch that accommodates multiples! ;-)

      Sorry about the difficulties you’ve encountered posting comments. We appreciate your persistence.

  3. Kent says:

    Jeb! just sent me an email asking for a buck!! That’s right. One dollar. After his performance last night, he’s dead and too stiff to fall over. I’d send him the dollar if I thought it would remove him from the political scene faster.

  4. MaskedTruthman says:

    You are so cold hearted. He must think he is “romancing the stone.” Keep up the good work.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Maybe he could get a line of credit from the Clinton Foundation.

  6. Ajo Joe says:

    John McCain hasn’t ever represented conservatives during his overly long political career. In fact, he and his staffers along with Democrat Sen. Carl Levin met with Lois Lerner and targeted us for intensified scrutiny by the IRS. Adept at deceit, he now tries to deny these substantiated facts. He’s got nerve contacting ANY Republican for donations.



  7. Retired in Mesa says:

    Not sure how you can always cite McCain’s advanced age as a disqualification for office when Sheriff Joe is older and equally out of touch. Just my two cents.

    • Seen It All says:

      I’ll be happy to answer this. Mr. Retiree. There is a huge difference between John McCain and Joe Arpaio that supersedes age.

      First of all, McCain is and always has been a marginal guy who had the very good fortune to be born into a family of U.S. Naval Admirals. The fact that both his father and grandfather held those exalted positions were what got him into the US Naval Academy, where he was such a dud and playboy that he graduated at the bottom of his class of midshipmen.

      Joe Arpaio worked for everything he’s attained and has held worldwide positions with the federal Drug Enforcement Agency based not on connection, but on ability. He also served in the military and as a police officer in his early years. Before being elected as the longest serving sheriff in our state’s history, he retired from DEA as the chief of the Arizona Office.

      Arpaio’s a man of integrity still married to his wife of over 50 years. Opportunist McCain dumped his first wife, who waited for him while he was imprisoned in Vietnam to marry a much younger Cindy Hensley, who came from an extremely wealthy family and could help him with his career plans.

      Age aside, Joe Arpaio was and is sharp as a tack. John McCain was and is dumb as a stump.

      • LD 23 PC says:

        Spot on response, SIA.

        The 2016 election is over a year away. Are these appeal going to be landing in our in-boxes every month of the year? It’s my hope the old fool will never get past the Primary. He deserves a rest from lying and we deserve a rest from him.

        It’s past time for him to retire up at his compound/ranch in Cornville, where he can do something productive, such as whittling on the porch.

        Joe Arpaio? He’ll have my vote as long as he runs. I just sent him a campaign donation.

  8. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Take a look at whose name is involved, yet again, in control of the GOP debates….three guesses: McCain, McCain, McCain

    No wonder these debates are so idiotic – with the Left IN CONTROL of every facet of these debates which leaves the candidates the need to fight the “moderators.”

    From 8/8/14 Time Magazine:

    “Attempt to avoid alienating swing voters”

    The Republican National Committee finalized plans Friday to seize control of GOP’s presidential primary debates, threatening sanctions against any candidate that participates in any unauthorized debates.

    RNC Chairman Reince Priebus announced a 13-member committee of Republican officials who will set rules for the GOP’s debates during the 2016 cycle, including selecting venues, debate partners, and even moderators. The committee will be led by Priebus ally Steve Duprey of New Hampshire, who was close to both Mitt Romney and John McCain. The committee is dominated by Priebus loyalists.

    “Our debates will be good for our candidates and for voters—not a field day for the media,” Priebus told members of the RNC on Friday in Chicago, shortly before the party approved its final rules for the 2016 presidential nomination fight.

    My comment: We’ve seen how well that’s turned out. NOT