Mega donor Paul Singer problematic for Rubio

Marco Rubio is a fine speaker. That’s a plus.  But beware. His talents include speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

Arizonans remember all too well when Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, both of whom became illegal alien hardliners during campaign season, quickly reverted back to their pro-amnesty stance immediately after the ballots were counted.  McCain wanted to “complete the danged fence” and Flake set the amnesty supporting Arizona Republic on its ear with his short-term, contrived change of heart. But political watchers understood it was simply a slick vote garnering scam.

They each effortlessly regained their momentum and formed the so-called “bipartisan” Gang of Eight amnesty cabal with Marco Rubio a key player. Jeb Bush, who favors a “pathway to citizenship” for illegals, was supportive of the effort. He has a practiced mantra about bringing illegals, whom he says come here as an act of love, “out of the shadows.”

Rubio, a 2016 presidential candidate, has now had an epiphany on the topic of the invasion,  recently claiming he made a mistake in pushing through the immigration bill that would have granted amnesty to an estimated 30+ million illegal aliens in the U.S.. Consider the impact of these millions of mostly unskilled, uneducated and often unwilling to assimilate new citizens directly competing with struggling Americans for fewer jobs in a still stagnant economy.

What appeared to be the unlikely candidacy of Donald Trump has surged due to the fact that he has addressed this issue with resolve. 

Billionaire Paul Singer, now ginning up ginormous amounts of cash for Rubio’s presidential campaign, was a major financial force behind the Rubio-Obama amnesty, open-borders and immigration expansion push in 2013, as reported by Breitbart News.

This Breitbart article is not a puff piece. Consider it required reading for anyone who considers the 2016 election defining. America continues to reel from the expansive programs and executive orders of Barack Obama, in which he bypassed congress to open the floodgates to all comers from Mexico, South and Central America. He has allowed unvetted, mostly young Muslim men, coming from countries sworn to our destruction, to claim refugee status and enter the United States.

Make no mistake. Illegal immigration is the key defining issue. We can no longer allow ourselves to be conned by agendized politicians and churches that need to replenish their continually thinning membership. We are talking about the future of our country and the America we will be leaving our children and theirs.


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  1. Sovereign Economist says:

    Just in case anybody cares, Marco Rubio is NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY ELIGIBLE to be President of the United States. He is NOT a NATURAL BORN citizen of the United States as his parents WERE NOT US CITIZENS at the time of his birth.

    Not only is Rubio attempting to repeat Obama’s fraudulent ascension to the White House, but, by the mere consideration of Rubio for President America is attempting to make the same mistake they did in 2008 by ignoring Obama’s ineligibility for the office.

    Is America really dumb enough to elect yet ANOTHER INELIGIBLE candidate to the Presidency??? Isn’t the example of Obama’s Presidency ENOUGH to teach us that the FOUNDERS may actually have been onto to something about the potential for divided loyalties when they included Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 5 in the US CONSTITUTION???

    Or is America SO FAR GONE that this no longer matters:

    • PV PC says:

      Obama’s paternal grandmother, who never left Kenya, was quoted as saying she witnessed his birth. Yet questioning his eligibility sets us up for derision and gave rise to the left’s concocted term “birther” to shut down such talk as racist and hate mongering. “Nativist” is another such word created to marginalize Americans who believe in the rule of law and LEGAL immigration.

  2. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Marco Rubio is the true meaning of a “No Show,” while Donald Trump shows up and gets the job done!

    (Diamond & Silk) Sisters who tell it like it is!!

    Marco Rubio, not only a member of McCain’s Gang of Eight, he is for more Muslim immigration. He DOES talk out of both sides of his mouth – a fast talker you have to watch. He’s trouble for American workers.

  3. Villanova says:

    Illegal immigration is not immigration at all. It is criminality that has been condoned by far too many who were elected and swore an oath to protect America. Instead, they have either given the green light to this invasion or turned a blind eye to it. This post is correct in stating the importance of this single issue to the future of America. It is right up there with terrorism since the two are inextricably linked in countless ways.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    This San Diego newscast — “Terrorist Group Setting Up Operations Near Border” — is from 2011. Many Mexican nationals are being radicalized by terror sponsoring groups along the US Mexico border and entering the USA. When will we wake up? Political correctness will be our undoing as we are too worried about offending and not concerned enough with protecting our own homeland and citizens. Liberals and RINOs have worked to silence dissent and it appears they are succeeding.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    I also located this revealing 2010 report that originated in ATLANTA, GEORGIA (not a border city or state) and features former Congressman JD Hayworth. Where are the Arizona stations covering this terror threat at our own border? Why are those who are supposedly representing us in Washington, DC silent on this issue?? REELECT NO ONE who isn’t exposing this travesty!!!! Silence is complicity.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      As the former Border Patrol agent in the video said: Americans are being kept in the dark about this. I’ll bet McCain and Flake know about it. How about AZ GOP Congressmen…they must know terrorists are entering this country. No one ‘in power’ wants to talk about this. This would be a good campaign issue for Kelli Ward. We need someone who won’t be afraid of being Alinsky-ed. Things are only going to get worse as time goes on. We can’t afford to have the same people being elected over and over. They aren’t doing their job of protecting Americans.

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    And take a look at another candidate and who he has invited into his circle. The devil sure has a hold on Lindsey Graham.

    Link to story:

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      How ridiculous. A comment under the article says:
      The McLame/Miss Linz/Turtleboy Cartel at work again.

      Absolutely right – more games by McCain, Graham and McConnell. What despicable characters. Underhanded smarmy politicians. Graham’s going nowhere, but they still need to feel they can control things.

    • Night Owl says:

      My concern is that the intentionally dumbed down populace doesn’t know enough or care enough to do whatever is needed to extract us from this mire of liberalism. The leftwing teacher’s unions have done a bang up job of brainwashing our kids, many now voting age. They’d rather watch sports and Dancing with the Stars, and smoke “medical” marijuana for their “chronic pain” than save our country. When surveyed, many say they prefer socialism to capitalism.

  7. Retired in Mesa says:

    Sorry guys, but immigration reform is coming and probably sooner rather than later. The bad news for all you dead-enders is that you won’t have a place at the table when the nuts and bolts of the final legislation are being hammered out. For that, you can blame yourselves.

    • East Valley Conservative says:

      Mesa is a conservative town for a liberal like you to pick to retire in. Your “golden years” must be lonesome.

      • Retired in Mesa says:

        I take your point, EVC. Sunland Village (East) isn’t exactly a hub of progressive thought. :)

  8. Kimball says:

    I look forward to obsessive radical leftist Linda Valdez leaving. She already telecommutes from her home near her beloved Mexican border. When she goes, it will leave Daniel Gonzalez, Phil Boas, Yvonne Wingnut Sanchez, Dan McNowicki, the trio of columnists EJ Montini and Laurie Roberts and cartoonist Steve Benson to do her dirty work. All getting long in the tooth, and eager to grab the payout, they should all be taking leave soon. Who’ll turn out the lights?