AZ Republic’s exodus revs up as enticements lure

Flinging his last bit of liberal illogico, Robert Leger, the Arizona Republic’s opinions editor, takes his early retirement with this “short takes” missive:

Journalism, the oil that keeps democracy running

“Stop buying the nonsense that when one journalist messes up (um, CNBC), it means all journalists are idiots. We’re not the Borg.  We’re human, which means journalists will make mistakes. But most that I know believe in serving their communities. They strive to be fair. They strive to soar. Their work, at best, is the oil that makes self-government possible. As I leave The Republic, I salute the many fine reporters and editors here who do tremendous work.”

Nice try, but no cigar, Mr. Leger. “Mistakes” does not begin to describe the intentionally nasty, gotcha sabotage the entire CNBC panel of “journalists” dished out during the Oct. 28 assault on GOP presidential candidates, passing itself off as a “debate.” Fortunately, they were thwarted by the candidates, who rightly called them out on their pathetic behavior.

Seeing Red AZ has frequently pointed out the left-wing bias, trickery, blatant abhorrence of Republicans, and unconcealed deceit which are the hallmarks of the newspaper Leger so reveres.

We recently noted the Gannett incentive package intended to persuade “veteran” employees to take an early hike from the failing newspaper. Leger at 58, obviously finds the deal attractive. Others have also been taking the money and running.

Soon the ASU Cronkite journalism students who care little for the First Amendment they are supposed to defend, will be running what remains of a once conservative newspaper that lost its way after the death of Eugene Pulliam — founder and longtime president of Central Newspapers Inc. He and his wife Nina, ran a newspaper empire that employed professionals and actually provided an op-ed section on the editorial pages. In what now seems to be a novel concept, it gave readers news instead of editorials passing themselves off as reports.

Today’s Arizona Republic is a repository for regurgitated USAToday’s leftward AP spew and recycled efforts from earlier in the week, or even the preceding one. Its focus has shifted from authentic news reporting to magazine-like entertainment and local dining coverage. Insulting the remaining readers with agenda is basic policy. The student reporters construct what should be straight news into Snoopyesque prose, and it often takes multiples of them to pull that off.

Believe it or not, the now failing newspaper was founded as The Arizona Republican. In it’s heyday and before the advent of instant news, the Republic was so robust it had an afternoon edition in addition to the morning delivery.

This bit of out-the-door self promotion and grandiose bent-arm back slapping doesn’t address the craftiness to which Robert Leger’s craft has fallen prey. The opinions he oversaw were intended to distort and manipulate. Only if he’d take credit for that degradation would he deserve the applause he seeks.


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  1. East Valley Voter says:

    The Arizona Republic newspaper is a not very funny joke. People a generation ago took it seriously because reporting news was a serious business.

    Reporters now view their job as a vehicle to contort and influence rather than provide readers (or viewers) with actual facts. News has become a product delivered by reporters, editors, and producers. With few exceptions, they act in concert, single-mindedly attempting to shape the news to fit their own liberal version of events.

    If you are targeted for destruction for not fitting the newspaper’s skew, they go after you relentlessly, as we’ve witnessed over the years. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a perfect example of muggers passing themselves off as “journalists.” Former Gov. Evan Mecham was also victimized by this conservative-hating newspaper.

    The AZ Republic’s political endorsement page, which is repeatedly run prior to elections, shows the depths to which it has fallen. Most of their favored candidates and issues fail.

  2. Tucson GOP says:

    Instead of news, the AZ Repugnant hypes its “storytelling.” Most of us grew up regarding storytelling as lying.

    It also has an obsessive focus on Mexico. According to its 2016 “storytelling” calendar, March features the threatening sounding “Estamos Aquí/We Are Here,” which is described as “a night celebrating Latinos and their stories of school, work, friendship and family in the Valley, and how their identities shape their lives, and our communities.”

    Illegal invaders, bringing drugs and crime are not featured.

  3. William Heuisler says:

    A (now retired) Editorial Page Editor of the AZ Republic named Pat Murphy covered up for a Publisher named Darrow “Duke” Tully for years. Tully pretended to have been a decorated fighter pilot and spoke at veterans’ groups and other events in Arizona wearing a Light Colonel’s Dress Uniform and palling around with “other vets” like Goldwater and McCain.
    Murphy covered up McCain’s deep money-connections to Charles Keating, Burton Barr and Fife Symington; Murphy never mentioned Kemper Marley, the mobbed-up source of most of McCain’s money. Murphy also aided a sham-impeachment (false fraud accusations against Evan Mecham) later exposed in court as lies.
    Murphy never mentioned Kemper Marley’s racing wire service (Trans america Wire Service)and connections to Bronfman and Licavoli. Murphy covered up (the cover up) of the Don Bolles murderer to all the gullible IRE reporters who flocked to Phoenix for justice in 1977.
    Did I mention Pat Murphy Libeled me? He lied about my Discharge from the Marine Corps and my history as a Tucson cop. I sued the AZ Republic (Heuisler vs. Phoenix Newspapers). They apologized and retracted, but I could not collect damages because the judge said I had to prove Murphy’s “Actual Malice”. Want more? The book “Casual Executions: assassination in Arizona” is a Roman a Clef with a “renamed” Pat Murphy as a central figure in dead reporter’s murder cover up and a fatal hit and run – written as a novel because lawyers for the Pulliam, Babbitt, Goldwater and Marley families threaten libel suits if anyone connects them in any way with Bolles’ car bombing.
    The Arizona Republic has been a treacherous political weapon for the Arizona “Power Structure” since the formation of the Phoenix Forty. Murphy was nothing more than an ideological hit man.
    Bill Heuisler

    • StetsonXXX says:

      “Duke” Tully was a well honed lying machine, just like his buddy John McCain. They attended the same events in military uniform and sat beside one another as honored guests at head tables. Tully was exposed as a fraud by Maricopa County Attorney Tom Collins, a former US Marine. Once he became a liability, McCain dumped Tully like a hot rock.

      • William Heuisler says:

        Trouble is, Stolen Valor Tully was named Meghan McCain’s Godfather in 1984. She must be so proud.

  4. Braveheart says:

    Robert Leger worked as a pompous ass and now retires as one. No loss.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Did the AZ paper report on a very interesting hearing that took place in Tucson last week?

    Probably not, as it is all very complicated and involves a tangled web which includes Janet Napolitano, the DOJ, and the FBI.

    Link to story:—but-will-he-do-anything-about-it-n2074408

    • LEO IN TSN says:

      Thanks SRAZ for another excellent spotlighting of AZ corruption of the kind the AZ dailies love to hide, and thank you S-Sam for an excellent link to another excellent expose of AZ corruption. Again, it’s the truth that the AZ dailies will try to bury. Rachel Alexander is a top-tier, 5-star lawyer/journalist doing great work for US. I encourage conservative patriots to follow her work.

      Former AZ AG/Gov. Janet “Nappy” Napolitano was a very destructive force in AZ before being allowed to flex her brawny muscles on the federal and internation scene, but she had been a tool of the Left before that. She first gained notice as counsel to Anita Hill, helping choreograph the marxist witchhunt against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. She was repaid for her loyalty when Billary Clinton shipped her to AZ through the U.S. Attorney slot. She was then in perfect position to choreograph the FBI and federal prosecutors in AZ, precipitating the corruption that Rachel Alexander is reporting. She immediately became a favored face for the Repugnant.

      Nappy was then elected AZ AG due to the total ineptitude of the AZ McGOP, and spent four years campaigning for governor. Again, the brain-dead AZ McGOP handed her the 9th floor – twice. Her success at sabotaging AZ laws and the state legislature resulted in such disarray that she was rewarded by obamao with a move to DC as head of the DHS. Many will remember her famous declaration “The border is more secure than ever” as border states went up in the flames of illegal alien crime and financial dependency. Her success at demoralizing and disarming federal, state and local law enforcement along the border was alternately ignored and praised by the Repugnant and the Baja dailies. The only thing able to stop her was her own corruption. She was sued by underlings for sexual harrassment of females and sexual descrimination of males. She grabbed her boxes and snuck out the back door in a midnight move to hide in Mexifornia, where she continues to sow havoc as head of the university system. And the lawsuits against her?–don’t know, maybe they just went away, deflated in chambers by some obamao federal judge. I don’t think we’ll find the Repugnant looking for answers.

      Federal corruption has put a Tucson federal judge in a terrible predicament. It has been exposed and admitted to in his court, and he has acknowledged it. Now he will have to deal with it or sweep it away, leaving an innocent man in prison in a case of national significance. Do we think the FBI & DOJ principals will be facing any justice for their actions? Do we think the judge’s actions will be receiving any scrutiny from the Repugnant or the Baja dailies, or even the LA, NY or DC “news” outlets?–or even the pro-AMNESTY Murdoch empire Fox News? At least we know that Rachel Alexander will be watching for US.

      God bless America.

  6. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    Technically, this may not be entirely accurate, ” the Republic was so robust it had an afternoon edition in addition to the morning delivery.”
    The Phoenix Gazette was the newspaper I believe you are referring to. When I worked for the Gazette (paperboy!) in the late fifties, both papers shared printing facilities but were independently owned and operated. Possibly later on the Republic may have acquired the Gazette, I’m not sure.
    [Not necessary to print this; it’s up to you.]

    • Ajo Joe says:

      Found this information with a Google search:

      The Phoenix Gazette was a newspaper published in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. It was founded in 1881, and was known in its early years as the Phoenix Evening Gazette.

      In 1930 it was purchased by Charles Stauffer and W. Wesley Knorpp, the owner of its one-time rival Arizona Republic. Both papers were subsequently acquired by Eugene C. Pulliam in 1946.

      Under Pulliam’s management, it continued to operate as the main evening paper for the Phoenix area for several decades. During the 1970s and 1980s it was published weekday and Saturday afternoons.

      In August 1995, the staffs of The Republic and The Gazette merged, and The Gazette mostly became an afternoon edition of The Republic with a few updates. Eventually its circulation declined and it ceased publication in January 1997

      By the time you were a paperboy in the 1950’s the Phoenix Gazette was already owned by the Pulliam family since they acquired it in 1946.