MC School bond and override election results

The Nov. 2, 2015 election results for the bonds and overrides being sought by the Maricopa County school districts will be available after 8:00 pm.

CLICK HERE for the continually updated vote tabulation, provided by the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office. Mail-in ballots that were hand-carried to polling places today will not be included in this count.

Nearly thirty school districts across the Valley are asking taxpayers to once again approve school bonds and overrides.

We recently wrote this post, “But, but….it’s for the children,” regarding the never ending tax increases. The rest of us have to live within our means, but somehow schools remain exempt.

The state legislature just passed a bill that puts $3.5 billion into education to significantly impact Arizona schools — without raising taxes, while maintaining a balanced budget. This is being accomplished by utilizing the State Land Trust and drawing what Gov. Doug Ducey refers to as “a modest amount as a shrewd investment in our kids.”

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3 Responses to MC School bond and override election results

  1. Jack says:

    The good news is that not all of the folks were terrified into voting for these unconscionable tax increases. The term “overrides” conceals a lot. Are you able to call your creditors and get an override when your spending is out of control? Of course not. It’s time get rid of tenure and tie teacher’s salaries to performance. I’m a retired teacher and have seen the excesses even as the whines went into overdrive. Our students are being indoctrinated by union teachers and can robotically recite America’s shortcomings, but not our exceptionalism. They can’t sign their own names since cursive is no longer taught. Al Gore came into theior classrooms by way of his movie, and informed them we are global gluttons, responsible for global warming, (later changed to climate change, when it turned out the temperatures were in fact, dropping). If you can take it, ask a high schooler to locate England or Japan on a map.Ask them who fought in the Civil War or what the Revolutionary War was fought over and who the participants were. I suggest you do it on an empty stomach.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      This household was not intimidated into voting for these tax increases. We won one and lost one yesterday.

      Your empty stomach suggestion is definitely necessary.

  2. Clementine says:

    Glad to see not all voters were intimidated. None of them should have been. But the kids are frightened by their teachers and in turn, warn their parents of the dire consequences that will descend on their classrooms if the increases aren’t passed. In my district, perfectly good schools were torn down and rebuilt in order to spend the money they had on hand. Otherwise they get less.