Flake, Hughes, dog deaths case back to Grand Jury?

With the weather cooling to the point of making Arizonans remember why we’re grateful to live here, most of us prefer not to dredge up recollections of the merciless summer heat in the Valley.

But the sweltering 106 degree scorcher of June 20, 2014 is exactly where we need to focus our attention. It is being reported that a Maricopa County Superior Court judge is considering whether another grand jury should take another look at the case of the gruesome heat related deaths of nearly two dozen dogs crammed in a steamy utility room at the Green Acre boarding kennel in Gilbert. County Attorney Bill Montgomery sat on this case for an unconscionably long time.

If a new indictment is issued against vacationing kennel owners Todd and MaLeisa Hughes, what about the actual caretakers Logan and Austin Flake who were entrusted with running the facility and tending the family pets left in their care while Logan’s parents were in Florida?

The foursome was indicted October 16, 2014. From there, a scorecard is needed to keep up with who was charged and who was dropped.

Then as a grandiose 2014 Christmas Eve gesture, Montgomery dropped charges of animal cruelty against all four defendants, leaving a single fraud charge against the Hughes.

A Maricopa County Grand Jury reinstated charges against the Hughes May 6. The Flakes were mysteriously excluded. Politics abounds. Did we mention Austin Flake is the son of Sen. Jeff Flake?

When they returned from their vacation, Todd Hughes initially told the pet owners their dogs had all run away.  Later he and his wife MaLeisa claimed the deaths were the result of an accident when a dog chewed through an air-conditioning electrical cord, disabling the unit. The dogs died agonizing deaths, suffocating in the small room where they were left overnight without cooling, food or water. When the dead and dying dogs were discovered the following morning, the Flakes did not call for veterinary assistance, opting instead to hose down the dogs and then callously pile their carcasses in a shed.

The indictments caused Brigham Young University to expel Austin Flake, which allowed him to recast himself and his wife Logan as victims and sue the taxpayers of Maricopa County for $8 million dollars. If this obscene settlement is awarded, it will ease the reentry into the single world for the now divorcing Jr. Flakes. 


10 Responses to Flake, Hughes, dog deaths case back to Grand Jury?

  1. East Valley Conservative says:

    This case has been a hot potato from Day One. Montgomery wanted to wake up one morning and realize it was nothing more than a bad dream. He never wanted to charge Jeff Flake’s son and daughter-in-law, since the fallout would be too high for him personally. I hope this judge is a Democrat with integrity and the backbone to move this forward again. It was very telling when Montgomery dropped the charges over a holiday after an indictment had been issued. He must think we’re all brain dead.

  2. Wm T Sparky Smith says:

    (Shrill Whistle) PETA, PETA, here PETA, where are you PETA?

    • Night Owl says:

      PETA is every bit as political as Bill Montgomery, but for some strange reason the animal protection group has been silent throughout this entire disgusting saga.

    • Karen Marie (@KARMArie88) says:

      I think I have studied Peta enough to know what they are about and what they are not about. Peta is ALL about everything vegan. They are not about saving cats and dogs. They have euthanized more than 33,000 animals since 1998. Check this website out – https://www.petakillsanimals.com. You can also Google Nathan Winograd and check out his blog. He will tell you all about Peta. About how they got caught on video stealing a families chihuahua off their porch and euthanizing it within 24 hrs and when they realized they got caught on video they sent the family a fruit basket. Peta is disgusting crap. They also don’t care about animals like lions and tigers because these animals eat meat. I have studied their website and their twitter and with me I look more at what they don’t talk about rather than what they are talking about. They will occasionally send out a tweet about lions but that is to satisfy the masses and keep their name in the news. Remember they came out and said Walter Palmer needed to be hanged? That was all about publicity and nothing more. I am surprised they stick up for killer whales at theme parks. I mean those animals eat fish but I think it has more to do with also keeping their name in the media. Peta is 100% into cows, chickens, pigs because people eat them and Peta thinks everyone (including animals) should be vegans. Peta is also into celebrities and tooting their own horn. They recently celebrated their 35th anniversary and their twitter was full of nothing but all the celebrities who are on their side. Hell even some of them get a pass for wearing fur but since they are “celebrities” they turn a blind eye to it.

  3. Ellsworth says:

    The Flaky junior Flakes are the ones who were in charge and most culpable. But the charming loudmouth MaLeisa Hughes must be a huge embarrassment to Papa and Mama Flake, especially when she told the reporters to take the matter up with Senator Flake! Just what he didn’t want to hear.

  4. MacBeth says:

    Seeing Red: One small but not insignificant correction. Bill Montgomery’s last name should correctly be spelled “McMontgomery.” He couldn’t be closer to John McCain if he tried. Ditto his relationship with Jeff Flake. Those facts are the actual backdrop for all of the duplicity surrounding this case. How do you think this would have played out with a different set of defendants?

  5. Villanova says:

    Since County Attorney Bill Montgomery endorsed Jeff Flake in his 2012 senate race, there is ample reason to believe he had a conflict of interest. This case never should have been handled by Montgomery or his office. There are numerous other CA’s around the state without that political baggage.

  6. terry dudas toughteri says:

    Glad to know that this case is not a dead dog; I was appalled to learn the junior Flakes had skated, and am delighted to know they are going splitsville currently.

    Those dogs must have their day in court!