Democrat debate: No deviation from leftist script

Disastrous Obama-Clinton foreign policy one and the same

We’ve all heard the claim from the uninformed, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans.” Most conservative activists realize there’s no point in debating with those so abysmally ill-informed, outside of suggesting they read the very divergent platforms of the two parties — something we know they won’t bother doing.

While Republicans promote less government and advocate personal responsibility, Democrats support increasingly expansive government and win by promising to provide more while disincentivizing individual effort.  

Saturday night’s Democrat debate at Drake University in Iowa, between Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley, lowers the bar further. Just a single day after coordinated teams of ISIS Muslim jihadists wrought carnage in Paris, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton —  taking a clue from her former boss Barack Obama — refused to use the words, “radical Islam.”

As these brazen killers were finalizing their deadly plans, Obama proved his ineptness in this interview with George Stephanopoulos the preceding day, by announcing he doesn’t think ISIS is gaining strength. “We have contained them,” he boasts. (Video under link)

Vermont Sen. Sanders, a self-described Democrat Socialist, whose main thrust is advocating class warfare by demonizing job creators, actually asserted climate change is a cause of terrorism, and indeed, poses a greater threat than terrorism. France, in shock after Friday night’s horrors, appears to agree, since it still plans to host the Nov. 30 – Dec. 11  global climate change summit with over a hundred world leaders “because it’s an essential meeting for humanity,” according to the French Prime Minister.

Essential for humanity is ridding the globe of ISIS based radical Islamic terrorism. That begins by calling it by its rightful name, something neither Clinton nor Obama are inclined to do. The other imperative is shutting down the admittance of mostly young male Muslims claiming refugee status in Europe and the U.S., at least a couple of whom participated in the savage slaughter of innocents at six different sites across Paris.

O’Malley, the former governor of Maryland, appears the most reasonable of the Democrat debate trio, which explains why he isn’t registering a blip on the polling radar.


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    • Maggie says:

      It’s not actually off topic, since it clearly illustrates the extremes of leftist policies in academia, where they breed like rabbits. I propose classes with the same title but substituting “Blackness” or “Browness.” How far would they go?

    • lowadobian says:

      You are spot on: Note 1 of the 3 “key issues” for the Democrats according to AZ Centralia, of course, is wage disparity and higher education costs, blah blah. Look how easily they make a Fergusonian stand at the MO State University. See how easily they generated the easy cancer spread to the likes of Yale, UPenn, Drexel et al. This is their Obamazation of the “facebook crowd”. “Young Impressionables”. Funny – none of these boobs are in class, notice that? The reason they are supposed to be at the Campuses (taking classes) – is nowhere. “Marginalized” isn’t something any genuine collegiate thinks about (i.e. bother with) because they have STUDYING, EXAMS & PAPERS to write so they can GRADUATE. Maybe it’s Ohio State all over again and few are even students at these schools. Auditing one 3 credit course class isn’t a full-time student. Serious students – Engineering, Accounting, Pre-Med have no use or time for this anarchy that disrupts THEIR right (and sole purpose) of being there with exams being cancelled. Anyone who was actually paying to go to these schools wouldn’t be wasting their own money indulging this crap. How many of these idiot anarchists have a paid a dime of their own money? Betcha it isn’t any of them. Pawns of the Demotard party is what they are. A stupid led-by-the nose base that exists idle & roaming in the Universities & Colleges. There’s America’s next generation of the Brightest & Best, eh? No Fortune 500 company would touch these baboons with a 10 foot pole. No one hires an anarchist. No one except maybe the “jobs” they are ranting about: $15/hour McBurger flipping. Anyone else see a disconnect here?

  1. Saguaro Sam says:

    And on FOX, this morning:

    Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Member Mary Kissel tore into Democratic candidates for their garbled nonsense on defeating radical Islam.

    Mary Kissel: “The barbarians are at the gates. We’ve seen attacks now from London to Madrid to Beirut to over the Sinai. It is time for American leadership. Hillary said this isn’t America’s fight. Look, Democrats are dangerously divorced from reality. Hillary says that. President Obama wants to close Gitmo. He said we contained these people. No, we haven’t contained them. Bernie Sanders, who’s leading in some polls, says the greatest challenge is climate change. What we need is American leadership and the majority of the American people understand we need to send troops back to the Middle East before this global disorder comes to our shores.”

    Marie Bartiromo :”I thought it was actually extraordinary, the debate last night. There was no real solution from any of the candidates. They were talking a lot saying nothing whatsoever.”

    Mary Kissel: “Saying essentially nothing. It was one of the most remarkable displays of unintelligible garbage rhetoric that I have ever seen.”

    On another note, do not be fooled by Dem prez candidate Martin O’Malley. His credentials include being elected Mayor of Baltimore twice, and then being elected to Governor of Maryland.
    He did Nothing to fix the problems in Baltimore City or in the State of Maryland. BUT, he did institute a RAIN TAX—–only on certain counties, though. People living in counties which provided the most tax revenue were penalized for RAIN.

    But he does spend a lot of time playing guitar in a rock band.
    And like Jeff Flake, he does like to be photographed sans shirt.

    O’Malley spent months in training, prior to announcing his candidacy, with Dem honchos—including John Coale (who is Greta Van Susteran’s husband).

    • Capt. Marvel says:

      Fascinating information regarding O’Malley. I hadn’t seen much of this previously, although his cowardly retreat and apology for saying “All Lives Matter,” was beyond disgusting. How any thinking American can support any of these dangerous liberals is beyond me.

      Thanks for the reveal on John Coale, a name I was unfamiliar with. With her Scientologist nose squarely up John McCain’s behind, I’ve never thought Greta Van Cistern was quite as “Fair and Balanced” as Fox would have us believe. Now I see why.

      • Conservative Since Birth says:

        More info on John Coale:
        Washington Examiner 7-1-15

        Van Susteren has admitted personal ties to Clinton in the past. In an open letter to Clinton in April that floated the possibility of an interview, Van Susteren wrote, “While you already know my husband [John Coale] — he has been friends with your family for years — it is also true that he is friends and a supporter of [Democratic presidential candidate] Governor O’Malley. But of course, that is my husband and I have interviewed you many, many times and I think you have always thought my interviews of you fair.”

        Van Susteren is also a former member of the Clinton Global Initiative, the nonprofit run by Clinton and former president Bill Clinton.

        Elsewhere in Clinton’s past emails, she says of Fox News, “Those shows need at least one sane realistic voice.”

        Maybe she found it in Van Susteren.

        Hollywood Reporter 12/2011

        Van Susteren’s husband John Coale – a Washington lawyer who describes himself as a “Clinton Democrat” (he worked closely with the Clinton Administration on gun law reforms and other causes, his web site states).

        Van Susteren and her husband see the Clintons socially.

        Sarah Palin.
        5-24-09 NYTimes

        While there, Mr. Coale, a prominent trial lawyer who helped lead the tobacco litigation of the 1990s, talked to Ms. Palin about her legal bills and advised her to start a political action committee. “I started the PAC for her over the next month or two, and helped start a legal defense fund for her. That’s about it,” Mr. Coale said last week. “I never advised her on any politics or anything like that.”

        Rupert Murdoch calls Greta Van Susteren a liberal.
        She’s certainly well-connected in the snakepit of D.C.

  2. Longtime PC says:

    Name the issue from dealing with the illegal invasion, our foreign policy, to the need for increased defense spending, protecting Second Amendment rights, the pushing of climate change as undisputed fact (despite opposing scientific views), market regulation, and whether our country remains a strong Constitutional based nation celebrating liberty or veers of into the failed policies of Socialism—the differences between the two parties are vast.

    • William Heuisler says:

      Absolutely correct Mr. PC, except for turncoats like John McCain
      How many Paris massacres (how many 9/11s) must free citizens endure from illegal immigrants? John McCain has promoted illegal Immigration “Amnesty” for 30 years, except when he ran for President. And our flood of illegals (McCain-Kennedy and McCain’s Gang of 8 after our 9/11 massacre) has brought millions to shrink our middle class, cut wages, increase welfare rolls and take many new US jobs. (1) (2) (3)
      And remember, all 19 hijackers on 9/11 had work, travel or student visas. Moussaoui, al Suqami, al Hamzi, and Hanjour “overstayed” their visas. The al-Shehri brothers’ visas listed occupations, “teater,” and “student”, their address was “South City” and destination was spelled “Wasantwn.” Abdul Aziz-Alomari’s visa listed student, but named no school and listed no nationality or gender. Three months later, Aziz-Alomari followed Mohamed Atta through airport security heading for the World Trade Center. Khalid Al Mihdhar (who crashed a plane into the Pentagon) listed “Hotel” as destination, but no city. These were the same type visa forms as promoted by McCain-Kennedy in 2005 and McCain’s Gang of 8 in 2013. (4)
      Had those 9/11 visas been rejected, or the “overstays” deported, 9/11 would not have happened!
      But thousands of overstays are still not deported and the US continues to issue thousands of visas to Muslim immigrants. In 2008 Center for Immigration Studies Director, Mark Krikorian, testified to Congress, “The view that foreign visa applicants, rather than the American people, are to be served continues. The number of student visas issued to Saudis, for instance, is up more than 500 % from 9/11.” (4)
      American and Arizona voters want immigration stopped so wages can rise, middle class expand and new immigrants assimilate. A Pew poll found only 7% of Republican voters want more immigration into the United States. Another poll found 80% of GOP voters want immigration reduced by 90%. Only 4% of voters agree with McCain, Schumer, Gutierrez and the Chamber that, “Willing employers should be able to hire any willing worker no matter where they come from.” This is called an “Open Borders Credo”. (3)
      Immigrant-fueled-massacres like Paris are possible here if we lose our country to illegal immigration. Our Census Bureau says 1.2 million immigrants enter the US each year with McCain immigration policies (or a city the size of Los Angeles every three years). This cultural tidal wave will continue with Dream Acts, McCain-Kennedy and McCain Gang of 8 policies. Even after 9/11, Paris and U.S. job losses, McCain still promotes so-called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” and Illegal Immigrant “Amnesty”. Why?
      He should be protecting Americans, but John McCain won’t even, “Complete the dang fence”. (2) (3)
      I’m an ex-cop, investigator, author of 3 books on betrayal, murder and politics (on Amazon). Check my facts on McCain before next September & please send this report to at least twenty more primary voters. Bill Heuisler – 520-403-2939.

  3. Doc says:

    After what’s happened to AMERICA, terrorism wise, then what JUST happened to France, for these “candidates” to even allow themselves to be called that, is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. Their words last night PROVE beyond a shadow of any doubt what so ever how moronic, as well as how bent on destroying America these people actually are. Not even drugs can directly be linked to this kind of behavior.

    And our elected representatives continue to sit & watch the destruction of our Great Nation.

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    I looked at the debate last night for under a minute. Hillary, with her eyes full of hate, was ranting about something and that was it for me. Compared to Hillary and Bernie, O’Malley seems more reasonable, but he’s a leftist screwball too. He lost points when he said “All lives matter” and then took it back when the black backlash hit. These three are exactly what this country does not need especially at this time.

    The video with the Obamaphone woman is typical of the minority vote the Democrats play to. They want them dependent on government handouts (via the taxpayer) and the fools don’t see or care that they’re stuck there as a permanent underclass. That way, the Democrats can strike up some good class envy and keep the base all worked up while they get rich off of crony capitalism. Meanwhile, the middle class is dying.

    And we all might be dying if we don’t finally FIGHT ISIS. Michael Goodwin, a Democrat, has an excellent column:

    It’s time for Obama to make a choice: Lead us or resign

  5. Braveheart says:

    An overwhelming majority of Americans still view Hillary Clinton as “untrustworthy and dishonest,” but that fits well with the Democrat party line. Why tell the truth when lying works?

  6. azgary says:

    among republican presidential candidates, they are in lockstep with the chambers of commerce regarding illegal aliens except for Donald Trump, just as the democrat candidates are in lockstep on muslims

    Trump is the ONLY ONE who names the problem of the illegal alien invasion and the only one who will provide the solution DEPORTATION. the others provide empty rhetoric and mass amnesty schemes while denying its amnesty.

    According to the GAO over a seven year period illegal aliens MURDERED over TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND in the United States and committed just under SEVENTY THOUSAND SEX CRIMES, TWO HUNDRED THIRTEEN THOUSAND ASSAULTS

    but many of you special snowflakes out there are offended by Trumps plain spoken communication of issues, he’s not genteel enough for you.

    AWWWW, poor babies.

    where has genteel gotten us?

    perhaps if it was YOU, special snowflakes who had family members destroyed by illegals a little brash speak wouldnt offend your delicate sensibilities.

    you gripe and moan about democrats, but when presented with a candidate who names the problem and the solution you cry that he is too mean or too loud etc….

    it reminds me of another special snowflake geraldo rivera (Geraldo Rivera admits Trump is right ) who broke down and now wants to take a stronger stand because his daughter was in the line of fire the other day in Paris, well hes a hypocrite who thinks things are different. i imagine if it wasnt a terrorist in france, but an illegal alien in the U.S. threatening the life of his daughter he would have had another awakening regarding illegal aliens. when it happens to HIM and his, his tune changes as i imagine many of you special snowflakes would be if the shoe was on YOUR foot.

    complain about Trump, cry that hes not nice or whatever but when the problems are not addressed and continue the fault for not stopping it goes back to hypocrisy, political correctness and your delicate emotions and your hurt feelings by the mean man.

    but remember, you have been presented with a named problem, the solution and the ONLY candidate with the courage and the freedom from donors to fix it and YOU decline because he is not urbane enough for you.

    well the blood of americans is on your hands.

    and THIS is just the issue of crime and illegals, it doesnt even begin to address the COST of illegals to american citizens financially. every deported family of illegals save the U.S. $700,000.

    all this is being done while creating a permanent imported democrat voting majority.

    the solution is there, but it offends you special snowflakes.

    Trump 2016
    Our Last Chance

  7. Clementine says:

    It’s intriguing that Barack Obama persists in referring to ISIS as ISIL. Even Liberal George Stephanopoulos, who has worked as a senior political adviser, strategist and communications director for Pres. Bill Clinton, didn’t play that game during the video interview linked in this post.

    If he was capable of feeling the emotion, the arrogant Obama would be ashamed of his performance.