AZ Republic: Hypocrites in face of ISIS jihadist attacks

Newspaper lobs misplaced brickbats at conservative Republicans

In an irrational editorial that clearly defines its radically leftist lurch, the Arizona Republic places the blame for unspeakable acts of terror not on ISIS, but on…..conservative Republicans.

 Carrying the absurd title,“ ISIS hits and the right goes wobbly,” making the Islamic jihadist organization sound more like a paper tiger than a dedicated killing machine committed to ensuring  every knee bend to Allah and in total submission to Sharia law.

Barack Obama, who refuses to use the words radical Islam, referred to the coordinated murderous attacks across Paris as “a setback,” after one day earlier foolishly claiming ISIS was “contained.” (Video under link) Previously he deemed ISIS a “JV team.” French President Francois Hollande hesitated not a moment in declaring the slaughters as “an act of war.”

But in Republicese, blaming Republicans carries the day, since there’s not a chance liberal Democrats could ever be culpable. There’s no need to read the entire frenzied editorial, the first 83 words will more than suffice.

As to Barack Obama, the incompetent President of the United States, it’s well to remember his Sept. 25, 2012 speech delivered at the United Nations just days after the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack when Islamic militants stormed the American diplomatic compound in Libya, killing the American ambassador and three other Americans attached to the embassy.

Obama’s speech contained these words, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

With the forced release of Hillary Clinton’s emails, we now know Obama deceptively blamed what he termed “a crude and disgusting video [that] sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world,” as he tried to rationalize the attacks with trickery.

Obama is a liar. His regime’s operatives lied on his behalf, denying what we now know was a pre-planned act of terror and definitely not “spontaneous.” And Hillary Clinton, who will likely be the 2016 Democrat presidential nominee, and will undoubtedly win the endorsement of this embarrassing rag masquerading as a newspaper — lied as well.


11 Responses to AZ Republic: Hypocrites in face of ISIS jihadist attacks

  1. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Expecting Barack Obama to blame Islamic terrorists for planned and carefully carried out bloodbaths is dangerously naive thinking. His actions have always belied his claims of being a Christian. His Kenyan paternal linage is all Muslim as was his stepfather who enrolled him as a Muslim student in Indonesia, which explains his deep bows to Saudi royals.

    I believe cloaking himself as a Christian was nothing more than part of his plan of political expediency. Remember the hate-filled “Afro-Centric” church he attended for 20 years, until his presidential aspirations forced him to leave?

    Jeremiah Wright the pastor who officiated at the Obama’s wedding and baptized their two daughters screamed from the pulpit that the September 11, 2001 terror attacks were “the chickens coming home to roost,’ and he used the same pulpit to call on God to “damn America” while referring to the State of Israel as “illegal” and “genocidal.” It’s clear his views permeated those of Obama, who has given preferential treatment to Arab/Muslim nations and repeatedly insulted Israel’s Netanyahu, whose powerful speech at the UN made many Americans who had been disengaged, finally take notice.

    It’s time to admit we have been deceived by the worst type of charlatan who has done more to bankrupt and destroy America than any of the PC voters could have envisioned and the media (the Arizona Republic, included) has played a large part in the deception. It’s clear Obama hates what he considers a too white America and is proving it by flooding us with Muslims he refers to as “refugees” and sending illegal Mexicans and Central Americans throughout our country. No one assimilates. These words are not politically correct, but they are undeniable because they are all verifiable..

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Well said! Agree with all of it. And this is who the AZ Republic chooses to protect. That rag, along with the few other big city newspapers that are left, isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Here in Arizona illegals from Pakistan and Afghanistan were apprehended at our border. How many have gotten through?

    Six Syraians were caught at the Texas border. How many have gotten through?

    • Kent says:

      Don’t expect an editorial detailing these facts. The Arizona Republic no longer reports news. It’s become a local entertainment magazine.

  3. Braveheart says:

    Political Correctness reigns supreme. Facts are blurred. Truth is a rare commodity. Looking for it in the pages of this sham newspaper is self delusional.

  4. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    A slick new rappish propaganda video threatening New York City is of no consequence to the politically correct and Republican defaming editorialists at the AZ Repulsive newspaper.

    If there’s been a response from AZ GOP chairman Robert Graham or any of the so called GOP “representatives“ in DC to either the editorial or the video, I’ve missed it.

  5. Retired in Mesa says:

    Great comments, extremely well written as always. By the way, according to today’s Wall Street Journal, there are more Mexicans leaving the U.S. than entering. So is the boarder closed? Sure sounds like it.

    • Casper says:

      A boarder is a roomer, (not a rumor). What exactly are you referring to? Could you mean border like the one that is a nation’s duty to secure?

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Our border is wide open. The Wall Street Journal is not to be trusted on the subject of immigration. They want non-stop immigration. They and the Chamber of Commerce are our enemy when it comes to securing the border. Cheap labor rules.

  6. Saguaro Sam says: reported earlier today that the US Border Patrol had apprehended several several males from Pakistan and Afghanistan sixteen miles inside the AZ border, near the town of Patagonia.

    We are in this alone.

    Don’t fall for the Governor’s words. Remember that Jan Brewer, as Gov of AZ, made the rounds on national TV saying that she was going to secure our border, and it was just words. Sound bytes provided by John McCain in order to buy a little time.

    All public officials and their minions who are marching US into hell on Obama’s orders should be jailed.

    Of course, they will all be in some cozy, well-stocked, heavily-fortified bunker when satan’s army comes a-calling.

  7. William Heuisler says:

    Great Comments.
    But expressing disdain for the AZ Republic, the “embarrassing rag masquerading as a newspaper” puts lipstick on a pig.
    I often wonder if these so-called reporters know how the rag they work for abandoned a martyred Republic reporter in 1976.
    Don Bolles was an ace reporter for the Republic and a nominee for the Pulitzer Prize when he was blown up in his car at the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix. He was investigating Kemper Marley, a Scottsdale millionaire and owner of the AZ monopoly, United Liquors, connected to Pete Licavoli and Sam Bronfman through Race Tracks, Emprise and the Transamerican wire service. Convicted bomber, John
    Adamson, confessed he’d been paid to kill Bolles by Marley.
    But the Republic would not publish the truth about their reporter’s killer. The Phoenix rag covered up for Kemper Marley, race tracks, Emprise and the Mafia and allowed readers to believe that Adamson and Dunlap had blown up Bolles’ car all by themselves.
    These reporters should be ashamed to work for such a rag.