Obama’s bizarre miscues display leadership ineptness

French President Francois Hollande came to Washington to meet with Barack Obama Tuesday, following the synchronized acts of Islamic extremist terrorism that killed 130 people in Paris Nov. 13.  Hollande met earlier with his British counterparts and is proceeding to Germany, Italy and Russia. Obama, referring to his contemporary casually as “Francois,” pledged to stand with France, though offering no concrete actions the U.S. would take — making it clear it was up to Europe to escalate efforts to combat terrorism, though the ISIS terrorists have vowed imminent attacks (video) on the United States.

Coordination is not in the cards. Obama’s response is to welcome the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, he now claims are “subjected to vigorous screening and security checks” — something experts say is virtually impossible. He makes this assertion despite the fact that several of the Paris terrorists entered Europe as part of the flood of “refugees” leaving Syria.

Barack Obama and Francois Hollande’s joint news conference held bizarre overtones as Obama, who refers to the jihadist terror group commonly known as ISIS by his preferred acronym of ISIL, also began calling it “Daesh” during the televised meeting. Daesh is an acronym created out of the group’s full Arabic name, “al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham.” 

Obama has been criticized by Democrats as well as Republicans for not further ramping up a military response on the growing Islamic State he has referred to as a “JV Team” and recently claimed was “contained.” (video)

This CBS News poll released Monday confirms that Americans have little confidence in his handling of the threats.

Obama’s talk is cheap. In a line reminiscent of one used by the French to express unity with the United States after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, linguist Obama said in French, “Nous sommes tous Français.” or “We are all French.” It’s a weak attempt at a harmonious gesture that boorishly escaped him in January when 40+ world leaders assembled in Paris to participate in a unity march following the ISIS slaughter of 17 people at the office of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo. This was Obama’s late and cringe-worthy response.

Many Americans will remember it was French President Jacque Chirac who was the first foreign Head of State to arrive at the White House with a personal message of support and condolences after the radical Islamic-inflicted Sept. 11, 2001 carnage that killed nearly 3000 on American soil.

At the time, Obama was busying himself as an Illinois state legislator and restaurant critic, (video) so it might have escaped his notice.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Barack Obama is not just a miserable US President overthrowing the Constitution in favor of his unlawful “executive orders,” he is also an embarrassment on the world stage. He’s ill-equipped to deal with serious issues and prefers to skirt them. The only thing he has perfected is his strut as he disembarks the airplane steps on his many travels.

  2. Cold Warrior says:

    We all may want to check the premise that Obama’s seemingly inept actions are due to incompetence. When, instead, one jettisons that premise, and replaces it with the premise that he is intentionally carrying out a strategy and plan to “fundamentally destroy,” as much as possible while he is in power, America, then his actions — and inactions — begin to make sense.

    Assume that he does not really care if people think he is inept, naive, stupid, ignorant, etc. Ignore his words. Watch what he does and does not do.

    The Obama Doctrine seems pretty clear: On any issue confronting America and her allies and interests, domestically or in the area of foreign policy, figure out the worst course of action (which may be inaction) and select it and carry it out.

    If Obama was just inept, just by chance he’d occasionally do the right thing. Obama never seems to do the right thing; rather, he always seems to do the worst thing.

    It’s by design. It’s obvious.

    But, almost everyone just can’t seem to get past what some refer to as “normalcy bias.” It’s like that old phrase, “It can’t happen here.” So: “The American people could never be stupid enough to elect a president who hates America and then reelect him and then sit back and do nothing while he systematically tries to weaken our economy and military as much as possible and socialize the country as much as possible — because that just could not ever happen here because the American people would rise up. Or something.”

    Well, it’s happening, and the American people are not rising up.

    First step in rising up: become a Republican Party precinct committeeman:


    If you are not already getting organized and united politically with like-minded people at a monthly party committee meeting, there’s nothing stopping you.

    Thank you.

  3. azgary says:

    Obama lied theres a surprise, the is now nor was there ever a way to vet these people:

    “I think (Rhodes) basically lied to the American people,” Hoekstra told WND and Radio America. “He said we’ve got a good vetting process in place where we can vet those that are coming from Syria into the United States.”

    He continued, “No we do not. The records don’t exist in Syria, especially after you’ve had five years of civil war. We don’t have a relationship with the regime. It’s an ungoverned area. We don’t know who these people are. Ben, shame on you for even implying that we’ve got a good vetting system. We’re lucky if can get the names right.”

    but going by the evidence that there in no way in hell these people can be vetted since there are and have been no records available, and the corruption is there to generate records for a small fee, we NEVER have been able to vet these people.

    so if obama is lying, so is EVERYBODY who has said we could do the IMPOSSIBLE and vet these people:

    Here’s video of ¡Ted! Cruz (from his own U-Tube channel)specifically advocating for the direct import of additional Syrian refugees. Additionally interesting, when confronted with the concern of terrorist embeds within the refugee population – Senator Ted Cruz was dismissive of the issue saying he was confident we have a way to insure that doesn’t happen:

    Another thing to think about when choosing a Presidential nominee, Trump will not be importing these people and has already said those who have already came in will be removed as will illegal aliens.

    and he is the ONLY one who will do it.

    Trump 2016
    America for AMERICANS

  4. Conservative Since Birth says:

    The above from SRAZ is informative and interesting. In the new ISIS video above, it states ISIS/ISIL/Daesh membership has exploded 4000% under Obama while he is dangerously nonchalant about it. He thinks the Climate Change Summit next week in Paris will “fix” them.

    As for Dianne Feinstein, a low-key twisted Progressive, seemingly unhappy with Obama’s “strategy” – her huffing and puffing means nothing. This is from the woman who was Chair of the committee to ensure Obama was a legal candidate for POTUS! A leopard doesn’t change its spots. She’s as loyal as Nancy Pelosi is to the cause.

    Bill O’Reilly likes to call Obama a “redistributionist” – almost like it’s ok. Obama’s hatred for America knows no bounds and if he wanted just to redistribute wealth, like any socialist – it would be one thing. But he wants to DESTROY this country. Hollande is a Socialist who loves his country and will fight for it. Obama despises this country and is allowing the crazed Muslim terrorists to gain a foothold all over the world.

    I noticed as a ‘restaurant reviewer’ he had the same annoying ‘whistle’ through his teeth when he spoke then as he does today when lecturing us – after the Paris terrorist attack, no less.

    What else can we expect from this vile waste of skin.

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Obama is not inept.
    He had a plan from Day 1 and has executed it, as scheduled.

    There is no ineptness in Congress or with the Supremes.
    They are complicit, either be action or inaction.
    They are negligent in their duties, perhaps due to threats or being paid off.

    If we only had someone who could use the RICO laws against these assorted perps; fraudsters and traitors.

    Now, some retired military brass and other former officials are coming forward to say that Obama has cooked the books on the severity of the threats against our nation.

    Too much, too little, too late.

    Obama, from his cradle, was indoctrinated into radicalism.
    He also has an overlapping psychiatric condition—-that of being a narcissist. He will never change. No one can change him.
    He carries a life-threatening condition which does not and will never affect him——it only applies to all who are in his sphere.
    And that is US and the whole world.

    Over the past two weeks, Pope Francis has alternately called the upcoming Christmas season “. . . a charade. . .” and “. . .a sham. . “. If only he would have chosen his words more wisely and asked Christians to pray.

    • Doc says:

      I said the following on another blog I participate on months ago, & I’ll say it here, to tie-in with the narcissist assessment: The guy reminds me of Leona Helmsley….

  6. terry dudas toughteri says:

    Obama is executing his orders perfectly.

  7. Conservative Since Birth says:

    Off topic but funny:

    How to Talk to Your Pansy Marxist Nephew at Thanksgiving – Washington Free Beacon


  8. CD 8 PC says:

    Obama is even losing his base. 66% of Americans think he does not have a clear plan for defeating ISIS, according to the CBS News poll. That’s a good indicator of his connection to the people he’s supposed to be protecting. Instead, he’s giving more support to ISIS…er…ISL. He can’t even bring himself to utter the words “Islamic terrorism.”