McCain so reviled GOP campaigning against him

John McCain is the proverbial stranger in his own home when it comes to the lack of warmth he generates among Arizona Republicans. At the annual mandatory meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) in Jan. 2014, McCain was censured by an overwhelming  vote of 1,150 to 351. Two weeks later at the Statutory Meeting of the State Committee of the Arizona Republican Party the censure was repeated as state committeemen — elected from among precinct committeemen within legislative districts statewide — let their voices be heard. Their names initially appear on primary election ballots.

The 2016 GOP Maricopa County and state meetings will be held on consecutive Saturdays in January and Republican delegates are marshaling their forces.

A new effort is being led by former MCRC Chairman A.J. LaFaro, who last week notified elected AZ GOP officers that he had submitted an “Anyone but John McCain” Resolution to state party Chairman Robert Graham. It will be presented to the AZ GOP Resolutions Committee for consideration for inclusion on the Jan 23, 2016 AZ GOP Mandatory meeting agenda for state committeemen consideration.

Frosty Taylor, editor of Republican Briefs, has additional background on this hot topic.

Since the 2014 censure resolutions — McCain, who will be 80 years old by Election Day and is running for his sixth 6-year term after over three decades in office — retaliated against Republican grassroots activists by using his operatives and an Obama donor to orchestrate a purge of these conservative elected officials from the party ranks. The intent was to replace them with low information recruits in an attempt to cleanse the Republican party in advance of his 2016 reelection campaign.

McCain’s offenses against conservatives have been ongoing. He and his liberal senate cohort Carl Levin met with former IRS official Lois Lerner in February 2012 in hopes of having the Internal Revenue Service target Tea Party and other conservative groups for scrutiny.

A committed open borders/amnesty proponent, McCain has partnered with far leftist billionaire George Soros in pushing the invasion of unvetted “refugees,” the latest influx are Syrian Muslims. Some of the Paris terrorists were such “refugees” who entered France via Greece. 

Consistent conservative A.J LaFaro is on the right track with his Resolution. We applaud his efforts. The “Anyone but John McCain” effort paints a broad swath. Seeing Red AZ supports Dr. Kelli Ward, an emergency room physician and two term state senator who is gaining steam in the 2016 U.S. Senate race. Ward is the newly announced recipient of this enthusiastic endorsement from the Conservative Campaign Committee (CCC). Breitbart reports the group sent out an email urging PAC supporters to back Ward, a Lake Havasu City conservative, against John McCain.

Other lesser known and untested candidates have thrown their hats into this ring. They will serve to splinter the vote,  which only aids McCain.


13 Responses to McCain so reviled GOP campaigning against him

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    John McCain is far more than a liberal who cloaks himself as a Republican, or even an unquestionably marginal man, now showing signs of dementia. By his actions and associations, he’s shown himself as evil.

    He’s reelected because outlets like Fox News give him cover, giving the false impression he’s acceptable. That same network even hired his leftwing daughter.

    Arizona has a large senior citizen population who buy into his heroism, although many POWs who knew him at the time, dispute his stories. He also sits on mountains of lobbyist cash and is able to flood the media with his self aggrandizing ads. The people of Virginia had their fill of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor who they said had lost touch with his constituents and replaced him with conservative political newcomer David Brat, an economic professor.

    The same thing happened to Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold, who partnered with McCain on what became known as the McCain Feingold “Bipartisan“ (there’s McCain’s favorite term again!) campaign reform act. It actually restricted free speech (mainly Republican’s) and was overturned by the US Supreme Court.

    Feingold is running for the senate again. If McCain wasn’t in the battle he’s in, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him show up in Wisconsin to endorse Feingold.

  2. East Valley PC says:

    I look forward to voting in favor of A.J. LaFaro’s resolution!

    • State Committeeman says:

      AJ LaFaro is a conservative who is unafraid to speak the truth. I admire him greatly. Think of the difference if he was running the state GOP instead of establishment toady Robert McGraham.

    • ConCard says:

      Anyone but McCain? What a ridiculous “resolution”. I want a Senator who sticks up for his beliefs and doesn’t just say what his party wants to hear. AZ needs McCain now more than ever.

      • Patriot Dad says:

        What a ridiculous assertion.
        When a candidate runs under a particular party label as McCain has done in choosing to run as a Republican, the electorate have a right to expect that the candidate has some allegiance to the party Platform. If that’s not the case, the Democrats have a very different Platform. McCain has deceived Republicans far too long and we are fed up with the old con trying t con us once again.

        BTW, for one who knows so much, you should know that the period belongs inside the quotation marks. Fifth grade grammar, ConCard.

      • Doc says:

        Go pound sand boot-licker.

  3. Grsroots says:

    He must be defeated once and for all. His last election was tinged with the air of fraud as he was accused of using occupiers to vote illegally for him.

    Our base is on fire with the anti-establishment fever. I hope we can carry this on through to the elction itself and purge DC of progressive cancer. Maybe the Trump campaign can swing by in support of the grassroots candidate. I’d pay Trump to fire up the base.

    McCain, like Kerry, has always had that millstone of hyperbole around his neck surrounding his “accomplishments” in Vietnam. Where are the “Swifties” when we need them? It will take a herculean political effort to unseat this scoundrel. But he has to go!

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Now there’s an idea. Trump isn’t a fan of Juan McAmnesty. It would truly hurt McCain if Trump came into town on an anti-McCain bandwagon, appearing with Kelli Ward. That WOULD fire up the base.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    You know that you’re on the wrong side of history when you’re in cahoots with the evil George Soros, as is McCain..

    Russia has banned Soros’ organizations from operating in that country. They have their own brand of evil, and are not about to import Soros’ version.

    On a Happier Note:

    I posted here a few days ago that the non-profit organization “Wreaths Across America”, which provides holiday wreaths at the gravesites of U.S. military veterans, found themselves short of donations. There would have been 35,000 military gravesites without wreaths this year.

    Then conservatives and conservative websites put out the word, and the donations started coming in. came out with a limited edition holiday coffee mug and donated all the profits to “Wreaths Across America”.

    As of today, the monetary goal has been met which will insure that all gravesites will have a wreath.

    • Doc says:

      I remember that, Saguaro Sam! So when I saw that on “Fox & Friends” this morning, I honestly thought of you & your post. THEN I thought, “I wonder how much money the former P.O.W. & Viet-Nam war hero ol’ johnny mac donated to th’ cause?”

      …I’m bettin’ z-e-r-0. N0ne, N0t 0ne red cent….any takers on that bet?

      • Pima Pal says:

        Funny, Doc! No sane Arizonan would bet against what is likely a solid fact!! Even here in the liberal People’s Republic of Tucson, we’re onto the phony McCain. But let’s not forget Jeff Flake who is equally bad, but decades younger with more time to do his leftist dirty work. I sincerely hope there is a viable conservative to challenge him. He’s a first termer in the senate. Now’s the time.

    • Army Of One says:

      This is important information and I was also glad to see the segment on Fox and Friends that Doc mentions.

      Americans owe our service personnel so much for keeping us safe and deserves far more than they receive from Obama, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. McCain gave lip service to the catastrophic conditions at the VA hospital, but little more. I consider him a fraud. Remember how he denigrated the sister of an MIA at a senate hearing, and after blasting her, got up and walked out while she was testifying. She dedicated her life to finding answers and got none before her death. I’d love to know what he’s hiding?

  5. Conservative Since Birth says:

    McCain: ‘I Worry’ if Trump Is Nominee, He Could Cost GOP the Senate – Breitbart

    Maybe he’s worried about just his own Senate seat….