Kelli Ward resigns AZ Senate: devotes full time to defeating McCain

Vigorously moving conservative mission forward

Breitbart News reports that Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward (R-LD 5) has announced she will resign her elected position, effective Dec. 15, to devote full-time efforts to defeating John McCain in the Aug 30 Republican primary election.

Sen. Kelli Ward released the following statement on Wednesday:

I entered this race because I knew we needed a strong, bold, fearless and fresh voice representing the interests of Arizonans in Washington DC and replace John McCain. Before I entered the race, I waged battles in the Arizona State Senate as Mohave County’s elected advocate for consistent Conservative values. I retained those values on a state level by successfully authoring 19 major bills and never giving up the fight as federal interests constantly battered us at our doorstep, forcing DC legislation down Arizona throats.

I knew this was going to be a tough, hard-fought battle. I’ve prepared for just that scenario. Still, I believed it might be possible to retain my seat and fight the good fight in the state senate chamber. I am now convinced that I can help fight the bigger battle against The Beltway and help resolve the massive failure of the federal government to truly look out for the interests of Arizona by devoting my abilities full-time to defeat John McCain.

I will leave my elective position as Arizona State Senator for District 5 effective December 15. Believe me, I will miss taking on the responsibilities of this important position, authoring important legislation, working with my colleagues, and fighting for the people of my district and the state of Arizona. But, I can be more effective and accomplish those same goals by curbing federal interference and creating an easier pathway for reform in the Arizona legislature as a United States Senator.

I now intend to take that fight forward in my race for the Senate, devoting all my energy to winning the Republican primary in August and the general election in November. John McCain has served far, far too long. Fresh blood is on the way with ingrained conservative principles from a bold, fresh, fearless new voice.

Michelle Moons writing for Breitbart notes an August poll showing Ward leading McCain by nine percent. Ward’s first quarter fundraising numbers are also impressive. Her grassroots campaign raised approximately $525,000. But we can’t be complacent. She needs our help to be and remain competitive. McCain is sitting on huge piles of lobbyist cash and is married to a beer heiress. Ward — an emergency room physician — recently revealed her plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Being able to join with the Conservative Campaign Committee, which recently announced this enthusiastic endorsement of Kelli Ward presents a rare opportunity. Senate terms are six long years. John McCain’s time has come and gone. He has been in D.C. colluding with Democrats for well over three decades and will be 80 by Election Day. Arizonans can do much better. Dr. Kelli Ward provides the chance.



5 Responses to Kelli Ward resigns AZ Senate: devotes full time to defeating McCain

  1. Ellsworth says:

    Kelli Ward can run circles around John McAwful. She’s far brighter and actually listens to people at the meetings where she appears. They are open, not the locked down affairs McCain and Jeff Flake control by only allowing invited “guests” to attend,

    I’ve heard her three times and am more impressed at the conclusion of each meeting. She’s traveling the state and connecting with voters. That’s the grassroots way of getting elected. Who wants a RINO, more at home with democrats and promoting their agenda who should have retired years ago? We have a real choice. Let’s not muff it.

  2. Doc says:

    So, I get an e-mail today from Rep. Martha McSally, a known colluder with mcStain. She requests a donation. So, I got to her website & TRY to send her an e-mail to wit:

    “Ma’am, I was horrified. And as a former Crew Chief on F-4G Wild Weasels @ George A.F.B., in Victorville, CA., I’m familiar with the area, & realize just exactly how close to home this act of islamic-terrorism really is. That is why I carry a firearm with an AZ. Concealed Weapons Permit at all times. As a single custodial father & Dad of 3 little ones, it is my responsibility & my Duty to protect myself as well as my kids.

    That said, I regret that I can not donate to you at this time. I am donating to Senator Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign, as well as Dr. Kelli Ward’s U.S. Senatorial bid to oust current sitting Senator John McCain in 2016. Senator McCain has sent me mail personally, attempting to explain why he feels compelled to support gun control legislation. This to me is simply unacceptable, as yesterday’s tragedy in San Bernardino clearly illustrates. All of the weapons used in that attack were legally purchased in California, by the “homegrown” terrorists, according to the B.A.T.F.E. Simply put, More laws restricting law abiding citizens DOES NOT HELP. TRAINING helps. Armed, Trained, American Citizens, Helps. So, I would ask you to join me in supporting True Conservatives in their bids to rid Washington, D.C. of establishment R.I.N.O.’s & let’s usher in a Return to Genuine, Honest American Values.”

    Only…I can’t send it. And WHY? Because I don’t live in her district. So, she can send me an e-mail beggin’ money to keep helping mcStain, but I can’t send 1 back? THAT, ladies & gents, is what I call GAUL. SHE…can go pound sand.

    • CD 8 PC says:

      This comment of yours is priceless and why I always make sure to read what you have to say. McMcSally is establishment through and through and doesn’t care about Arizonans any more than Señor Juan McAmnesty does. Actually for the majority of them it’s all about getting reelected. Having people stand and applaud you is very heady stuff. I stopped doing that years ago.Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the only one I’ll stand for.

      • Doc says:

        Thanks, CD 8 PC. So, I printed it out & I’m sending it to her D.C. office & her local as well. It’s unconscionable to me that this “representative” would send me an e-mail talking about the islamic terrorist attack in Berdoo, asking me for money, but I’m restricted from responding.

        …arrogance…such a wonderful trait to have in an “elected representative”…

  3. Doc says:

    The following is from “The Hill” this morning:

    …read how our ?senator? participated…Arizona has the most Constitutional-following gun laws in America…& OUR $#!+-head votes for gun legislation.

    …wow. Just…wow. That’s all I got.