Jeb Bush’s fat cat donor defines RINO establishment

Money doesn’t buy you brains

This report from the Miami Herald contains a telling quote from one of Jeb Bush’s top Florida donors, oxymoronically identified as a conservative and supporter of Jeb Bush. Billionaire businessman Mike Fernandez is so repulsed by the surging candidacy of Donald Trump that he says, “If I have a choice — and you can put it in bold — if I have a choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton, I’m choosing Hillary,” telling the newspaper “she’s the lesser of two evils.”

John McCain was far less equivocal, as he called Hillary a “rock star.”

Fernandez, a healthcare tycoon, is so anguished by Trump’s continued ascent, he purchased a full-page ad in the Sunday edition of the Herald calling Trump a “narcissistic BULLYionaire with a hunger to be adored.” Fernandez bizarrely compared Trump to some of history’s bloodiest tyrants, including Hitler, Mussolini and Peron.

The combative ad will also run Dec. 14 in Des Moines, and Las Vegas newspapers.

Fernandez’ $3 million plus donation was the stand alone largest contribution to the Bush-backing PAC, Right to Rise USA, as of the last financial disclosure report. After throwing big bucks down a rat hole Fernandez’ tantrum might elicit some sympathy, though it didn’t take a seer to predict that the third and squishiest Bush was going nowhere.

Despite Bush spending tens of millions on television ads, he’s sinking like a rock — falling into even lower single digits. Real Clear Politics aggregates the latest data, revealing Bush’s political future becoming even more dismal.  This CNN/ORC released Friday shows Jeb! (who appears to have recently ditched his exclamation point) trailing Trump by 33 points. 

Fernandez’ ad: (unfortunately, this was the best version we could provide)





12 Responses to Jeb Bush’s fat cat donor defines RINO establishment

  1. State Delegate says:

    I have no doubt that John McCain will vote for Hillary. Even though he feels the obligation to “endorse” Lindsey Grahamnesty, Lindsey isn’t budging out of the one percent range.

    McCain would never vote for Cruz, Carson or Trump, tho he might be moved to get behind Marco Rubio, who joined with him, Jeff the Flake and a horde of liberals to form the Gang of Eight amnesty scheme.

  2. jakesez says:

    What really confuses me is that some “very” conservative groups are working to replace McCain with other RINOS.

    • William Heuisler says:

      While few are as Conservative as I am (and have been for 40 years here in Arizona) I assume you are talking about some other “group”. But speaking for myself and associates the word, RINO does not encompass McCain, a liar, thief and Liberal Democrat who almost invariably chooses the worst (see Schumer, Durbin etc.) to support. against the interests of his Arizona constituents.
      He has never been a Republican. His worst enemies in Arizona have always been Conservatives.
      I do not know Ward or anything more than skin-deep about her.
      If you mean Ward is a RINO then I’ll take her over McCain any day, but I don’t think we’ve seen evidence she is Liberal on any issue. McCain’s “Grass Roots” people are responsible for trying to smear Ward with some stupid airplane contrails issue.
      If you have other problems with her please inform everyone.
      Replacing McCain is not the issue.
      Please see my article about McCain in the AZ Daily Independent today. He joined (quite literally) a criminal conspiracy with Charles Keating to defraud thousands of elderly and retired Arizonans in return for millions in favors, money and investments.
      Read the truth about him and then tell me why you’re confused about the need to throw the SOB out like the trash.
      Bill Heuisler 520-403-2939

  3. Doc says:

    So, this “healthcare tycoon” guy says he’ll vote for shillary before voting for Trump? He’s a dummy with munny. It amazes me how many healthcare professionals are dim-0-craps. I’ve seen 1st hand how that’s workin’ out for them now…

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      They haven’t said it (yet), but if Trump gets the nomination, the Bush family will vote for Hillary. You know – the one George W. Bush calls his sister-in-law. And so will Karl Rove, I’ll bet.

  4. azgary says:

    Boy, I wonder why these American Citizen HATERS want ANYBODY BUT TRUMP

    GOP mega-donors to hold conference call demanding “action” on immigration
    The Tuesday call, which will be moderated by longtime conservative immigration advocate Grover Norquist, will include Mitt Romney’s former finance director Spencer Zwick; California-based fast food CEO Andrew Puzder; and billionaire health care executive Mike Fernandez.

    Fernandez, who contributed at least $1 million to help elect Mitt Romney in 2012 and helped raise many millions more, has said he is leaning toward supporting Jeb Bush in the upcoming election. But Puzder, who helped fund Carly Fiorina’s 2010 Senate campaign, so far appears up for grabs in the early race for Republican money; and Zwick, who led Romney’s 2012 fundraising efforts, has not yet aligned himself with any of the prospective candidates who are courting him…

    The teleconference will be hosted by the Partnership for a New American Economy, which boasts a bi-partisan collection of co-chairs including Rupert Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Marriott, and Julian Castro.

    Partnership for a New American Economy:
    Co-Chairs ————————————————-

    Former CEO, Microsoft
    Former Mayor, City of
    New York
    Former Mayor, City of San
    Chairman & CEO, Walt
    Disney Co.
    Executive Chairman &
    Chairman of the Board,
    Marriott International
    Chairman, News Corp &
    21st Century Fox
    CEO & Chairman, Boeing
    Mayor, City of
    New Americans in Columbus
    DECEMBER 3, 2015
    Report on New Americans in Columbus Highlights Economic Contributions of Immigrants
    DECEMBER 3, 2015
    How Latino-owned businesses are helping the US economy
    DECEMBER 1, 2015
    A New Cooking Class Concept: Immigrants Open Their Kitchens
    NOVEMBER 24, 2015
    Our View: Immigration Reform Key to Magic Valley Growth
    NOVEMBER 16, 2015
    Immigrants in Iowa, Host State of Tonight’s Democratic Debate
    NOVEMBER 13, 2015
    US States Adopting ‘Inclusive’ Immigration Reform Seeing Improvements in Economy, Education, Workforce
    NOVEMBER 3, 2015

    it continues ad nauseum

    Then there is this:
    Sen. Sessions, Rep. Brat Warn Colleagues to Curb Immigration

    Consider the giant special interests clamoring for the passage of the Senate’s 2013 ‘gang of eight’ immigration bill: tech oligarchs represented by Mark Zuckerberg’s, open borders groups such as La Raza and the globalist class embodied by the billionaire-run Partnership for a New American Economy,”Sessions and Brat explain. “For these and countless other interest groups who helped write the bill, it delivered spectacularly: the tech giants would receive double the number of low-wage H-1B workers to substitute for Americans. La Raza would receive the further opening of America’s borders (while Democratic politicians gain more political power). And the billionaire lobby would receive the largest supply of visas for new low-skilled immigrants in our history, transferring wealth and bargaining power from workers to their employers.”

    Trump 2016
    Stop the Destruction of America and MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN!

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      Partnership for a New American Economy:
      Co-Chairs – as shown above, with names – many of those very people are funding Marco Rubio’s campaign. Rubio can’t hide the fact that he supports unending immigration for all kinds of visas. He recently voted against pausing Muslim immigration, an amendment sponsored by Rand Paul, and approved of by Ted Cruz. Rubio talks out of both sides of his mouth, but I’m not fooled. It seems he’s Fox News Channel’s new “it” boy. But then there’s Rupert Murdoch’s name up above. If they can’t have Jeb, they’ll take the next worst.

      • azgary says:

        In reality they will be happy with any of the nominees other than Trump

        Trump is the only one pledging to deport slavewagers and will create trade agreements best for American Citizens instead of the politicians and their donor/owners.

        just these two items will cost the CoC/Wall Street TRILLIONS and why they have no problem with any of the candidates other than Trump, including hillary, she is a part of the same plutocracy/oligarchy as ALL the rest.

        Trump can do these things because he is the only one that is not controlled by donor/owners.

        the others are ALL bought, paid for and checks cashed to do their owners bidding.

        and their owners bidding is the exact opposite of whats best for America and Americans.

    • Conservative Since Birth says:

      azgary: I think you’ll really enjoy this well done video.
      Trumpnado – Intellectual Froglegs 12.06.15

  5. Saguaro Sam says:

    Many Repubs held their nose and voted for McCain when he was the RINO candidate for prez.

    If Jebby thinks that his backers and his last name are going to convince Repubs to vote for him, he’s got another thought coming.

    Off topic, but—–

    Two FOX news contributers, retired Col. Ralph Peters and a woman named Stacy Dash have both been handed a two week suspension from FOX. Col. Peters made a derogatory remark about Obama and Ms. Dash, on another FOX show, stated that Obama didn’t give a sh*t.

    You can read about it on therightscoop

    A two week “vacation” in December isn’t such a bad thing.

  6. Joseph Bickley, Sr. says:

    Trump is feared by neoconservatives because he tells his audiences what they want to hear. No other candidate dares to be frank and deal in real issues with the electorate.